How to inspect a belt timing | acura tl

How To Inspect A Timing Belt | Acura tl

How to inspect a belt timing | acura tl
Timing Belt Inspection 2006 Acura TL. »» Subscribe: »» »Facebook: …

Captain420Malone – I can tell you my 06 tl has 200k km.

Dylan. – Will work on my 2002 tl

Abbas bin firnas – Drive belt? That’s annoying … serpentine belt, thank you very much.

Jay onorato – It’s mttýny kinn good to too it

Trankt54155 – Thanks for the video.?

Mr. Niceguy – Thanks !!! Saved me a LOT of $$$

YoungStarPower – Great Video: D

Johnny doggs – Great video Not sure if it’s 12 years old. If you want to travel, do you really need it? It’s nice to know that timing belts are lasting.

Blake onyx – 07 – 08 TL as well? I’m not a fan of it Thanks.

Thora alcendor – It was 5-6 hours after service was received. he didn not know

Mickeystyles1 – I’m not sure mark the belt.

Andre Tyson – What is your idea???

Absolutely flying – Great video Are you planning a replacement soon? Hen those crankshaft Bolt.

John doe – Best person for acura tl diy repair videos as always

Glenn francis – Excellent video as always!

Foncho benavides – Great video.thank you

Allim khan – It will last 60kms.

Miriam alive – Interference or no?

Kev burr – Good video

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