How to clean solenoid screen filters – 2002 acura tl-s

How to Clean Solenoid Screen Filters – 2002 Acura TL-S

How to clean solenoid screen filters - 2002 acura tl-s
Transmission solenoid screen filters. Transmission, like slipping, slow shifting, lỗi …

Faith – Nuu it does not do vicc …???

Richard murphy – You are awesome,.

Teygan hussain – May 2019. Thanks for the video

Ramon Diaz jr. – I have the error of couple..

JJDRProductions – Bn can Consider making vicc instead of i AV6. You can do it. I want to transmit to 20,000 – 45,000 miles. He said that all trannies are up to 50-60,000 miles … Somebody still riding on luck. But it’s still worth a shot … I’m still trying .

JJDRProductions – Long story short … soberoids yesterday .. I also changed my external filter..

But it’s a bit different..

It was a little fluid. It’s a 3×3 that you can use to lube knock off fluid.

Will update later.

Walkdeep – This thank you!

JJDRProductions – No need to add?

Larry hoover – I have a code section for this version.

Ron miller – Stupid rookie

Ayman EL-Sawa – Hi, thanks for the video. I already have this on the kinn 2003 of bnn, but it will actually hinn g b b .. Any advice??

Francisco madrigal – Thanks so much It’s worth everyone’s time

Justin principle – Make it up

Derrick bias – I’m trying to make a little bit of hnn..

Derrick bias – If you are looking for

DNALI – I just bought a lot of stories about transmissions. I’m sure you’ll be able to sleep well. Thanks for the informative videos

Snoozing lion – Thank you very much for posting this!

Much appreciated 🙂

Adrian reyes – Anyone know if 3rd TL gene is the same?

Ryan Harrington – You can see the Acura Type S version 93K miles. I do not convert, cannot support changes. P050 (Clutch Pressure Failure) I đã nạp I have changed the olive and lcc databases.

Lothian mcadam – BN can be lyy into its vicc. You need to be an external connection ( for easy-to-replace-externally mounted filter..

Vera olvera – Torque specifications for this? (Solenoids)

Motofun – You’re the man! Cleaningang shows the breath of the thittee!

For everyone else. I have a 2003 Honda P0730 Pilot, Hard and random down shifting from 4 to 2nd / 3rd. Hard up / down shifting, randomly. I think it’s going to fall back. It was very unsafe.

I deleted the vicc chyy.

Lower screen was 100% clogged. Upper / middle was 90% clogged.

George Doughly – They were very tight! Did you have trouble removing those bolts????

Bill smith – For the base 3.2L? It is not an error..

George Doughly – Does the gas hold by 4 bolts have a gasket? Gold does solenoid have mtt, too? Thank you for making this video! Acura TL Your instructional videos save me money

Mr Uneek – I have a 2003 acura tl

Shawn bricks – I’ve got a little bit of trouble

Jorge101210 – Nuu bnn doesn’t have a computer?

RegisReplacement – Hi Incin, totally awesome instructional video (98-02) Accord v6 engine I replaced my database of time and belt time. However, it seems to be Noticeable

David Wolter – Nuu bnn yang try lyy mtt bit of this. It is for 300 miles to convert the track switch. It worked for me. Sea foam cable.

Joe mama – I đã được chuyển đổi trên obd. @ AutoZone and P0740 & P1298, send out, "Print transmission shift selenoid (s) & flush transmission fluid" is it normal (still) any thoughts? 2 weeks ago ha ha! Thanks man!

Dave pallotta – Did you see me or you??

Vinh Nguyen – Bnn for bnn mtt hug, I’m so happy after my car works again. Thank you very much for the video. My tranmission is a D5 flash scanner. I followed your instructions in 1.5 hrs. Tranmission is quite smooth now. Again.

Khon Phommavanh – I’ve bought it for my $ 450 this is a lot of rough shifts between 2-3th gear.

MSCLOVER CT – A dryer hair is available on request. Can I wash with water and then re-oiled..

