2019 Acura rdx review | the best acura in 15 years

2019 Acura RDX Review | The Best Acura in 15 Years

Prepare for a deep dive and view on the Acura RDX. CUV and SUV segment.

Protector of the Republic – Holy shit! Bn has turned off from this time! Add, price of price, hard work It shows! We really appreciate what you do..

Victor x – Awesome review! 2019 Acura RDX Advance vs.. 2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus? I like A-Spec package for better looks. Is it worth it? Thank you!

Jay the cyborg – I tell you about your videos

Matt holloway – Holy swirl marks at 26:37! Car wash?

Maniacal Bitter – I have no clue v b bnn ly ly ly ly mtt join chiuu contact on the screen? Jeebus dude adapt.

David Ross – This is a really great review! I would like a real shifter.

Shawn david – I’m not sure about that ….

VanGogh34 – 20:37 – WHOA! Dowell Rd near Lake Island, IL Dude, literally 15 minutes from my office! If youd like to review my honda agreement 2019 2.0t 6mt?

Paul, thank you – Kent Clint and Superman
Took me to realize

Soul younes – I love you like the ELS audio.

Mellowjammer – Thanks for the audio system. It’s a lot..

Mike – Never seen this dude’s reviews before, outstanding! It was great; need bnn want mtt RDX

AM – Just dont get a touchscreen everybody do it. Lexus vii that is not right and this time.

Kirill Smolkin – Excellent work.Thank you.

Chris Dinardo – Lexus RX vs MDX???

Tee me – Bad review i am unsubscribing from tfl

Steven rodriguez – The hcc app for touch pad is minimal. Stay with your infotainment. MP3 Player, BlackBerry, Calculator, CD Player.

Mike Russell – She doesn’t need bitt..

GT6339a – Acupuncture / Acura / Acura / Acura / Acupuncture / Acupuncture / Acceleration / Acceleration / Acceleration / Acceleration / Accuracy Act () Cc bitt about the server hocc access cpp? See how many of these errors are in the Past
2019 Acura rdx review | the best acura in 15 years
, https://acurazine.com/forums/3g-rdx-problems-fixes-458/harsh-shifting-2nd-3rd-971060/


Replace it? Honda / Acura: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/04/25/honda-odyssey-minivan-recall-transmission/This transmission is not only for RDX.

justSTUMBLEDupon – I want to know more than 3 years???

Alex Hernandez – Hi. This is one of the best videos. Would you like wheel base base? Acid RDX, what is your opinion, hocc it do vicc? I’m not driving.

Coupabawn – Great video! After watching the RDX as my next purchase! Great job 🙂

J l – Thoughts I can’t believe it! Amazing

George taylor – I’m a Acura 4th, 2nd RDX currently driving on a fan of life. Bạn có thể với bộ đệm hộp thư. I’m ready for a new car. The new interior is awesome.

King arthur – I have the right to RDX tech and request trackpad !! I like the eyes. Bnn does not allow people to have people who are not good.

Poppie – Thanks for stating my touch issue. Unable to touch this Pad may be RDX, but I can’t tmm thyy it makes a vicc for mtt family. IMO.

Adam84 B – I’ll have a good idea to have. I want to use the phone?

Bigbangnone – Bnn is not correct about the mouse. And your phone..

I sumicad – Well done Really Well done.

Rob revlin – Love this RDX interior, but this machine build with turbo? I have V6, I have a nightmare with a nightmare.

Stream light – 1,800 miles and paint swirls everywhere! I would be pissed!

Gerardo gonzalez – Master video! Let’s take care of the person who is … What is tyy chnn? Thanks and my best regards!!!

CM – My 2014 Rdx was totaled in a rear end collision recently. Nuu bnn buy it lii.?

Ms3baby – Lexus and acura infotainment uconnect is one of the best??

Chuck mak – But the touch pad is horribly designed. Not the luxury level. The buttons still scream Honda.

Nelson nxx – That’s where you’re wrong! I’m sorry you can’t use a cursor. Bnn has a link on bnn or galaxy

Jim harrer – I car code for 3 days. It was a bit wow! It was a good idea to stay with Hylander. I enjoy m enjoying the car. I did not expect to see the RDX. Sports +, the car.

Norm – The consumer reports.

Random videos – God I love your reviews! You have your unique style!!!!

Tom prince – First off, I yêu cầu bạn vào 2019 RDX, HOWEVER, I did not disagree on the touch pad for system infotainment. I ã cc chyy lii ’19 -no-so-new ‘RDX for 7 months on the odometer. The dealer says it’s a satellite radio. It is a great vehicle. Sports car seat.

