P1740 4th gear pressure switch replacement on acura tl

P1740 4th Gear Pressure Switch Replacement on Acura TL

P1740 4th gear pressure switch replacement on acura tl
Acura TL 3.2L switch and the drain …

Billy singrasabout – Where are you going?

Cheke gonzalez – For s Pilot Honda 2004?

Alex Missun – Fixed P1740 code in my 2000 TL because of this video. No more codes. Thanks for posting this video!

Jose estrada – I have a 2000 honda civic?

Taylor holloway – I have choppy shift from 2nd to 3rd. Other shifts are absolutely smooth. Is there a pressure switch for 2nd gear??

I’m kaspick – If you have the codes on my 2002 and I am correct, hoc do i need to change Did you switch to Is this transmission still out???

Bryantlee1981 – I’m not sure what it means.

Upper roomz – I’m driving it in 2007 Accord when I’m driving it. Sau khi bạn bị bỏ qua khi thực hiện và chạy lại vào 60mph in 60mph I’ve got an engine. I checked and opened the database, there is no data. And I decided to turn the car back on. I have mention about 6,000 miles with the new engine. Can somebody help me ?? (Ie..

Rozae cross – I have to car??

Anthony Stivener – Why does my D5 flash?

Carlos sanchez – I’m a new subscriber will this code? . I have to check the size of the gas. I checked it into 2 controls Sensor i got the look again.

Excuse – My 2001 Accord and 2002 Odyssey, they are basically the same

Alfred sanchez – Ford does not tmm thyy it.

Moving Up Auto Diagnostics – Honda Genuine Parts – Made in China

DashCamEyes – It’s different?

Thomasina Ives – Thanks for the video?

Dawg – I have a 1999 Acura 3.2 TL. Where do i buy the 3rd / 4th pressure switch ?

Speedtime – Maybe my 03 wow

Juan diaz – i có một 99 tl và d4 my light nào để làm việc shift? por favor

Darren D – Can bnn replace i numbers in order 2 and 4th assigned dchch? Will it be different??

Kaliuntai Mason – Do the car still work

Kinixys3 – Anti-seize on the sensor threads?

Kinixys3 – Do you have a new share? Bn can be mtt dchch service tool. Third gear switch on my 09.

MY KEYS AUTOMOTIVE – Does this video work?

Cerealbox1543 – Does it change the pressure switches? gold does not really matter?

Phatee xiong – My 2003 tl type jerks jerks?

MrJuansWorld – No Gear shift 3rd to 3rd "hocc" từrd 3rd (4th) "?

Susana flores – Hi, I have an
Acura tl 2000..and I am looking for a video card.

Susana flores – Hi, I see you step by step. 3.2. Can’t have help? if i replace 3 4 gear switch!?

Mario roque – It makes it possible.

Marc seehawer – I have the Acura mtt TL 2004 Gear and mtt click with Flash Flashing p0873. Where is the location? And how bad can this be be ?? Second transmission put in. You can’t really hinn bnn dcc?

Tha cristenden – My light is D5 blinking, can help?

Misael pacheco – Not a problem.

There is – Hello I have a 1994 car, my transfers will go in overdrive. I can tell you how to test my problem.

Tricia c. – Thank you Very Insightful

3m1 Civic – Hello I really need your help 02.XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I like it.

Eric torgbor – God bless

David Gonzo – Bnn lyy is it (P2646 rocker arm 1 perf gold stuck off) What could this be? It is clear that cost?

Jules cortez – Where did you buy the 3rd and 4th gear switch?

Ldryway rodriguez – If you are this issue? I love bnn, I don’t phii is mtt tu while bnn lyy mtt. I can’t too it.? 

Shadi sells cars – I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Bnn recorded the number of LOT. Print Engine Check Light. I had a bit of misfire in cylinder 3 and 5. Changed Sparks plugs with top rated. Thanks again for your help!

Jcallesano – 2004 model????
I have an account of my account on my 04.

Cool stuff – Ã ââ y cho s chyy for mtt time long time … Is that pressure switch concerned? Are you the tranny shot??

Carlorocky – You can switch on them. Thanks! Good job well done Please note. Thanks again!

I spoke lagmay – 2nd pressure switch

George YY – Thanksgiving for your video and plz.

Issac Zia – Thanks a million.!

Eric See Linden – Real Ang hinn switch Gear It is located in the throttle body.

So in other words,.

Ratchets and wrenches – Not a 100% transmission.

Ratchets and wrenches – Thanks for watching, GL.

SimplyChris J – Great Video! My car is this weekend!!

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