Acura integra vs vs acura ls

Acura integra vs vs acura ls


HONDAS’R’US MA / CT – I pray this wasnt MASS or CT cuz thats depressing both is slow

The crazy chicken – I smell clutchhh lol

Paul HDZ – Fucking dumps

Bob Thompson – I want to say it is a good deal.

Bob Thompson – Every race is a red light, but the last mht mii is ch. L Lose imbarrising. It is a dumb line. I dont mean warm up..

James locken – I love you idiot

Brogan hogan – Glad bnn raa it has b st stupid

Not So Average Joe – Omg hahahahaha

KUZIKAN ! – Lol whats this crap

Joshua novel – I want to buy ten

PLAY vs. PLAY – Bnn can send tii mail

Mixr TheTraxtr – Seriously …. You’re both fuktards

Miguelito M – That smoke blue tho 🙂

Ronny vasquez – Ready, set, go! Simple time!

Carlos lopez – Man sick race that gray teg

Mr. Mike – Newbs

Patrick. – Why does this look like brentwood??

Aldobolic – I got a teg i am embarrrrsed!

Gabriel Cubas – Jibaros hehe

Dregonomics Dre – Ill run that fool

EJTYPER1 – Shity race

Carlos varela – Why are you stupid pussy fucking, that can be a fukkkin race

Motorcycles and Stuff – Get some better tires

Chris Davis – Lol ricers

YOURmainCHANNEL – Fun times

YOURmainCHANNEL – Hartford CT …. too much they need ktt to click c speed Speed ​​hinn time

Rice guys – The flagger So bad lol. He had just 1 minute. 

Tim yung – Lmao!!!!

Carlos varela – Stupid fuck!! -.-

Eclipse4388 – It was a stupid race. driving

Lvargas91559 – That’s one driver bad. !!

Beersforyears TM – Thumbs down ..

PIMPSLAPADAPA805 – u wna c street real racist look up
Fake new york shit

Terence brown – Wow …. idiots ….. you got cars coming down the road and you still race ….. please…

TheDeltron09 – Wanna be….

Fabian romo – Foos cant launch for shit

Travisfromseattle – Idiots Get a self vdub

Jsz34 – Do not say if they say go. Gold launch Pointless…

Fatboy412 – Just give it up..

Kali bro – That’s there werex fast and furious

Groovinfunk – Drive race.

Todd mcdonald – That type of conversion

West side santa rosa – Straight stupid haha ​​all of them

Manual crossbowmen – Do not know how to flag nor drive … sad haha

Justin powell – Some people are still trying to race….

Bobbydigital7136 – Taco taco

JDM-JC Bars – Garbag!

Kevin yang – Omg what a fail

Byran garcia – I never saw both cars and the flagger? lol WHATA FAILURE!

SwagMaster2K – This is just a mess. I love you on the street (;

Jim – Breed the fuck outta him lol

ASBP P – Sorry ass race.

A.J. Silva – Sokak race!

Kenny farren – Street racing:.

Paul Chan – WTF !! Lol..

Jack moua – Fail! exit

YOSHICITY2001 – There puertorican like me
Acura integra vs vs acura ls

Father view – Lolz mixcan racing fail

Vinny singh – FAIL!!

Ryan Boney – EPIC FAIL

Rob kiliza – SHIT IS WEAK

Silver back – You dont know how to race

Wudijunshi – Stupid

Gent role – UGLY AZZ ground ….. worst street race EVER!!!!!!

Kenneth chartier – Thats ct rite money run????

DrKstr7 – LOL "GO THE FUCK AROUND AS YOU SEE WERE RACING HERE!" to the people passing by

Sam mona – 1. learn how to flag
2. Learn how to drive
3. cars need new owners

Rob kiliza – Always jumping..sell ur cars .. out in the daylight giving us bad rep,.

xRomanJusticex – It was a match

Seanskk – Learn how to drive and dont get why


KVEEZY – Lol wtf ???

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