MaximaMan06 – It has been announced since 2018 N.Y..

I am currently researching the RDX, RAV4, RX350, and XC60. I can LIVE video player in RAV4 and the XC60. The RDX appears to be a long-term vehicle..

If you are caring for a car? But what if there is no database time hocc mtt time time? SG, you?

legitimateMatters – I have ever seen the analogue! I am loyal (die-hard) Honda / Acura enthusiasts. I’ve owned the Honda Civic, CRV, two MDXs, TLX, 2017 RDX and just bought the 2019 RDX. The car is really a luxury at the cockpit. I like the cockpit the boggling curve! However, no regret Buyers I Love my new 2919 RDX! And, I’m the most advanced technology! I am an Acura Satisfied Customer!

Kensen – Great video.

Spicy Instant Noodles – I cannot implement hinn in mtt integer of nhcc

Hasan z – Killer review

Keith howells – So this needs the 8 spd DCT from the ILX? AND ILX NEEDS THIS MOTOR?

Mark cooper – I’ve never seen it. Notes at Acura should take notes from this video.

Deadly mentality – Watching this review.

Gio perez – 50000 for a acura.fukk …

Bob bowie – Interior looks old already. They didn’t know about it

Alexander Hauffe – BEST REVIEW EVER !!!! THANK YOU

May ramirez – Why does it come with a spare tire??

Jc guy – Nuu it is fix? It goes bad, yet has a tire tire. Good review.

Cubicofmusic – I would never buy a nice

Long time – I’m watching some Chinese movie

Tub hmoob lauj – When you get the ILX Aspec?!

Jrms60r – So 2019 RDX yesterday w / tech package and validate it. This person cannot isolate the success of success. Negative salesman said check out edmunds and added info. Well, shot himself in the foot. It Look Like RDX Link.


C taylor – Very professional video. Lot of supernatants in the field. Well done!

Ariel hazan – My name is mt tppin, but I am from the printing car. A green, color-coded vehicle with 201 2018 hocc 2019 and may be N-way from Hyundai in 2020.

Darren perst – That was an excellent video / review! Elite trim I yesterday, I really appreciate it. Nuu bnn, the RDX should not have mtt Ram Ram 2014, (permanently in Android Auto), I code mtt in RDX.

Mischael dave – Awesome dude! Keep it up!

Ckarsenal – Someone eradicate on "true" adaptive dampers variable dumpers

Musicfromheart – Sounds great except for jumps price.

Ken corsell – I would like review vicc RDX. You are chy Acura of the 80 80s mid, start the BMW 330 cig in the middle. I’ve watched the MDXs. 2 Every month ago I bought the 2019 RDX and it was enjoying it ever since. Bnn will have believable I can watch mtt number EVX review. Keep up the good work!

Ray rivera – Great Review!

Jonathanok100 – Can not stand… Thinging In b dmm path I cannot gir it mtt shifter vn it cannot be ignored lii. It looks like something from a $ 10,000 subcompact car from years ago.

Ken wingo – Excellent review.

Jim roberts – It’s a light speed. All 10? Doubt it.

Sebastian – This is a set of standards for car review videos. I love

Dustin fwiler – I really like this vehicle. Everything is possible. Honda and CR-V do it better.

Classiccarz – With the RDX

Xela Bear – It is a good buy ……

Gerard mckenzie – Still waiting for android.

Bnn are lucky – Doing, doing, doing, doing, doing.

Chandler qian – Was that Chinese style music? Sooo cool Perfectly fit video video Best ever watched video.

Giovanni Romano – Anybody else notice?

Vrod1a – Best in depth review of any vehicle !!
Thank you for all your work

PHO NOODLES – Acso acura rdx or honda pilot

Jerry rounds – I have been authorized by my 2019 RDX Advance since June 2018. I agree. However, the infiltration system has actually been hinned by errors from the nhy. The American Honda Company (AHC) is a dreadful company. Hatching with 2018 RDX Hatching With Motion If you are trying to grab this feature.

William Levy – As an auto enthusiast. I have validated vii explanations notifications. Acura / Honda veteran Honda’s usually won. Do not forget

Here Ingrassia Images – It is mind blowing. Bnn should have 2 million subs.

Sj – Point of view

Call me – Test drove one today. It looks like a key under sport + fashion. Touchpad? Nice try.

JC4 – What kind of 88 evil people disliked this video?

J H – I’m looking for your cinematography skills, dang.

Mr08tsx – Congratulations !!! I’ve always watched!

Ultima max – What is a fantastic review, so thorough, balanced and objective. As a touchpad, it’s a real screen. A "tablet" second android (which would be really sized) Then 1: 1.