Skype prayer – Not sure I need this error I scored mtt 2002 Acura mdx with 200k miles. Not a problem. Have any ins … Thanks for the youtube … Daryl

Andrew White – There are too many clogged. Mineral spirits (no air gun …) and transmission runs like new! Thank you so much for this video!!!

Joshua johnson – Congratulations on a useful video!

ZSquare – No need to replace the duel solenoid?

Adrian salazar – I have a hp 2003 it has it? I have used the database and b l lcc.

Stubborn charizard – TL Acura with 231k miles, missed, sometimes slipping and overging. If you have a ggedcc account, clogged 3x3qt Maxlife Two test drives. Thanks for the video!!!

Papus the husky J.h – I can too it outside for bit mtt.

Lppylant – I am very impressed with the project. Btw cleanup of contaminants

Carlos sanchez – I d ii the user can confirm the error. I don’t have this problem. used throttle body cleaner.

Carlos sanchez – Did u clean the selanoid?

Jdmkidd92 – Hows your work?

Jamey zell – I have a 2000 Acura TL that started shifting hard at about 173K Miles. I am not bitt bitt chy gunk. Do not bitt when it is used! It can’t be tmm thyy it needs to get too mtt Repair shop. à à ââ eass à âeassâ eass à emble âembleâ € I saved it.

My acura now presents beautiful again…

It was a bit of a rusty metal brush…

Acoura / Honda owners.

Others via various repair processes!

Thanks again.

Wild bill – Excellent, thanks!

Wrenfan – If you are trying to get back, you will see it. I am holding bnn in the pit.

Valentin lara – Great detailed video

ShaunMMX – Hey, I’m looking at.?

Shabby interest – I don’t tmm thyy it anywhere

Shabby interest – Most of my gears are used.
I am on the road for 2 RPMs. help me

Shabby interest – 2003 TL base Acura 3.2 I cannot do because when I’m 40-60mph. If I heard transmissions 2003.

Steve caruso – Really good info my 1999 Acura CL không được ok I theo sau này filter completely cogged. I cleaned them out Thanks!

Vishal patel – Nếu i không có các clean air filters?

Tone-money79 – Wow 2017 and if the solenoids are a good way to do it. I’ve done it.

Mr. Bangalots – Thank you so much for the detailed process. I’m going to follow this step by step. +1 sub

Lupe chavez – i go to 2000 aqua tl

Jim has – Good lid mate but bnn can lyy mtt work vicc on chy. I hope you pulled it. LOLOL is a mtt nii b, not in the world, thanks to you. Thank you very much.

ALEX SANDOVAL – Very good video..

I’m alone – Great video …. what do you think? I have 2001 Acura cl type … that hard lifts after 2 time and my D5 blinks

Michael Linhart – Thanks so much for making the video! I’m getting a good 2002 TL acura-Thanks again!

REL Stacks – Same here

REL Stacks – I bring this part for 44 dollars

Alex Renault – Nice vine

Sam rafeedie – Did you reassess a ring of gaskets as a ring? These gaskets are not auto parts store. Great video

Zhang Yin Yue – I have a 2000 Acura TL It will work fine until 10 minutes of driving, then TCS and MIL will come on. You will have a test in the tyy chnn disengagement. rough and hard shifts, and ard down shifts. Nuu bnn Lii lii 10 minutes and Then the game. If you use 17 points P1750 code car. I tried this video Tuy nee, they are under pressure, and the ECM. So it is checked, but it is not verified in the function. Replaced AB solenoid clutch, and car runs like new.

Kurt kaufman – This set works great, we have 2001 Honda Accord EX V6. Replacement parts recommended bolt.
Bolts for replacement, Bolt # 81673 are Metric 6mm x 25mm and Flats # 87926 6mm flat metric
3 "O-Rings", Honda OEM Part # 91301PC9003 O-Ring 7.7 X 2.3 "Google it"
The OEM Gasket Part # is 28252-PAX-000.
The Complete Solenoid OEM Assembly Part # 28250-P6H-024.

AzureDrag0n1 – I have this code for vnn threads solenoid. Item.

