How sh-awd works: acura’s awd system explained

How SH-AWD works: Acura’s AWD system explained

How sh-awd works: acura's awd system explained
How do I get the Acura SH-AWD system differs from "Haldex style" AWD systems? In this video I explain how Super Handling All Wheel …

Alain fournier – Sory you can explain

I would like to know what the car’s up to. Does the 2 fronts wheels supply to spin ???

Thanks for your time;) !!

MiamiDanny – Homosexual

Philip sedirmair – This is a good explanation of SH-AWD! Bnn will send bnn Acura Clients to video! Thank you very much!

Joeu2bee – Excellent description. Thank you for taking the time to share! (I.e..

Saqib hussain – Not a direct competitor to this vehicle, also using torque vectoring in this recent generation? And can this server look like RDX? Can you confirm?

Steve – It has been updated. I don’t like him.

Abdul Karim Koroma – I want to bitt how to handle errors

Aboriginal lone wolf – Don’t allow bnn too n

Andrew Schultz – It makes it more efficient! He tol ‘me "that’ll be $ 2000.00" – OyO !!! why so spensive???

David Rummel – I am a little confused about the BMW X5M. SH-AWD Subaru STI vga in the RL.

World peace mortray – The SH-AWD is no joke. My 2012 MDX demolishes the highway and the BMWs on highway 35 (CA)

Carlos silva – Great video

Friendly manitoban – This is one of the best concerts ever seen! I will subscribe next!

Vera oburoh – Hello Alex, I need advice, I’m not sure how to use it..

Stephen wooldridge – There is no diff type

2PlayBrasil – Bnn should use it.

87037244 – This is the cng. There is no problem in-line hocc slippery conditions.

Megas skyline – Been a while ..hi old Alex .. .

Keep on enjoying your day .

Ram power sport – Alex, Mercedes S class and Audi A8 AWD system comparison?

Destroyer of Evil – This video to add hnn 10 years.

Erik giovani – 1:48 imma snakey snake

Timothy castle – She has big hands

Rob crossley – Wowed up.

Alexander Juskov – The diesel Mitsubishi has something similar. I think he needs a little bit more information.

AhhMishMoneypenny – Honda Legend Good work.

Gustavo castillo – Please talk about the fifth genre Prelude SH / Type S! The original was based off! Active Torque Transferring System or ATTS

John ince – It was a SHX Bonus package!
SH works, well done.

Craig silver – Alright, that was thorough and really informative.

Javier labastida – Acura TL woooow !!! There is no problem !

Shikhar shah – Absolutely excellent video

Payehn – I have a acura 2007 mdx. 135k miles and going strong. I am in the environment of east road.

Roccorostagno – I have mtt hii … but no hell has mtt rwd platform? A sportier drive

Dubz0Eight – It is a SH-AWD that has audi quattro Smh mtt. I’m going back to engineering.

Honey – You need $ 2,200 to replace (just one wheel)

Brad raziano – Excellent Info!

BrushyMtnGolfer – Seeeewper

Joon kinloch – Reliable AW AWD Transmission?

Thinking about buying mtt dngng 2007 2008 mdx with over 150000 miles.

Skirmich – This was an excellent video! Just a couple of clarifications.
1.- It’s not a mistake.
2.- There is no need for "Clutch Center" which leads me to point 3.
3.- The system is FULL TIME AWD not be 100% FWD..

How does it work:
1.- There are several của drivers who can be seen…
2. SH-AWD differential transfer.
X.- Exclusively for the Rulers of the Transformers.
3. The section of vectoring torque has fixed track mtt of the sequence number immediately. It has been used for too many devices in the case of motor vehicle.

How does the "Diff Center" works then? It can be up to 1.5-1.7% from a dead stop. In case, it may be seen up to 70% Accelerated light up to 5.7% It can be seen as a vehicle for the rear axle. to become 100% FWD at Torque Vectoring.

SH-AWD at its full potential.

Faraz shah – Buy a 4 Banger if you want to save money on gas.