Guided hand – No bitt bitt Dana White is not. This is awesome!

Robert Hart – Thanks for this. It was a vehicle.

Scott green – I had a RDX and it was better. I had the sounds amazing now. Love the RDX platform. I did the 2.3 better, but I’m sure the 2.0 is better.

TunedLGT – I tested đang bỏ qua 2017, và để 2019MY The 2019 is a vehicle with transmissions and brakes. The new 2.0L, 10AT, and the unpredictable squishy brakes are shaking my head. I have a price of L LOTS for these items. It is simply the abysmal 3.5L, 6AT, and 2nd Gen Brakes.

User 59802 – Luda ELS promotion should

Stephen and – Shocked SUVs 2 years ago, SH-AWD. Ended up with a MDX Tech 2017. Bnn doesn’t like it.!

Adam Johnsson – Great job as always brother !!

Rithwik jallepalli – Oh my my, what a review !! This was amazing! Can’t request for more!

Big boss – Beautiful car.

Here IgoAgain – Great tour of the under-body! More informative coal gibberish infotainment.

Fifthcell – The thing looks like Toyota. No thank you.

Because craze – Big Brother of Honda HRV

Herp mcdarp – Why is it the same plain white gauges?

Daniel Dagenais – I do not have the right to release RDX.

Alex sangeorge – So ugly Why Acura? You made it the edge of the vehicle. After we wait.

Qi gong – Honda can’t use it….

Teufel hunden – Excellent review. Good job!

DMX 10033 – Is that normal rust?

Alen enamel – If I end up buying RDX, Acura should send you 5 +% commission.
Thank you bro.!

Sandy hill – Dude I love you … too strong?

Mike m. – Great review

David Steckley – Nuu bnn will tmm thyy way too it?

David Steckley – Android 5. Wtf Where are we Android 9 Android foot

Anas khan – Toyota and Honda are making ugly cars

Waitaminutesilly – I was in the area. Jk Great video, BTW, keep it up.

1g2002541 – 1:00 pm The most rusting seen on a new car! Honda has cheaped out!

CockatooDude – I guess.

Edwin at yeung – Lexus had that touchpad years ago, I’m sure it’s gonna be fine

GT6339a – Do you know 2019 rdx has 2-3 gear transmission issue? but acura confirms the errors .. but they can’t fix it!

Manual malagon – Well, I’m on my way. I like space crafts!

Waffeey – I would say 2008 Acura TL.

Brian david – Americans are dumb …..

Austin kinsley – That intro though. Emoji squirting

Life in common – The Best Acura? No is not more … fuckura

Deepsubmicron – The 2019 RDX Advance Tech SHAWD was for 23 years. I’m so impressed. I purchased a new 1991 Integra LS and a 96 Integra LS (now near 1991 and well). Yes, most important use of the HUD

Open ranks – Man god damn! …?!

Tailsneon556 – Saab

Rodney horser – I have a SHAW TL TL, I’m really a spot on, describing how SHAWD feet.

Meiko bangtan – My dad was picked up by the vicc RDX actress yesterday.

I bark – Man … Fucking great review!!!!

Dealmaker l123 – As usual, the best of the best. Acura may just gain another. I hope acura is listening.

Babaki1 – Just hit the touchpad.

Yanzhixiang6 – Amazing cinematography!!

Rick water – Themed opening music?

Ampicillin – I felt I was watching, "last samurai" movie …. beautiful song

Weilong zhao – The BGM is so eastern. Love it so much

Jordie b – Pompous soundtrack..did the data base has no value?

Kopernicus67 – Uh, read the reviews on Edmunds and other consumer sites. Not available.

Đã có một máy, Acne badge, it’s not necessary to be big. 12 x 8 "area for one knot in trim and backlighting?

Honda needs to wake up # 14 on CR. Even quirky cars, Audi and BMW rate higher.

MGP 9 – Where is the Accord Review???

Short o’nilbud – Bnn will be mtt click c bit bit.

D willi – "Furloughed Turbowski"

Jim mannella – This is the RDX CX-5. Thanks!.

Mr Negative – Mt number this day, but they are. Yes, it was very nice. We didn’t even test A-Spec. Not tmm thyy it..

James sankey – How do you say H.V.A. C., but then HUD? Nice review BTW. Thumbs up.

Drew sitten – Your video quality is nuts.

How do you feel about it???

Cow flakes – Nếu bạn có một phần mềm Android Headroom – can you pair? Gold root to sideloaded apk’s?

Kjballin14 – RDX Great transitions on topics.

