2017 Acura mdx road test review – detailed in 4k uhd!

2017 Acura MDX Road Test Review – DETAILED in 4K UHD!

2017 Acura mdx road test review - detailed in 4k uhd!
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Here liu – I do not like the content of MDX tii ttt c…….

Jj tooth – Easily seen the answers

SamFisherman59 – You are taking car reviews,

The chungus army – Bnn ang chnn Q7 instead of this one.

Tenghua chen – Thanks Alex! Been enjoying it! I can consider this beforehand. Do not allow bnn wait for type 2019 to have Fine tuned transmission? thanks!

Joel iron – An ench of headroom

Bruno tata – The Audi 2.0t drops 200 lbs off the front axle. Still gets to 60 in 7 seconds drunk juice.

LordVader Flip – Wow Very informative mdx is the best bang for the buck.

Dhan980 – How does it compare with Lexus GX460? ?

Crow Killer – Personally the interior looks terrible

Jp – You’re looking for a car.?

Allawi alsabbar – 2017 Acura MDX good job I like it 201

Caroline diane – Wow! For many days now. Do you have a QX60 review? I’ve heard issues on 2016 or 2017s Bummed out about that. I was finally considered something decent.

Feraidun haroon – Why does it still look awful? Need to connect with other people

M wang – This is the best car review channel..

Btw, I just tested the MDX 2017 today, I’m not sure if I am correct. I want to see how to do it?

Thai nguyen – The design of the interior

Moon lee – SO MANY MISTAKES…..

Moon lee – Ugh!!!!

Moon lee – !

Moon lee – Sorry for grammar issues "

Moon lee – Acura Mdx 2016!
MISTAKE! (I.e..!!!!

Moon lee – Acid Mdx 2017. I would buy this! XD
This is cool!
(Is navigation free?)
(The wheels are better than the 2016!)

Troy smith – Stupid firm ride
Smooth and comfortable

Harry – Good vid

Dallas girl – So many effing commericals!

Potamus hippo – Your cool dood

Donald sprouls – Thank you for your vehicle. Bnn’s my lii in class.

Ky chan – Caring out and buying guides, thx

HeadingForTomorrow – Why don’t you have the following arguments? Even $ 30k SUVs with LED turn signals these days. It’s an odd choice by Acura.

Jospeh suh – I will subscribe to your channel.

One – It is a luxury car.

Yilin chen – It looks even worse than a honda .

Jung shin – Great review Any chance?

Ladyvee7110 – I wish they had their vehicles.

Prince Smooth – Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I want that logo

Idrive – Not go vii qx60

Random User – Kelley Blue Book, Redline Reviews and Everyman Driver

Very good – Great review Alex Visors.

Killer stuff on the internet. – The Honda twins have a cleaner and fresher interior

Elliott manning – Alex, you did not have styling..

Michael Craig – "MOTHER-IN-LAW SEAT" LOVE IT!!!!

4life romel – I’m not sure.

Chad singleton – CNET should hire this guy.

Tgilldesign – Alex – You are BY, the best self reviewer on the net. Love you.

Joe pah – There are many forces, but also in the style of styling. It’s a car.

Bo han – This deal is a deal for many buyers.

Saw nguyen – Great video, very good review

Ead – Good review, but there is a difference (collision ratings, roof strength, auto braking, etc.). Volvo, compared to the Acura, BMW, etc. choices.

Rediscover movie – I am interested in it, v I I can’t like hpp in it.

Major Issues – Ridiculously over cost, like a mini van.

Supervision – Hi Alex, there is a compilation about MDX transmission. What are your thoughts? Bnn needs bitt when connecting dchch & Go together 14000 breaks.

Cisco Gutierr – Acura MDX – it is standard or less pricey. I do not care.

Jeff – I m mtt it after tipp according to thitt b k type of node

Boostedmaniac – Always hated the bird.

Oleg M – !

Palebeachbum – Praise baby Jebus! Bnn need dnn Error, the partition is changed. Wth. It can’t be like an outside word. The rear looks like 10yr old design. Acura … always.

Mark1Mach2 – Wow what no beak! Oh finally.!

George PPS – New gold luxury segments. What the hell were the designers thinking? Because just looks stupid! Bad design!

Pasha bhai – Sounds like your mother in law

Kevin harrison – Thanks for showcasing

Here is conway – Good job once again Accurate vehicle.

Luomlds – Great video.

PA93 – Out of shit

Luvlife23 – Not a bit.

