1992 Acura legend project

1992 Acura Legend project

Just a video, the 1992 Acura Legend LS coupe. Thread build: http://forums.acuralegend.org/canadian144s-coupe-build-t19352.html.

Jp554731 – Recaro bolt straight in?

Coolshariq – Awesome car

Bunge legend – Love this carΒ 

Cameron taylor – I have an acura legend 1992 is fast as 1992

Vikingdescendent – The door will not close up.

Trevor d – I want 6 speed in my cut as well! Auto fuck

Alexander x – Bnn may probably not have mtt.

Bluedyno28 – i wish my 93 ls was to 6speed πŸ™
1992 Acura legend project

Kjade3 – : 0 I need a lot of wrk and hood

Lilrennagade – @ Anthony26951 Either a junk yardstick or an OEM bumpers for Legends. It is clear.

Lilrennagade – @ Kucan14 100% complete. I cant drive it! It was a hot watering day. I love the water pump ….. yay me -.-

Ryan Kucan – Remus @LilRennagade exhaust, OBX headers, Recaro black leather replica seats, hopefully getting to set of 17 "TL Type-S Wheels this week too.

Ryan Kucan – @LilRennagade So I should have this cut up and running soon! If this user is clicking with the domain name, then I will use it to ensure that I have hate those..

Lilrennagade – @ Kucan14 I hope it goes with it! I don’t have to ask if I don’t want to do it, but vnn day is not signing up for my car day lol

Ryan Kucan – @LilRennagade Thanks for the help man My next week..

Lilrennagade – I have a 92 legend πŸ™‚

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