Where are you – Excellent Week! Accurate Information We bought my daughter at 2003 Acura TL about 5 weeks ago with 121,000 miles. Two weeks later, when it went in the third gear. One week after that, weird and troublesome shifting when this road is bit displeased But! It cannot be physically used by 12V. When u first will it too, it has deleted it immediately. The transmission is really smooth now (4 days). Máy ảnh phân vùng là một bitolored. Will flush in tipp after or. Thank you very much for "Incin3ration", creator of this video!

007nice3 – Great casual video! my Acura TL Type S is currently at 81,000 km My transmission is running good. But I feel it gets better.

Receiving universal mater – Thanks for michael wax from "superbad" awesome lol video to thanks :))

Michael Young – Well I is not like him.

Michael Young – I hope it stops slippin

Michael Young – Its called a swivel

Mark Hastings – I’m checking out my ’02 Acura TL type. Great vine!

Julian gray – Huge thank you so much.

True deal – Get back?

Mike hawk – I can buy or replace?

John lucero – But bnn not

John lucero – It’s called a swivel.

Giuseppe gracie – I’m not sure if it’s a time.

Twotwocold – It’s a problem. It’s a problem…..

Chris Orozco – It has over 300,000 miles on it. Curious on your results

Bengy 3438 – Nice video by the way !!

Bengy 3438 – Remind me comedy !!

James carico – Nice job

FlipSide Garage – That big plug you unplugged

Jeff geeepong – The P0730 shows the correct gear ratio. I also read the error codes: P0730, P0401, P1739, P0740. tell you thanks

Blizbiggy – It’s been claiming it’s $ 2,500 to fix it. Cannot change it tii $ 150 a piece. Heck, they bought the car for $ 3200 only..

Toyin folinin – I have av 2006 Lexus GS300 sedan high gears 4-6 it gets stuck on 3, I didn did not convert it, processed it.

Jeff geeepong – Thanks for the auto goo.

Jeff geeepong – Hi there, I cleaning it up..

Matthew minard – Running to 2001 Acura Cl with 254,000 miles on the original transmission and engine. Bnn will try this tomorrow. It is not phii mtt jerking real..

Thanks for the information has been assigned the P0740 autozone today code for the LIGHT and TCS. TCS turned off after cranking engine,

BN will bitt about the ktt qu..

Roy strong – Great video Got a tho. It was not recorded, it was not ?

James metalarc – It seems like there is no problem.

MrAgsProd – If I see a difference! I have TL-S, I will start.

Brian scott – Every one was different

Brian scott – There are 4 filters

Victoria carbajal – Total investment..

Chris Sotelo – Just did this w / resistance check (5.3 ohms) and tranny still slipping. This error does not have this point?

Agustin mejia – Thank you for making this video.

Chulo_da9G – It was still worth a try..

Rad marketing – I’m 2000 Acura TL 2.3 with 223,000 Miles of Accuracy If you are in a state of health care. I sẽ theo bạn trong 2 weeks …. ps It’s a bit of a challenge. It will be worth it! Thanks for The video! This is mtt last soberoid day….

Robert Martin – Just for the 1999 TL, because it is shifting. I still scared v I am c pt pp pp tpp believe the P0740 on a vicc dying tii v. But I don’t bitt there..

Winter coder – 2000 Acura TL, 270K Engine Factory Transmission and Transmission Factory. I was people severely shutdown and 30xphd. Ifđ tmm thyy mtt dark a 2500 repair. I watched it cleaned the screens. On the Cleaned screen easily. BONUS …. I found I have bought at 197,000 miles for the past 30k miles. I’ve been back to thousands later. It was 2000 miles from this question, which recorded tii less than 2500.00. THANK YOU.

Jack McCullough – 2001 acura mdx with 125kms on it. I love you chuyển đổi và thêm một số thứ tự chống ghi rãnh ghi. It was due to some fresh fluid. Sau thêm, I đã thêm, I surprised. Still have cngng staff vnn threads, but I don’t Sure, But I’m not bitt about it. Instead of stilli and still can be a wallet user. I’m looking about about it. 20 in mii. I am looking for another AWD SUV. Great BTW videos

Paul Hood – Thanks Excellent video

HP11208 – My 2005 Honda Odyssey has a ttc solenoid switch circuit problem..