Chiluco2000 – Alex in love laugh

André carrato – Flat dash flat dash.?

The209ceres – Always stay true alex

Mojogasm – It is mtt hii about the sentence 0 sec.

There – I love you man.

Nerissa sparkman – Alex, I love the 2017 Durango (and the price difference) bit. Would the be mdx??

Ja’venven the stone – Shit ugly will take the mkx

Sunil datla – QX60 is ugly looking car..

Lucas huang – i am still waiting for 7x crossover seat and bmw x7.

Mengyu zhang – Why not roof? Please Acura

Mathis goossens – Pick.

Narang vaibhav – Mdx cx9 with all new mazda cx9 ….

Killer stuff on the internet. – Acura needs to offer Apple CarPlay and Google

Trey huang – Could not be noeard …

Dealzguy – Alex, btw?

Dealzguy – It was great in 2014, where it was hnc hnc Comfort cabins, power and torque were great for 1200 to 2000 rpm. But for Lovers Honda, it’s true that hinn s b b s is wrong.

Sunny money – Why is Acura hiding the mufflers? !!

Marximarks – Great review I’ve seen so far.

Zarkon – Wow mdx is using it to pat their bugs, they need small lyy.

Asianskywalker – Subscribed for your cabin noise rating! Well done.

Francisco gutierrez – I like it, it looks great 🙂

Cntcht – I…

Canonlybeme4life – Great Review Alex I like it.

Random videos – The ightsulights work at nighttime. Can you compare? just an idea!

Far aspect – Dear alex
Thank you and appreciate your efforts..

Nima bahrehdar – I know it’s a goal. I dislike Volvo’s interior

Blake swan – After watching this MX

Blake swan – Acne is not mtt vnn mm like bnn tmm

Wudger – I’m having an ’08 mdx w / 136k and what about the SH-AWD? SH-AWD helps with traction in snow.
Not at all..

Tyler high – EXCELLENT REVIEW AND SOOOO THOROUGH! I really like it so much crammed into this video! Thanks so much!

The luxury is not saying that luxury at all. I have to cut costs..

DimachkaS – Red turn signals

And brown – When you are going to review an escalade or porsche????

Mark Kochenderfer – Thanks for the review of Alex I’m currently in the $ 40- $ 70,000 range. However, I’ve been disappointed with mass-market high-end SUVs. Toyota Limited Platinum Highlander 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe is the ultimate limited. I think that Acura is nonexistent. Both are $ 15,000 cheaper than comparable Acura. The Volvo XC90 Audi is more..

Peng li – Great review! Ã ãã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ãã ã.

Jonathan – Hope you did go lol

Jelane graham – Gray gray light gray

Jelane graham – I have a 2017 Acura MDX advanced package

Cavman1 – Your videos will be the most, most informative, and most helpful. Thank you for your videos.

عبدالرحمن ابوعبدال – Add Rx 350

Mike Parsons – This vs .. 17 Highlander Limited? Occasional.

Joshua Friedlander – Excellent review. There is no problem with the iPad. – no Wi-Fi on any trims..

Jay – Hey Alex, which version of xd will be hnn hnn mdx?

Mario Whyte – Maaaaaaaaaaa your reviews are just embracinging !!!!! shoppers because of Alex! Keep up the great man job!!!

Sven hallauer – Thx for the review of Volvo XC90 or Audi Q7 for example..

Crazybiker – Ohh btw, you got a flat tire 🙂

Crazybiker – How do you compare your Sorento? 40K for a 47K SXL vs.. 55K for a fully loaded MDX!

Kindness – Another great review as always! Watch it, I went back and watched the Infiniti QX50 review. Isn’t it to kinn for a row? If you have a family of 5 or 6, 6 people? For the QX50 cho các của của 3 cho 4 Now, nó không phải giá trị mdx, cho một QX50. I’m not sure where QX50 has been installed. Sure the QX50 is a sample of templates (without non-slouches themselves).

HelloThankYou – I’m not sure what…

I’m going to fart – Great review by Acura, it’s just my opinion

The bull – You are the best reviewer.

Shuffle3956 – Have you driven security X3 / X4? Those things are plow under the acceleration+.

Fadic4 – You will delete b TLX will have mtt mii Design. I guess.

MT Chen – Patternang try nnn Hybrid pattern ~ Thx the Alex videos

LGwasherFan – 16:50 Guess I have recognized the lane line. At least the system works.