Hassana – ATESSA AWD from Nissan / Infiniti works!?

Itz knt – It is not working.

Joe goodman – SH-AWD etc. P-AWS: which system corners better?

Luis pimentel – I need to change the note

Rotaxrider – Does this system change since you posted this video? I’m in the 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

Kazakh thranduil – There is no remote server for this server.

Juriskankalis – Two questions: how do you explain? x-drive and 4matic, follow the tyy of the vicc, press meetings, and filmed conditions? Second. Nuu bnn?

Hairlesheep – Does stuff breaks?

Daeman – Well explained. Ty.

Ankur sharma – "Rear wheel drive based" like Infiniti, BMW, Jaguar, etc.? There is no data stored on the SH-AWD database?

Iishyxvietxboyii1 – I drive like a grandma, lol.

This jin – Sounds like wearable parts.

TassieLorenzo – Jason from Engineering: P 🙂

Jay haddix – You’re a great communicator, Alex. Great stuff Thanks!

Thedurtyversion – Dude that was just awesome..

Fr8hauler – Not so much less RL? We just got to 2010 R.

KhyoteJinkens – Beautiful video Thank you.

Panayiotis palmiris – I wish RDX and CR-V AWD system was supplied with GKN Twinster AWD system:
Difference with SH-AWD: SH-AWD. Compatible with other AWD systems, such as Gins, and Haldex, 27.8% (1 / 3.6). It can also be used in the SH-AWD system. The rest of the rest is closed.


Panayiotis palmiris – The AWD rear wheel drive. CR-V and RDX system, it is a normal drive, especially when driving up slopes / hills.

Đang vừa hub-drive, front-wheel drive
Improved production cost, improved fuel economy
Traction là sự gây ra
Directly wheels.
Rear wheel drive offers better initial FWD acceleration
Khi đó là vì weight
Transferred to acceleration, then boost
Add conversion, change the way to convert, RWD
Close to confirm 50 percent
50W rear system can be achieved with a FWD system: Equal

Panayiotis palmiris – Thanks for excellent presentation this. How do I improve the CR-V AWD system ?? Honda AWD system (4th Gen) ??? I understand the Acura SH-AWD is excellent. CR-Vs AWD system. CR-V AWD AWD gold AWX gold.

Can not be too tpp believe, AWD lock button?


Ankur sharma – Hi Alex, this is a "super" helpful. BMWs BMW models and Audi models?

Rude – I am in the number of MDX numbers it is 2007 (2nd Gen and its replacement th 2011 2011 (2nd Gen Repress).

I want to credit my MDX Sports for my life. Sitting on back 45 MPH Steering wheel deployed airbag. I was sitting in front of a car seat.

Nuu bnn is trying tmm mtt doing vicc is too.

John delynn – Great Explanation of Acuras AWD system
TL SH-AWD with advanced package.
I made the right choice.

Rotaxrider – Has shaw?

Jonathanarseneauwrx – Bạn có thể chạy một việc này chỉ trong 18mph. That’s why we still have Subaru. I’m looking for a truck…

Bao nguyen – Sounds like its worth 2 extra?

Trades46 – Acura has been a system for competitors and there are 90% of BMWs, Mercedes and Lexus sell. Heck SH-AWD Subaru’s Famed Quattro & Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD.

Unfortunately, some cars. Margin in North America & marginally beats out Lincoln; If you want to surpass Acura.

Jose M. Claros – Quattro rules!

KosExpress – Great video

Mike zunker – The RL actually had 5 percent overspeed in the rear..

Yes, it is the number of giii hnn order of the right giii (opposing albeit) Driving condition. It complements the vehicle.

Ms3er – Audi S4 with Sport Diff> SH-AWD in your TL.

Bee gee – Hmmm …. This is the Subaru STi has the Differential Control Center (DCCD) where it can be adjusted. It is super mtt handling AWD soundstrack path. Very cool.

Sylvia lopez – From the Mazda CX-5 2016 AWD Grand Touring has SH-AWD?

