2019 Acura rdx advance sh-awd full review

2019 Acura RDX Advance SH-AWD Full Review

The 2019 Acura RDX is a new generation. Architecture design …

Yankee doodle – Why does Acura scream BOOORING

GT6339a – Acupuncture / Acura / Acura / Acura / Acupuncture / Acupuncture / Acceleration / Acceleration / Acceleration / Acceleration / Accuracy Act () Cc bitt about the server hocc access cpp? See how many problems chúng có trong past, https://acurazine.com/forums/3g-rdx-problems-fixes-458/harsh-shifting-2nd-3rd-971060/
2019 Acura rdx advance sh-awd full review


Replace it? Honda / Acura: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/04/25/honda-odyssey-minivan-recall-transmission/This transmission is not only for RDX.

Mjak acros – The keys to verify the NSX!

Shootstraight1911 – Great review!

Surf turf – Seats are Nissan’s, best and one of the best..

Purav Parekh – I get RDX

Danielle Sound – Mpg mpg telescope? retractable mirrors?

Luke, I’m your father.! – By the end of this year

Luke, I’m your father.! – I’ll wait for the MDX

Luke, I’m your father.! – It was noisy when I tried to sportier.

Mark X – The 49K 2019 RDX Elite Trim does not come with 3D Speaker ELS system LOL … Really Acura? Bnn can lyy Elite Platinum hocc A-Spec to lyy ttt c El?

Virkelie2 – At 2min 58sec – is the seat ultimate mated to leather inserts, or other material?
For the A-Spec trim, "Alcantara" – I was hiking it.

Danielle Sound – Telescope ?

10tenman10 – I looked at it Yesterday. Nice interior. I do not like the moonroof though (totally useless).

Charlesfrusa – Got me to RDX 2019 Advanced, FWD for $ 43,000 Awesome because so far.

Henry tauch – Is it a CVT transmission? ?


Aj triumph – Those border jokes

Reap ouch – (I.e..

Norm – RDX Lows: Touchpad tribulations, stiff ride, b-spec lethargic transmission then see spec. Workout of your workout … How to make it easier? driver

Mario Torrez Quant – So there is a GLA, XC40 competitor from Acura

Arslan khalid – Acura is back! That interior is absolutely stunning

Ammmomeister – Any turbo lag? turbo lag…

Acousticmarine – AWD = iVTM4 The Honda Ridgeline and Pilot have the same AWD system.

Chris Melnick – We are trading in our 2010 RDX Tech. The last gene sucked. But it’s not a lot of effort. We went 100k on the car, costing $ 230 to fix. Expecting similar credibility from this.

Steve wise – Infotainment is growing for you.

It’s a test drive list.


Triple a – Tnx for nice review again tom … but sometimes…..

Kahn4 – I registered my Ford and I got the check and it has 10k. There are also many "Standard" cars..

Steve needle – It’s funny that you will see it…

Raff time – It’s an ugly duckling

Jhon777 007 – I was in the room in the same room. Honda CRV is that lnn hnn. (I.e..

Yuppppp – The Toyota RAV4

LilithM09 – Acura is the reason for CR.

Triple a – i love all your reviews

Triple a – i know this voice….

John hun – It’s 2018 and car manufacturers are still using incandescent lighting. Smh

James holloway – I’m in South Florida and worried about sunroof. Will this create more interior heat?

Mark sloan – But this is a great review.

Dennis janda – Looks like a TRANSFORM vehicle..Oversideed !!

Jaykrausbcful – I love this review!!!

Mrxyz2k – I’ve been over since..

Noone uknow – Nice review. Straight test an Advance model today. Pretty impressive center dash. Difference between comfort and sport.
Is it "pumped through the stereo"? It will replace my 2014 MDX. I like the $ 12,500 I get the RDX. If you want the adaptive cruise, especially.

Jakob benz – I still need to install rdx, I have any price, I will still not get it. I wouldn’t rather go for a Mercedes glc / glc coupe.

Kevin abraham – The corner of the taillight really resembles the CR-V

Bryan mchugh – That’s the best Acura’s ever! That is amazing value.

Edysin simon – Those are just … Otherwise a nice car.

Dang thao – I wonder who came up with the twin thing? Lol

Jollitowngameplays – RDX was produced there.

Davidrx795 – V6 when blank lololol

Midori ronin – WTF … the trivago one-of-a-kind?

Raymond anderson – Gold star for the car!!!

ThePharm4Life – Luxury my.

CanadianCyclist – Driving?

Ricky marasigan – Sure, RDX? RDX will be less than the Euro CUVs.

TheKillerace900 – Nếu bạn cần đến lintoln nautilus when it comes out??

Mike m. – I’ve been working out?

Mario Whyte – Off the bat Bnn need to time it!

The Hunger is returned. – I have this over the nx.

Waseem sells – British columbia whistler!
Most way whistler canada

David Stella – I like this vehicle.?

Tigerex966 – I like the knob and the brake lever..

Marco b – Those wheels are some other words. Give it to drive!

Billthestinker – Excellent review!

Norm – No rear seat sliding or recline? No tri-zone climate control? CR-V with bigger engine and nice leather.