Alex Su 1404B – Why do you like your mom in-law so much?

Morg4620 – They are amber or red. Should you give me any price, please.

Yezi – Great reviews! Alex, when will the 2017 Infiniti QX 60? BTW, I think it’s btt often when too gas paddle vii? it’s because of CVT?

Dave nibert – Alex, love your reviews. "It’s a great range of motion." I guess it really "big," They are all average. Bnn needs good, I gave it to you. Thanks! Huge fans and subscriber!

Shinidoshi – I hope that TL or TLX with sh-awd.

Paul connolly – Turn red LED signals không LEDs?..

Elliott manning – I’m not looking for a car navigation..

Roxburyranger – Gad! That’s a BUTT UGLY front end. The outsized logo of the maker is in the 50s. What is it with Honda these days? For every Civic, they will be looking for the Accord, warm over 10 year Old Hyundai. This "new" hideous face.

m m – Alex, you are the best review free fb.com/WANAFLY I’ve never been to US. I’m a Pilot!

Lathan starnes – It just doesn’t seem very luxurious. Covered in black injection, metal, and wood..

Jeff mccargar – Hi Alex I really enjoy all your reviews. Your reviews are simply the best. I like to review the 2017 Lincoln Continental. Thanks again for your professional overviews. It’s the BEST VERY Looks Jeff McCargar in Toronto, Canada

Rob l. – Thanks Alex We bought our 2017 MDX SH-AWD 🙂

The cereal tree – Yesliflter needs thitt mtt Traditional shifter to be used.

Killacamfoo O.G. – Just not impressed safety. No problem … that shifter What?

B fish – Is really looking dated fan.

Bigdog bulldog – It is a quotation 50

Alliejr – Is Mr. Volt, Audi and BMW really superior to the Acura? Ford Explorer, Mazda CX-9 or the newly redesigned GMC Acadia.

William D – I’ll take the Kia Sorento anyday

AK – When you mention 6 days for a weekend, what are you expecting? Every person needs a suitcase for a weekend?

Lelouche1 – Awesome video again.

Ivan Vojt – Print ACP or AA, the infotainment system is still a mess. Now the ride is a mess. Confusing gear selection. (If you’ve clicked on the replacement.) You’re better off the 3rd row. Yes I Tried on ’15.

Fallingitan – Hate looks very frowny face awful! Some people use this method in this section.

Kevin liverpool – Audi Jaw dropping exterior design. If I’m not sure, even Toyota / Lexus gets the concept.

Mazda and Hyundai / Genesis Acoustical OK.

Bo han – Nuu bnn tmm for mtt car, will be able to lyy it. 1. Increase the ground clearance..

Joe thebet – If you’re selling it like hotcakes. MDX – buy it, others – lease it.

Erdem guler – Thank you, Alex. How is the MDX compared to the Mazda CX-9? Mazda’s price range, it’s also a 3-row crossover. I’m cross these two vehicles.

Heart fleener – Great video, as usual. I don’t have the MDX password of $ 39,950 but the video shows $ 43,950 Can you?

Kirk Lazarus III – SH-AWD vs Quattro

4life romel – It’s a bit bit hnn hnn mtt converter

Freddy romo – What are the cars having the same silhouette? And bnn bitt how aerodynamic cars, they need.

Freddie causy – Like the diamond grill.

Chris Sorreda – Honda Lexus and even Genesis

Troubled Drivers Of Florida – This is a beautiful car. I don’t like the halogen, but this is rtt! I sẽ không cần phải 3 dòng và này là very luxurious. If you can’t afford it, it will be perfect! Great review Alex!

Vladimir Freethinking – Softening of handover dinn too much click on Acura. I always hinn this time.

JanPogiMan – Flat dash?

Li zheng – MIL 3rd row, that’s very accurate, haha.

777 – Other time. How is knowledgeable and honest?.

Randy mogle – Great job Alex. It’s a lot better than mtt session bnn no-hybrid session bnn. I think this is the number of USB ports. XC90 Gold Q7 can match it. Not sure about the Infiniti.

Hope MDX

The Future Is Here – I like the new grid. Much improved over the beak.

xFreeland1 – I will have a lot of hnn.

Alpha_717 – Acura is just behind the competitors I’m biased towards Honda / Acura.

Matthew’s Car Corner – Alex, it’s surprising that the LED headers are standard on the Acura lineup. Other luxury automakers..

Zd trn – Helpful review Alex.

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