Installing transmission cooler on an acura mdx

Installing Transmission Cooler on an Acura MDX

Installing transmission cooler on an acura mdx
How to install a cooler on 2015 Acura MDX I made this step by …

Kathy mcg – No OEM OEM Cooler for the ’06 mdx??

AmeriJam Acres – MDX Where did you get that cooler? I am a mechanic. Bnn can thitt lpp is different. I am not tmm thyy anywhere..

AmeriJam Acres – Nuu bnn not in use, you need to..

Bees waxx – I can not believe that my 2007 MDX has already.

Patrick bae – Does MDX have a 9 speed transmission? If it doesn’t mod.
On issues of the Acura forum.

Steve p – Thanks for sharing this video I’m looking for a coots, I’m lol
BTW My ATF was a pretty dark burn. Thanks.

Jimmy parker – Thanks for the video!

Joseph bednarz – विशेषण was I I Great Great Great! Joe b.

Arif demirel – Great video Thank you. Do you have to go??

J St. Croix – Hose lengths, etc. Great video 🙂

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