2018 Acura mdx elite – walkaround

2018 Acura MDX Elite – Walkaround

2018 Acura mdx elite - walkaround
The MDX takes its styling straight from the track. From the strong, sculpted lines of the chrome trimmed hood to the bold …

Ferdinand marcos – Finally !! A good looking MDX and very nice presentation.

Marvi marv – New Subscriber Excellent review on the Acura MDX. Lots of great information It’s pretty pricey It will suck.

Mike duncan – I agree with our dealers for scammers.


Mahamad hamouda – I’m looking for make sure. The sound is still worse. I called the service Dept. Nuu wants to include a way to include it, it will be verified. It was so 70500 km 71200 km And the buzz sound still there !!! It’s 700 km on my odometer. Then, the service manager (Mark Grozell) 2 km Body shop at least 8-10 km one way. I have added that he was insistent on his situation. I Contacted the general manager (Kent Alfaro), the main dealer (Marilyn Sheftel) and the controller (Chanry Kim)..
DO NOT EVER WITH THIS Worst Dealer Ever.

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