Acura integra: nrg steering wheel & installing factory

Acura Integra: Removal Wheel Steering & Installation Factory NRG Steering Wheel

Acura integra: nrg steering wheel & installing factory
Instagram account @ 2Teg_Fred My cars Instagram @ JDM.SWAG My photography account @FredBessPhotography Twitter @JDM_SWAG SNAPCHAT …

David Gonzalez – Lolol Thanks for vine I used this teggy bro!

Chef norrawit. – Intro song?

JULIAN H47 – You look like Draymond Green

Tommy riordan – It is hard to hear

B l – Everyone has chrome chrome nrg wheel …. bought i willve.

KBEC Badlove – Good

Antonio Zeus – My car teggy

Christian80 – What is your teggy? This is an error

Lil snorlax – Nice steering, Job wheel JobGood

Junior york – Wheel steering wheel wheels need an adapter

King marc – Naj vic vii mtt integer?

Vavazelus – Nigga talking no doubt.

Colin berens – I am curious

rain – Nice set up

Gett loww – Không thể tạo cơ sở dữ liệu nó looks good! I need to see that

Light2arth – You look like a neon youngster chrome is sick lol blouse tho

Sheep dog69 – If you are concerned about pin bnn.

EVIL_PANDA – It’s useful lol

Garage around tuners – Sick steering wheel is sickk

Hector ramirez – (I.e..

Closfg2 – fuck it. anchor chrome thatchrome thumbs up

Quick kid – What was wrong with the stock wheel? Money did you spend anything else

Librado ruiz – Boost white chyna

Bellacima_Inc – I dig the anchor chrome look. It’s looking good. The teens are looking like fuck! I have chrome lug nuts and anchor chrome bolts

Joesph gaeta – It was not worth it

Boosted jorgie – (I.e..

LiveHD2 – Behaved

Joesph gaeta – I’m gonna make it out "

Hamza – So steering wheel, so bad.

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