2019 Acura rdx infotainment system reboot (how-to)

2019 Acura RDX infotainment system reboot (How-To)

2019 Acura rdx infotainment system reboot (how-to)
With the Acura RDX, it’s a quick way to re-boot and become unresponsive. This will …

Evan Lin – Thank you! Very helpful!

T redef – Thanks for the vine. It looks like I was not there.

David castro – COMPLETELY redesigned car.
If this happened to me, I would go crazy!

Chewy alba – Nuu bnn not going to the path, will see it.

Mike nathan – Thank you. My xi is not showing up

EDIT: after reading

Joseph pugliese – My 2019 RDX, how do i play it?

Russell Goldman – THANK YOU

UnitedAirlines4Life – Thank you! It was not fully battery lol

Julie mango – Thanks for sharing. This is the time when the computer is running…

Troy brocker – Thanks for posting this Xray … I got it from AcuraZine Forum post. While driving in work today. Just rebooted, hopefully, RDX’s out there.

Brian obeirne – I removed the Fuse # 37 "AUDIO", The Blue, 15A located in the fuse box.
He has already exclaimed.

(imo, will not disconnect the battery … try first fuse)

Jose santiago – Don’t bother, the database is not real and follows.

Jerry f – Great, thanks for this. I have my own lock on it.!

Nansen Feng – This is REALLY helpful Thank you so much.
I’m not even có Feedback..

Norm – Tereible system and support from Acura.

Jason Pr Printedi – The screen is not one?

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