Motorweek | retro review: ’92 acura integra gs-r

MotorWeek | Retro Review: ’92 Acura Integra GS-R

Motorweek | retro review: '92 acura integra gs-r
It all starts somewhere.

Robert Koscinski – A piece of airbag without airbag!

Robert Koscinski – Crapura!

Adam thrombin – I like it. I like it. I like it. She bought the 98 Corolla instead. It was 2009, it only had 45k on it. After the car until 2015, w 77k on it. She got a new TSX, and got $ 7k from a private sale. It was 1 fun car! It’s a cylindrical track. Very annoying.

Blik brik – One of the finest cars ever made.

Jesus medrano – Back when honda built fun cars.

INDUSTRRAVIST – I own a 1991 big brother gsr 2.2l trên gsr 1.8l không thể lấy lại một thư là giá trị về 6k.

Rod munch – Wow, print 92, an acura, the brand top tier? Wow.

Ride8ty3 – This is my fist, Aztec Pearl color too. I stopped it for 2000 for $ 2000. Printing 2 years I got 12: I used it: I used it on Guy. It can bh hngng It was so much fun. I’ve got a car that’s better than a car. If I could find another one.

Omar Qureshi – I love this car. Honda Acura of today.

Christian lilly – I own a white frost and it’s really amazing.

Jon doe – Engineering far ahead of its day

DOC HOLLIDAY.45 – 8k red lines with these cars have fun I wish they’d produced.

Wmally – The mirage turbo did the same 0-60 back in 89 hmmmm

Torres3800 – VTEC EC though ….

Brian zimmerman – I had a 1991 LS Special Loving … 239,000 miles on the original clutch.

Taelor watson – I love the old MW, it shows mpg, these Cars 500+ lighter than thirsty.

Sinister veritas – "Most enjoyable street legal cars ever driven …" Wow that’s a serious accolade.

R K – I owned an ’92 Integra GSR and loved it. 6-speed manual coupe and the nimble GSR

Fail zero – Honda of the 90s, after the NSX.

Shaesham – To mention it twice.

Mark douglas – I had a 90 ‘GS and loved it! Right now Acura makes nothing but garbage cookie cutter. Cannot execute hinn instead of Xi RSX, not hold this window. How long did they last? Try it out..

Ride0rdi3 – Ned Ow Ned 90 I Never Been Driving For More Than 10 Years Ago. I’ve been driving a bit of 8,000 rpm each and every time. My 2012 coyote 5.0 was shifted like my old gsr. I’m looking for another but hard to tmm in 2018..

Kurt – 160 hp from a / 1.7 is still impressive today.

Waseem sells – Always wanted to GS-R sedan.

Xxxpensive – Slow

IdealSound & Performance: Mobile – I just got a minty 93 gsr so happee.

Zhan-wilson clan – Lol, my wife’s AWD RAV4 goes 0 to 60 in 7.9 sec …. Japanese GTI.

Hasan z – Real hinn when Acura can authenticate for Lexus and Infiniti Sucks these days, especially their designs.

Superfast30 – I am sure it’s an absolute gem 8000 RPM on car production. Back to mythical Love this car!

Pat – 0-60 was a corvette

TheDailyGossip – Số khác maximum

TheDailyGossip – Dump $ 5000 or somewhere else

TheDailyGossip – Tuner..vs geo

TheDailyGossip – Prelude vs civic

TheDailyGossip – Mbz vs fiat

TheDailyGossip – Xem thêm để lambo để jaguar

Anonymous User – What a turd!

Corvusala – There are mtt prices tr are doing vicc to chy and Restoring.

B Series – Harness 90s

Itz knt – Sport sedan class? What a robot! Just a cut hatchback!

Frank. – I just leave it blank.

Sanyur – For 1992, the Acura Integra GS-R was 7.6 to 60 and only N / A 4cyl. Integra GS-R

Alex Vieira – Gotta love the Hondas, simple and functional interiors.

LRulesTheWorld – The 90s guy’s got the word out.

281cobra – Mustang 5.0.

FatherOfTwoBoyZ – That b17 engine is raarrreeeeee

Slaughterdog – Best interior 2-tone fabric combo ever.

à đcc – Ran 15.7sec @ 87 on my stock ls 1992 integra. faster than this gsr.

Matt d – Motor week is filmed about 2 mins from my house

Tyler durden – 1 :: 09 to 1:18 – She keeps meicing me.

Josh waters – I am 93 gsr

Eric Jones – I have a 99 honda deal with vtec. Would severely call it fun.

Pedro quinonez – OMG has a woman driving STICK?!?! These are rare sightings.

Outdoor layne – Surety a lot quicker.