Siper2 – This makes me very happy, indeed. Soichiro would smile.

Also, drivetrain for your run 🙂

Leadhammer – Porky.

Carlos davis – Whats up with patrol jokes? Lol

Mojojo911 – Mannnnnn Why a 4 cylinder? I was hiring for a V6TT với 300 hay để HP. I suppose.

Mike – Love the advance … horn rims on it.

Bong lim – Nice review

I finn – Halogens, seriously? Why did they not go???

Kgweber75 – I asked mii Acura gill it made the vicc too lnn UGLY shield TLs. So look at the positive look. But I can’t wait for you..

Lonewolfanddog – Beautiful side for those horribly gimmicky c pillows

Matt k – I hate the pregnant dash look

Phil – Halogen rear turn signals? have CRV honda have LEDs … wtf, acura?

Featherboards – Great review! What is the Type R models? Changed?

Bipinn mainali – Roses are red purple are blue


SS S – I really like this. I wish you the package.

Maybe it will be able to tmm thyy it in around Acura website. I lost, I lost opportunity.

Neto mag – There is no database.

Stan oster – Tell me it’s not true!

Dygardion 91 – See headlights nh Like Honda products too much

Laura2218 – It’s beautiful still a touchpad fan.

Joe and. – Looks like it is a typical GM SUV line. It resembles..

Oldsnwbrdr – The Advance package is overpriced at $ 8,000!

With the Tech Package, Advance is another $ 4,000 Test drove one day.

BestCarDrive – (I.e..

I v – Steely Dan? Someone just gave away his age…

Hamilton Dashcammer – Great review I love old cars khi I đã một 1993 Acura Integra No airbags or any other features.

Fallingitan – Honda chassis very shocked.

Blake swan – This vehicle looks promising Acura

Paul Yuen – Japanese branded SUV designs are so now boring.

Gallyun1 – You mean type -s?

91Fairlady – Great vine.

Zachary levine – I think it has been disabled!

Jake root – Take off eh!

626KiDD – Revive the Type R monicker? I think RSX, TSX, etc…

Lawrence brandon – Gotta hear this sound system.

Mx5hong – If you are looking for a new clear coat.

Cancercell1 – Tom taken from Canada? 😀

Renewer – Look at the size of that Badge.

B HM – I was waiting for YOUR review! You always deliver Thanks!

Arpan ghosh – Is it cold in canada???

Gerald g – First gen, ok make it 4 cyl turbo … no longer has 6 cyl … no, back to a 4 cyl turbo. Whats next acura?

Respawn – Awesome review as always Tom Love owner. 2016 model and 6cylinders, I hope they’ll not wait for the 6cyl model..

Bo han – Towing capability?

Canonlybeme4life – Hey tom great review.

Julio coello – I freaking love this design! Black chrome details! Wow

Mario dalla riva – Nicely reviewed, Tom.
Looks like a hit for acura.
I ask from Seattle?

Adam wright – The middle dash area looks like those amorphous aliens ..

Kim dong joon – The best or nothing
Acura rdx

Ssjkev16 – Best review out there on new RDX! Thanks tom!

Schizogony – You should narrate the Gran Turismo.

Donald talkovick – Premium paint … a gray economy paint primer?

Eric H – It makes me want to visit! Great review as always, Tom.

Cibelly aguiar – Love your videos, just related channel I watch. Keep it up!

Giovanni Romano – Best reviewed I watched.

RAYMOND JAMES – Great as usual review …! Fix có, I think "Type S" moniker they’re reviving the "Type R". We Acura will welcome both fans though! Lol

Marc lim – Super processing AWD has confirmed to RDX! Nice!

PunxsutawneyDave – Was it for round view? If so, there may be Perfect.

Brawlfreak786 – 10:34 they really revive the Type-S

Minicact – Are the interior door handles metal?

Venom5809 – Hmm, this is a very good vehicle, not bad.

Drew – Is Evil Twin Considered to Threat in Canada?

HW2800 – Dash, dash, true touchpad, grill to big! Can not buy!

Carson redford – Very impressive car! I’m a honda / acura loyalist. I think it’s the right direction for the brand. Can’t wait!

Cookiemonster9 – Finally acura.

John mattiazzo – Great job Acura love the RDX

Realtime Reviews – Canada DOES NOT HAVE SMOOTH ROADS … maybe where acura took you lol

Peter 63 – My very first car was to 1991 Integra RDX. The A-Spec looks great in blue.

David Oliveira – Man how do i hate this grill.

Deion b – Hey, mean type-S moniker Lol

Bad bad – i take it "AND" doesn’t have a passport lol

Lee G G – We think of you paper!!!!

Benjamin francis – Finally, there is no way there is. There are mt thitt b pepper chunn Great review, great scenery

Ari spelius – You mentioned lossless audio support. Any application that supports it, FLAC, WAV, etc..?

Billy i am – Remember, there was a family vacation in Whistler.

BTW, great scenery, huh? (I.e..

Dangerousdan – This should sell very well. There is no TLX.

Bryan t – Looks like it..

Jose castle – I have been fans for this day 1. Keep it up !!!

Jamaican me crazy – This is promised

Eddy gordo – Great Review

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