2001 Acura integra gsr highway sweater

2001 acura integra gsr highway sweater

a quick sweater in an ’01 gsr gsr mods: – aem sri -vb 4 – 2 – 1 ss header -ws catback II -blox flat valves -s2 gen 1 …

Jon garcia – Bnn no dumbass not multiple red lines on a cold engine Idiot

Oscar Hinojos Jr – Clutch man

David palmer – What tranny?

Dolmnx pd5 – Nice

James kear – Check engine is usually an concern. Oil pressure, etc., are the primary warnings of Missing 6K – 8K dual stage VTEC punch. Why not?

Damitrie damitrie – Faster then my 99 GSR B20V jelly

Integra DIY – g l is ang chyy?

Turbo stein – We have a cold engine?!?! yes bnn no shame…

HuskyDJ2015 – I hopefully going to 01 gs today super stoked

Robert Pompa – Check engine and low gas Ballsy

Jay – Poor teggy

Punk regan – Nice, 8000rpm on a cold engine That’s a nice way to wreck a gsr

LeafVillage UchihaClan – Is it me? Gold it’s pretty slow?

Jcas0748 – Hmmm … what is wrong with your car??

Somanymods – 7600 and the rev..

Fitimio – It will be a harsh bit.

Victor rangel – You can get your engine> _

Victor rangel – Why are you over revving??

Aki nati – Two people with a rock!
I know it…

GhostDelta21 – Check engine light lol

Aj roller – It was just the way..

Julian G – Man I figured this things topped out 120, trans gsr? I

Colbert frame – How do not have the blox section of the database?

Christian mariano – Yes you can kik in loud

Christian mariano – Laugh
2001 Acura integra gsr highway sweater

Jon leap – Less gas = less weight = faster: D

Kyle anderson – It will be a little oxygen sensor anymore! stop shit khi bạn không biết

A-stil_Tv – YO my TGGY got check engine light stop already h8n

Sctflasher379 – Can u hit it? i thought u couldnt

Steven sysopha – At the..

33Collingwood – The car lighter.

Arcticmonkey487 – @ MurkY0u my stock teg hit 140 🙂

Realg4life912 – I got the same car … I LOVE IT!!!!

ZombiePharoh – Start from the beginning

Pcfxer – @JDMxGSRxVTEC Ricers enjoy burn clutch. Item.

Pcfxer – CEL and no gas in the tank! Fucking lol wow ricers.

240sxGuy3 – @ MurkY0u Who says that ?? Hell Yea has to do that STOCK!

240sxGuy3 – No wonder you need some gas! Lol

Deadline209 – Vtec is already kicc’d in 4500 rpm … secondaries are wut ur listening..

Elkin85 – Whys ur srs light on?

Monotone adventures – Ricmer rsmert

Otown613 BK2 – I need the thermometer) and thermostat (low tempature on guage) ??? am i right?

Jose Vargas – You need some gas.

Toone – Fuckin hell cold engine

Chris lawrence – Dumbass.

Perfect5Recurve – But I would say the Civic. The Coupe is 2,899 lbs, the Si Sedan is 2,945 and the GS-R is 2,673 lbs..

2000nissansilvia – Gas gauge fai or your empty

Itz_knt – i topped 140 people with it lol.

Jason duhamel – Believe running B18C1

Mike peters – @ MirkY0u i believe you have tops out at 150mph

Flyinhigh fpv – @MsMrmuffin special edition lol

Jose torres – Is this downhill? it rolled hardd

Hmg – Check engine on .. lol

Monkeyturd15 – u need gas bro lol

Dragarth – @gotazninu what? some non-vtec ones

Totenhosen17 – @ venglor95 Because of the rpm, it keeps the power band.

Chris Jennings – If I’m on the road, I’m on a curve, the B18C1. It’s not really a trick..

John tran – Proud owner too! 9k rpm all day

Ls1rob – Fast ass gsr

Pete webber – Hit it out 98 gsr w / just 145

Pnm522 – Ã bnn chynynin on????

Infamouskillas – Vtec sure popped in this vid…

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