2008 Acura rdx review – kelley blue book

2008 Acura RDX Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Asimo – If someone is shitty, it needs a premium gas gas $$$

Colin grubbs – Competitors for the Acura RDX include the BMW X3, Lexus RX, Lincoln MKX, Infiniti FX and Mercedes-Benz GLE (formerly M-class).

Deepakforlife gill – Acrua rdx is good

Nigahiga6400 – The word database database from the CRV model. I can switch the system and the rules when Keep leaking, all under 100kms. I had a LOT of tii error 300k + not to mention.

Hareem zain – u can find this now for under 17k

Mbaze Pashtufu – V4s are only in motorcycles. 50 years … I think you mean I4.

Tim schultz – Acura is genius

Average – CRV, lol

Dolphins101 – "Highly Successful BMW X3" …. LMAO
2008 Acura rdx review - kelley blue book

Poop4256 – My belt is very fast

Veetina – @ Guy02536 very nice and nice description of the CRV

TheEvoXFreak – @ AcuraRDX993 on

Justin tapper – @ whatever0481 crv

Duarte white castle – @saboobuu oh really? ALWAYS worked and I couldn’t

Mbaze Pashtufu – @ bg1379 why did you buy it. it is a sporty crossover

Mbaze Pashtufu – @ Erry berrypreserves all that cars are worse than the toyota

Mbaze Pashtufu – @ refresh967 ewwww why get that shit

Refresh+ – @koorboi lexus rx

Tom11zz884 – If you’re awesome, you’re more awesome;

Tough call, but I would get the ex35

Nick zeragia – Its product is HONDA, can’t be wrong

Mike jones – @MeInTheNewWorld Last longer than German cars …. please!

Antonove – @blueberrypreservesu you have acura at all. The cabin is refined. This car has a great value and no longer.

0123kid – Bnn can when when RDX is white =)

Kylyol – @blueberrypreserves
Audi posted two Audi sportswagons before my 2007 Acura RDX. The turbo lag free acceleration. I’m thinking of buying the BMW X3 but it was disgusted..

Supermanxevan – I love driving this car

Sheen ryan – I’ve had one for 2yrs ….. love it…

Youmils03 – Standard features include climate control, tilt / telescopic air conditioning, heated seat, 8-way power driver, garage door, sunroof power, 6-disc CD changer, outside-temperature indicator.

ShotsBySharat – Acura SUV’s Fugly, not that I hate Acura..BIG fan of TL & RSX. But MDX & RDX are plain fugly

JAMAICAN TECH-DUDE – Excellent vehicle

Bg1379 – We did not do it. . we don’t want it back!

Bg1379 – Correction of the nice roads! We hate bear!

Youmils03 – Standard features include air conditioning, climate control, tilt / telescopic, 8-way power driver, memory system, wireless sunroof, 6-disc CD changer, satellite radio, door opener, w / voice recognition, and AcuraLink.

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