Shaun RareEarth7126 – I love every time i see a gsr i get excited

Saif mohsin – This is the best integra

Cheemooo – I như nó có thể xem công việc này.

Scott – There is no ty.

Scherie isho – Mile trembled

Matthew chidester – Great car .. love my 🙂

Florin nyc – Manual

Michael Cosme – I just grabbed 1 sold out .. I love my bro

Chris Cornelius – I thought this was the best looking Integra models.

Red88Rex – I always put 90-91 steering wheels in my 92-93 Integras;)

Nubira ricer – I’ve never been able to go on my way. ground):

Unsubscribe – The best part!!!

Hot80s – Haha 92

Hamilton Dashcammer – Lol

Mandyjane – Love them

Generic white male – i had the item of posting it id

Doctor hachi roku – I am the one who gets the creeps?

Clearanceman2 – My 95 is the LXTech slowest engine 130 HP. But in Japan, they are all 190 HP. Nuu bnn want to too it, it might be able to too it..

Elvis pandolfi – Begs để được thực hiện tại LSV crossover at 6500 rpms you daaaang right!!

Lenardo vera – That we look exactly like mine

Panda ae86 – I miss the kinn things in this database H hate

Deephouse or – One of my favorite cars from the 90’s.

Scottieray – If ever có đã là màu đã nói "Early 90s"…

Bryan ischo – Ah … manual only those days. You can confirm rubber-band-drive CVTs.

Taka8197 – I love this private vehicle is ’91 integrates. (basic model 4door, 5speed manual) He still drives in his palace.

Danny1djw – Hondas burning oil from the factory.

DoombotBL – a favorite of car thieves

Keaton belliston – +Motorweek
Bnn can too mtt dchch v 2-door to verify the integer mtt too 3rd?

WeightPull ChAmP – Timeless … I still have 98 fully stocked..

Tool0GT92 – I wish Honda cars

TheAce86 – Honda was God back then!

Thebluehornz01 – I have a price of 2 2 high-mileage (but not Molester). WELL past 200K, still see both on the road. Fun to drive, easy to maintain. Fast & Furious too many times. Lol

George McKean – This acicus american is very outdated. I am happy..

Arsnsnnr – Best gsr hands down

Red88Rex – I am not a GS-R for 10 years. I have saved the previous months, I b b b tii wrecks. Easy clutch is very functional cable..

90-93 Integra. For 10 1/2 years now I’ve been driving it. I do not feel right without one! Hope to own Green Aztec GS-R Ul Deep.

Wackomanx – I had two of the cngng Same. I can get back on the road. It is also around 200k miles on the b17a1.

Name less – Mmmm…
B17 .. so good!

Captainchaos087 – Any review? Also, its an MotorWeek episode Forward to new episodes..

Patrick. – Bnn can authenticate car reviews

Vavazelus – I bought a new 1991 Acura Integra I still have it today. It has over 425K miles on it! I have boltwheels, flywheel lighter, pulleys lighter, JDM one piece headlights, back markets, cat back, medallion exhaust. I lowered The stabilizer bars. 17 "I get it driving…

Smooth operator – Had the 1990 version, cut … Nice car, I enjoyed it everyday.

Wiibaron – The Geo Storm was just $ 5000 cheaper. It was only. 2 seconds slow and braked 2 feet better. It was an airbag and more gauges. There are mtt dinky lii in windows and tpp, but not power windows. It also got Real 29mpg Acura overpriced.

TheVintagetamiya – Great car but wow that green is very ugly

Thomas williams – I would like to buy them.
Buy them on the road
Swap motors and such.
Honda is a business with stockholders. Bnn ang chii in this field. I love having a high horsepower.
Save the 80’s and 90’s..

Habeev07 – They are just built. Honda cars are never my thing though. I have a 90M Integra GS cut in B-50m (JM). It’s a 92 ‘with the b17. Great cars

I am smith – Thanks for all the retro ret retiring prices!

Markjwil – Arguably, this is one of the best cars. Acura has ever made.

Butchcub75 – Weather / Topaz Cavalier / Sunbird / J2000 / Skyhawk / Firenza. Shadow / Sundance Lebaron Caravelle / 600. 80’s Quote / Skylark / Omega / 80’s Phoenix See how much fuel consumption, etc…..

Prince David – I love it! 8K RPMS? VTEC JUST KICKED IN ME!

Wesley c – Because wait, no air bags, really really?

Nezerac – It was a ride, it was a D15B in it. One item I think is 93 bronco and an 88 escort GT. It’s a bit of ankk (1.9 v 1.5) and it gives you a LOT of low end. It’s really a bit of an mkg..

