Isuzu trooper test drive

Isuzu Trooper test drive

Isuzu trooper test drive
For Sale Isuzu Trooper 98 / Acura SLX 106K Thousands $ 2850 …

Sharkboyjuan – Selling it??

Rob villetto – They last forever!

TheSushirawOne of the best SUV’s ever made in the 80’s…

Scott eric – u get some gas bro

Jeff carroll – Dang! What a beauty!

Edward Patrick M. Acosta – Hey sir changed his mind and changed his mind if he did not confirm if it was plugged in?
Thank you bro

Marcus11992 – I have this car to use. Please let me have you posted 05 trailblazer that have escaped from the internet. I like it a car.

Oleskoollover – Thanks for the video Our Trooper.

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