2002-03 Acura tl type rear brake pads and rotors

2002-03 Acura TL Type Rear Brake Pads and Rotors

2002-03 Acura tl type rear brake pads and rotors

Stan Martin – It was very helpful.!

Matthew doty – Good video Very informative for another

Armenta Eddy – Where do you buy all rotors? Acura Tl Type S: I bought mines in Rockauto.com

Sanford swanson – Shotty camera work

Big kev – Good job dude Next time bnn can use the old partition instead of 2×4

Nyyankees4296 – I do not

Destruction By Design – There are many Brands?

Turkee sonvich – Can i recommend something ??? you will thank me..
Boxes of disposable gloves!
Dont be afraid…

Also, I’m not sure, I’m not sure..

Cory Thomas – Bnn needs to add $ 60 and has a little nnn NEVER

MrAgsProd – Where do you buy your brakes and rotors? I just bought at 02 TLs

Raymond harlall – Would not be greasing

The ghost – Thank you for this– very much! Keep on posting.

Stryc9Nine – How do you like the drilled rotors?????

Guss indications – I am subscribing to bnn sir.

Jesus christ – Only pipe pins made it out.

Lisa murphy – I do not see it

David Muhammad – Great help Mr. Wilson

Alex Rodrigues – I do not have mtt sentence hii I can cc Not r sounds like mtt metal scrape / soun grinding

Payninda little – Good video, but a few suggestions:

1. Always, always, ALWAYS use jack stands. Tmm, diaper, bnn ã thyy it..

2. There is a rubber plug. Getting into the brake mechanism.

3. While it’s disassembled, it’s a battery caliper slide. Ã may be the number of times. Also, be sure to use grease. Burn it up..

Michael Middlebrook – Hopefully I can follow this to the T.

Rhythm thomas – Nice, thanks for sharing.

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