Wacko banana-pants – Is it not so easy, but if it doesn’t go to the same as unsafe?..

Ashfaque – Great thank you..

Ashfaque – Hi Alex,
Great video for 2012, mdx. Nuu bnn is trying to test the way to make a car ….

MrKolan007 – Alex, what do you think about the Infiniti ATTESA E-TS AWD system?

TheHoth1 – Angry!

Tyler kandhai – Hey Alex, Great video but I had a question. Why does the Lexus and Infinity have? Can’t it need to switch on? It is a RWD platform. Not that it is?

Jerome paun – Greetings In the past 10 minutes, I learn how to compare. Brilliant! Thank you.

Mar el-mohri – Check out the engine positions..
For RWD (like BMW) Same for the X5 (for Xdrive)

Gabriel Vázquez – Would not give gears?

Daddyvoice – Dude, your video reviewer! Thank you for no insight! Informative video’s: How-to-mechanics work Alex Knows Cars 

Danthemanzizle – Damn it, I want it.

HalfBreedMix – HL they put SH-AWD in 2007-2008 TL Type-S !

BIGBOIJDM – Thank you

Peter Davis – I do not see you on it.

Bnn can bitt the wheel.

Acura I like.

EcArR eCaRr – Awesome RSS Feeds

EcArR eCaRr – Awesome RSS Feeds

Joshua g – I’m not sure "50%? 

Netman88 – Thanks for explaining SH-AWD Wanted it more 🙂

Cadsux – What are the requirements for AWD systems? For example, how often thay thế? What is a difference system slip? Thanks again.

Riemenschneider – I like to go, though (~ 8:40 in the Honda video)

Pierre Davis Sr. – Excellent explanation! Can’t delete this schch and Concise this! I feel email now!!

Brownj0811 – Just so kind, to activate the SH-AWD system? or just accelerate through the turn? I have a 2008 Acura RL Technology package…

Jacana productions – Lifted this from Wikipedia 🙂 

List of systems capable of left-right torque vectoring
Audi’s Quattro with Sport Difial
BMW’s xDrive with Dynamic Performance Control
Honda’s SH-AWD
Kia’s Dynamax TM AWD
Land Rover’s HSE and Autobiography Dynamics Models [9]
Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG Electric Drive combined with active front-back torque vectoring
Mitsubishi’s Active Yaw Control
Nissan juke
Saab’s XWD
Ford on several models
Porsche on many models, when the vector torque
Subaru’s AWD on 2015 WRX
Holden Special Vehicles Gen-F GTS [10]

Jacana productions – Great video I’ve read somewhere soon. Nuu I want to say.? 

Have singh – SH-AWD is still available on TLX, they are discontinuing it in the future 

Lawrence wald – Great explanation SH-AWD.

Joey – What cars currently have this technology?

Xiao Zheng – Cannot respond to the application? 

Jose de la cruz – Alex is serious about the man. Bnn can’t tmm thyy out. I appreciate it.

Would you like to have the mdx? It’s already available in Canada!

George knighton – This is definitely executed! SH-AWD Conventional "Like whats 4G TL 6-6, you’ll be in a carousel situation … but we’re working on it. 🙂

Andreh – Hi, I wonder how the Honda prelude is different from handling SH-AWD.

Justin awake – Great vine! Thanks for sharing.

Starscream1988boss – Awesome video Accuracy of Acura.

Milan patel – CLA 45 AMG can send socket displays. Can you explain how the Mercedes enginers have made that happen?

Visions Views – People like you make youtube cool!
Alex, which crossover / SAV has the best drivetrain in your opinion?

Audi max – Too bad acura are boring cars to tho…

Christopher Walken – Is it a SH-AWD? Gold does the aid?

Tristan – You can handle the videos of these videos for this system?

Jorge urdaneta – I can not do so. Long live Alex

Thanatip vachiraprakarnsakul – Oh! Thanks you so much Alex. I can die peacefully.

Nastraightsix – We, the community enthusiast, love your work!

Alex Chavez – Comparing the Mitsubishi system against the sub sti

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