Hardcoremofo – Wow! awesome.

Eric steinbach – The screen is facing out.?

Give me – Thank you, Thank you. Controls and Fluids replace milesi 10 miles Away when it is.

6 weeks ago, it was replaced by lights. BTW, fog lights on the web from $ 150 – $ 190 for the pair for DIY. Quote from my Acura Dealer $ 480 per pair with install extra.

Zuneid osman – Great work

Chulo_da9G – i got a 05 tl for example to try n keep keep u posted

Josh counseling – Still workin good?

Jon – Acura / Honda with a 3.2L engine from 2000 to 2005, DO NOT. YOU WILL HAVE THIS ISSUE

Excellent video! The US issues a different issue. I have a CL, this CL’s Acura can be from 2nd to 3rd Gear vii no CEL. So I changed the 28610-ray-003 and 28600-ray solenoids, 003, so that they are right next to these parts. For me, it was not working. Bnn will not do vicc. I like to bitt more!

Joseph C – Will this work on 2002 Honda Accord? 3rd gear slipping badly

GSHeverything _27 – I love you,

Loving and cringy – Did you check your light start???

Michael Hinchey – Is it still running right? You have 202,000 on the original trans? What did you do? I was lucky and they put my new one in my 02.

Fadi alsaidi – Hi incintion,
I just bought a TL 2002, and I noticed that a little jerks. Mtt number of times Do you think solenoid transmission would help? thanks

Sidney kahn – I watched Acura TL-S; perfect instructions; Many thanks. sk

Petpet1 – I did this process trên 2001 Honda Odyssey last weekend. Thanks for the video helpful.

Jorge pina – Just bought at 02 tl, i’m gonna jump on that even!!!

Vadim evgranteke – Thank you Sir! Video help heal my TLS 2003. P0740
Photos from the central solenoid control a, b, c: (28250-P6H-024, 28250-P7W-003) 100% true.
106K Mileage
Kiev, Ukraine

Vadim evgranteke – Thank you Sir! P0740 Photos from the solenoid, b, c: (28250-P6H-024, 28250-P7W-003) 100% true. Mileage 106K of Ukraine, Kiev Alexander

Zachary wilhelm – I, you’re the man! Acura CL 3.0 Base Coupe 123,000 miles w / many – AutoZone I replaces this battery when you are on / trans. Nuu ttt cc The above creations, I’ve seen all. Thank you very much.

Alvaro thin – Will it be used as a vicc?

Pl rating – I tried it, it worked! Thanks a lot!

Serrano christian – u just saved me $ 2000 !! Thank youuuuu

JOEY’S MAMA – Did this really work? I have a feeling.??

Jd5179 – My 02 cl. for their solenoids – get more from the yard – check their odyssey parts

Robert Meadows – Hello I Have The Same Vehicle … Read More … Thank you

SuSammy!!!! – If u không có một air blower

Xxjimbodudexx – How long did this take you??

Cranky jay – Hi, does this apply for a 99 Acura TL? I know what I’m not so much.

Kush man zoe – P0730

Guy burroughs – GREAT video Thank you. No tmm thyy gasket when bnnđg g b b solenoids.

Scion1818 – Không thể thay đổi tranny filter??

Robert Hosking – Bnn can’t lyy mtt the kinn to lyy two touches..

Travel Food and fun RFTS – God bless you
You just save me $ 2800

BabyKrazy714 – I got mtt tpp tin po780 and tpp believe Po730 when I checked it. Bnn can delete the error??

Po780 malfunction shift
Po168 incorrect gear ratio

John salster – Great! I’m going to call this weekend. Thanks!

John salster – How is your filter???

John salster – Does fluid flow to drained first? Thanks.

Eric – How much is this 2006 TL Acura I really want to do this Thanks.

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