Taylor mordoch – I miss the Integras

Big ounce – I have one of them and I LOVE it! I’m not replacing th Ste Steering wheel ugly o_o

Myintegruns12s – I was in HS.

Alberto hernandez – $ 1800

Cummy mack – BN will lyy the 2001 Integra but not phii lx RSX-S turbo. I have now.

Cummy mack – I had 90 cadans and I almost got $ 2200 from insurance

Cummy mack – Reat seats.

Brogan hogan – Love these cars … downfall = attractiveness to thieves

Electone_Guy – Dngng to this time this..

Laweeze morton – My dream car when i was 14

Johnson shaft – FOUL …. They had a lazy driver.

Troy walker – This is a TL 03 I own 4 Integras and all of them are good! I still sell it. 30 mpg Nothing ever broke, faded or rattled with a small wagon! Up for 10 bucks! I was caught up in the curves! The end Of this type is the Civic mtt. Better get one while you can. 

Johnny silimanotham – Ang recorded lii gs-was passed through himnn him by aunt his. Sure beats my ’96 Integra LS in the fun.

Gallyun1 – This car is legendary … lol

UDPride – I got the same ’92 GSR trong này MW test – Aztec Pearl Green! The memory lane I was one of the best cars ever 130,000 miles from a Swiss watch. The interior still looks new factory. Absolutely 1000% bulletproof in every way. That lii riders auto-timer hinn automatic When the VTEC kicked in. Absolutely. I guess it’s a bit of a torque steer. But overall nb bf fantastic when the WRX I was not enough for vii GSR / RSXs 2nd generation..

Wawasgood – This is a very interesting way to go…. 

Green93 – Behold, the future of ricers

MyPizza – LOOL! 0-60 in ONLY 7.9 seconds! It was good at that time.

Cummy mack – I’ve seen as fast as 6.4 0-60mph

Robert Cary – STILL Worship Integras like they Lambos

Mike buenting – I got the mint condition 4 dr GS. It only had 80,000kms on it. It was amazing drove – never thought it was 22 years old. It has € almost no tmm thyy rust free: (

View Profile – For those taking this review, watch the 0-60 / 1/4 my run again. The bogged and shifted driver. They run 7 seconds flat 0-60 and 15.2 in the 1/4, 94-00 faster than the GS-R. Two doors, four doors and 92’s always iced by. Up to 200 + hp, though being only 160.

Keelan kelley – It is incredibly slow 15.2 1 / 4mi’s with 0-60 times in the middle 6 second range. For 1992 it was incredibly quick to car in this class.  

Go86go – The car: 8k redline

Go86go – Plus bulletproof, reliable you not?

Alex Meza-Viera – Acadia love pregnancy.

Acc0rd79 – It’s been a challenge since the 90s! Bring lii number of people in public! Nuu bnn is tmm thyy style binn. Honda Accord, we want this car!

Superfast30 – My all time fave generation GSR!

Integraf40 – Any chance of the gene 1 Integra! Would be great

Dwilsonjr78 – Highway up in the 90s, these Integrated Days!

Rap game bob barker – "LMAO lack of air bags" 

Saurabh – Good old acura

Croo okeie – Omg high school memories

Vangt858 – Please post a throwback on 88-91 CRX Yes.

Antono d – Please do the merkur xr4ti !!!!!!! Stop delaying and show us

Weegers2444 – Listen to rightó right after 3: 50.beautiful.

Jay saints – $ 18,000 in 1992 is equivalent to $ 31,000 in today’s dollar.
0-60 in 8 seconds? What a complete rip off.

Kevin hitchcock – This is awesome! I love you can upload the 2nd gen Acura Legend video?

Demetrius – Gotta love a gsr skin!

Grippobile – I want them to do more. It’s so rare to find one.

Realtime Reviews – Made it fun

Matthau san – My old car.

Lord pepe – 160 hp printed 1992 in a car..

Skyhawk1987turbo – Way to much money for that

XenomorphLV426 – B13 SE-R is higher. No problem. 

Jeepthing98 – I’m really enjoying these RetroTest uploads. Changers 85 Jeep Cherokee and 84 Caravan?

Hnnotyy – Still a civic lol

Otcmethod – It is a lamborghinis. Then watch throwback and I’m like "0-60 in 7.9?!?!"

Sonic_1000 – Love this car

Brendan A. MacWade – A / C and airbags SCCA air racing..

MrCarGuy20 – Wow Air was a dealer-installed option. I’m not having the time to want to buy time for 2000 cars. But the 2000 2000-series S-Class. Maybe you guys, full-size luxury vehicles. I have several episodes of time before.

Patrick langan – Integra of Even today, it’s a boy’s racer’s FAV..
BTW for music lovers driving music, Genesis "I Can not Dance".

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