Acura el h22 swap!

Acura EL h22 swap !

Acura el h22 swap!
H22 swap part 1.

Chris Price – I think that I have

Project pat movies – H swaps. Good shit guy’s.

B20vtecturbo EK96HATCH423 – Just a few wires extended and plugs

B20vtecturbo EK96HATCH423 – Just lmk

B20vtecturbo EK96HATCH423 – You can’t help but you can’t.

Kyle VTEC – This was funny

Clorox bleach"Hurry the Nathan up fuck!"

Daniel Beavers – Hey bro !!! I need to connect to the socket and I LIKE it. Is this car worth building?.

Jayson lapoente – I’m thinking of.

Pa tuners – I also have harnesses on the ebay mounts suck? so i need a dizzy obd1? I need od1 rail?

Brad michaud – Best fucking channel on youtube lol keep er TUUUUUUUUUUNEDDDD. Did you end up getting a ticket???

SyringeX – I need to keep me up

YzFDyL – That’s a cmonn blunt

YzFDyL – Smellin pot bud

Caper 93 – Boys wanna sell 4×4 out of that bike lol

Honda guy 89 – Cant wait

Dylan Anez – Hey boys

Kuba gromy – Why is it out of the car? Fastest this is the fastest and fastest way to do it;

Gary fergo – Keep alive

Joseph lugo – I love it !!!

Riley Seward – The most clean build yet guys

Flush – I i drent like 288 miles away.

Jamie strong – My old preludes

Dennis baker – Keep making vids. Keep er tuned

Welshy – Fuckin deeeecent boys.

Autosauce – Bro this is so sick!

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