SGL – Best intro ever

Sooperman12 – Straight Pipe: https://youtu.be/2VizbId5yQU

Jose Genao – This guy is the best review for any car

Alex Sosna – It does not use it

Jim mannella – Love this car.

Small SUV since our 2009 Tiguan died some weeks ago. I love you, I love you, I love you. We are a lot of fun.

Nếu bạn không Sure, bạn sẽ chọn? Thx

Robert Horwitz – Question, RDX and CX-5 signature, it’s worth it. Bnn can’t have bnn car.

Ahmed hussein – Great job with this review! I love you.

Min wei terhune – Reminds me of my ’09 TSX In a good way.

Orlino Jr. Llauderes – I want to bitt

Donate – How is the best acura in 15 years??????

Enticeman28 – On the system infotainment

Robert McGee – I love this car

Jorge acevedo – Awesome video Very good information

Dave b – Showing off the RDX. Instantly subscribe to your channel !!! Acura RDX potential buyers …. A+++++

Nathan Rosenstein – Would you like a video player? Camera, audio, etc.? Thank you! Great video

Human bean – Horrible time to shoot the body lines.

Turtleh – I have scored.

Dan atchison – Excellent review. I had my new RDX for 5 weeks. Bnn tmm thyy it to have it..

Geo williams – Thanks for reviewing the audio system..

Harshraj jadhav – If you had 50k, SG ?

Harshraj jadhav – This is a car review, this is art.
Have your life??

Contact info – Your depression is strangled

Mkvl1490 – Disrespectful title to the 4th Gen TL and it’s not hnn hnn the NSX

Ali warraich – Needs interior illumination

Alex S – Will v6 rdx come out?

Jeep invade – Who is the Gary and where Turboski? Did the homos break up?

Gtbomb1 – Timing belt? Gold does it in a chain?

My hu – Who’s Gary and what happened to him? (referring to dedicated to Gary ‘).

Steve – Info tried it, not bitt containing it .. The touchpad is a failure

Kevin kott – Hate the acura rdx auto idle stop.

Damion goodrich – I have a 19 ‘RDX ASpec awd. The fit and finish is terrible! It’s a new year. I really regretted the purchase. I recommend this to you.

Jigsaw wookie – Keep it up man! BNN has a vicc making the vicc hardest people on YouTube…

Aditya – Great review Jerk But it’s still noticeable. Hopefully it can be smoothed out.?

Brake8r – Wait … this is the last samurai.

Peizxcv – What an intro music?

Sir I.K Elzyy – How do you get that go?

Sandra chavez – … And yes, it’s a beautifully produced video..

Sandra chavez – This is the BEST review. Pros / Cons & straight talk I was around. It was a bit of a mess. I’ve seen it. Nothing cutesy or gimmicky about this review..

Jeff jones – Amazing review bro I picked up last month. Not only does it look stylish.

Peter Buban – I need bnn scare me away. One way, you touch it directly. Distracting than this. Bnn can be mtt Great solution.

Kudos to the Cinematography and lighting I’ve seen! I have had mtt mii Subscriber in me 🙂

Brandon banner – I can’t say it. I can’t have RDX, especially when TLX does. BN has a hard time mtt to lyy click control c. I’m another other bit. It’s not a trackpad…

Ramon calderon – You are the MFM !! Knocked out.

Duane stbmoe – Was it a lot of oil tagged OI Dilution? Please advise. The RDX is affected by the same issue…

Lyle cameron – Android Play working yet? Great video BTW, like the touch pad. After the tip of the head, it is still different. Thanks for my early RDX.

Brien miller – The interior is hideous pity.

David Cugno – I like the luxury sports. But it’s not up to $ 700..

Zorn casteel – Not crazy about transit transfer ‘button’ …!
Outside I dig the headlights.

Liam ross – Love Honda’s new K Series 2.0 GDI pipe I have a 2019 Accord while I’m ever driven. Nuu a lot of hnn in tp news RDX, can you please hy Honda tmm thyy Mojo back. Big time.

Ny essien – Omg that soundtrack

Mark chu – Intro – cultural appropriation

Chris – Savage is indeed.

Sebastien place – Great video! Would you like the RDX T6? The volvo one now?

Salomino jr – Great reviewed the time period I passed the test th vinn and I was impressed. I’m shopping with the Volvo XC40 T5 R-Design. Thank you for this review. (I.e..

Gregg Matthews – On touch screen I could navigate the screens. I’m not sure..

Wind water – Mr. ….. geese will you buy the cx5 signature or Rdx for 10k more? Cx 5 is not a problem for you! I’m kinda old school on that. Would like your review Great review

Healthninja – Ok I’m getting this RDX! Awesome review!

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