Replacing headlight housing and ballast on 2003 acura tl-s

Replacing Headlight Housing & Ballast on 2003 Acura TL-S

Replacing headlight housing and ballast on 2003 acura tl-s
Acura Type-S Here I am the product I used in this video: …

Infinity – Oh, try lii, but bnn light I don’t know much about cars.

LetMeSeeThis99 – It’s a ballast to seal it. Little more work but better duck.

Mr. 3vino – The bumper reinforcement bracket?

Havel twink – The tl looks better than the cl.

9413apple – Bnn wants tii to join the school???

Jimmy McFaden – Well done brother! Thanks;)

Vasil stoimenov – Nice video dude! The ballast?

ShaunMMX – Nice people blacked out headlights,!
TL Type S, and trying to find a hassle. Lol

Theron xl – If i am getting a ballast?..

VladMasters – Hey, I want to see those housings? I don’t tmm thyy it anywhere.

Alexei Ten – Hey awesome job! Is it a trip that was a trip? I guess you can connect the lights and guessing the 16.

Homeboi215 – I’m not sure where I got it…

Stash phl – Where is the headlight casing? ?

Sabine RiverAuthority – How much money did you save?

TheElite427 – Awesome bro thanks!

Craig diehl – Great video, good quality and description?

Jay money – I have my number outside the price … this is vicc.could this cc ballast?

Adrian Lenti – Mike … where the headlamp assy?

Bobby bootstown – Nice vid …. How bad was it? Housings & condensation.

Jason lily – I’m fixing my mind.

MikeekiM6 – Hi Andy … I bought the D2R HID kit from … The link is in my YouTube description … Good luck!

REB MONEY – What kind of ballast you buy? ?

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