Acura tl subwoofer upgrade installation tutorial


Acura TL subwoofer upgrade installation tutorial

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Christian jimenez – How did you put your speakers in?

Rahmel clemmons – I don’t need bitt.

Rahmel clemmons – There is no tweet and tweeter to make the vicc not hocc

Jack explores – It is struggled with the wi

Arthur – I really want it? But it is the error of the bit. So who is this mod??

Me too – Cmon bro plz fix it up sry i have ocd

Leem wills – Why not use remote from aftermarket headonint

Roger aguilar – Thabk tou so much. I have saved the day. I love my sound. Keep posting

Anthony collins – Wires wires speakers from amp

Luis quintana – I wanna hear that bang system! (I.e..

Nick manolakos – You well grounded bro

Rathamany without – Makes it a bit more noise??

Michael Donald – Perfect tutorial! Saved me to a couple!

Malik johnson – I need your help.?

José ortiz – USB / from your head unit

Alexander Ramos – Hey, I see you used only 2 T-taps. my converter has four wires …?

Ua6_Blue_TL_ – How to get the converter out of line? The one I bought is 6 wires on it

King ayala714 – i need the link

Chevis moodie – Đây là Still trên phone.?

Wilson vo – Hey how do you run??

GSHeverything _27 – Today is August 15, 2018 6:37 pm My Rockville 12 "Acqua manicure TL, man

Joe geoff – Is it necessary to do the taping in the factory? There is no part hnn mtt

Scott nelson – Bnn bitt wants to want??

Ricky gonzalez – So the clear woofer is not functional right? Nuu bnn want v.?

Roger thornton – I like it.

Ashley bryant – I’m not sure if I’m not sure

Ryan foundations – How did you hook up the headnit?

Luis Zamora – How is the bass using RCA converters? U dont get voice / high signals?

Larry hoover – Thanks for your videos on the help

Kphil1223 – Cables?

Alec heinz – LOC print plug in?

Justin ramkissoon – What is the red wire or snapped in? I love my tl for the amp

Kevin figueroa – Does the door passenger ?? I’m trying to open the door.

Kevin figueroa – It was not a rattle

Dembhard brooks – I need a thitt b Spec Specific

Freddy roldan – I like the subwoofer even tho my amp

Joey g – One more thing … in the wires? Also, I can use 2 channel amp 2 channel converters?

Joey g – What size taps do I need??

Shawn connolly – Bạn không thể lấy các fire từ 4guage – or P-4G / G-2G !!!!!

Aaron keokham – So I have an inline fuse and my subwoofer is not a vicc?

Misfire Productions – I think it’s a wire.

Daniel Quiroz – You have 8inch speakers or after market

Infamous vybz – Too connected ?

WolverineSticker – I LIKE LIKE WHAT I LIKE

Tony thongsamouth – Idk why setup

Andres mejia – What time is ur

Mending – Thanks for posting this! cc save the time mtt

CaribbeanSwagger – Almost every hand / acura has folded seat except TL, thats some bullshit lol

Lucas W – LC2i.

DBLOCK020 – I’m not sure

Austin maki – Bnn will too it.?

Zeke d – Hey so i have 2008?

King_Borris – That song is horrible

Dario sanmiguel – Forward bnn can transfer lii bnn

Kevin coronel – Ktt in and switch from?

Lawrence k – Can you still navigate the steering wheel?

K.O.S. Sheol – It’s a fabolous box at 5:11.

Austin b – How wide is your sub? Looking for a 36 inch sub but worried.

Nội dung – Ground strut bolt …….

Carter vandersall – Đang tìm để thực hiện giống

Wren Gilmore – I’m not too wrong

Jose Ramos – I have seen the wire
That mtt is

Cryhawk – Dude sounds like babyish gambino

Cable wraps – Can you help me? Did you just use one side? cause in video bnn can unite both Left and Right +?
Ground wire? cut it?

Travis h – u have probably bnn already bitt!

Roberto hernandez – What the link?

Rajai visually – Bnn does not use the database???

Nick holmes – Those rims though …. I wanna see those!

Waffeey – I’m going to get my old 12 ".

Not0rious7 – Please turn in

S franc – Hey, hey, hey bro? Thanks.

T davis – Nuu bnn chyy it on start up

Corey warren – Bnn LIKE mtx?

Jesse santogrossi – How much do you need? ?

Juan hernandez – I thx

Austin wandy – This guys breathing hello hard you good bro?

Neal crawford – There is no right for trunk trunk trunk trunk trunk?

OldSchoolAntMan – At 1:14 pm where the radio is

Sergj jimenez – Mean

Sergj jimenez – What thitt b go go yellownn yellow cable ?

Sergj jimenez – Just convert?

Sergj jimenez – You man thanks! Look forward to hearing stuff! goodlooks!

Sergj jimenez – The whole process?

Jsantogrossi – You’re not sure

Bentley petersen – Do you have an aftermarket amp? bạn không thể thêm một số Subs?

MC H – Installing a sub woofer this way?
If you’re losing

Jason dehal – Khi chúng ta tap, bạn đã được xác định? Black clip is hanging? Is it a wire and a wire? Sorry a LOT

Jaleel moncrieffe – What is imple? And what is that little black box? I think about installing a few more questions. Do you have an email or something??

Chia yang – Which sentence hii to over TL is navi

Lomasbrutal – For far away?

Triple to channel – It is a 10 mm box. go in fashion protection

Jaleel moncrieffe – Question … How did you say USB then start playing? Do you play?

Chris V – Không cần yêu cầu với một Cape Egypt just a recommendation? also lyy server for left?

Steven coreas – The wire in it nuu bnn want to too it,

Whitefang0331 – My TL is white; great channel! DEFINITELY SUBTORT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I have seen your vids earlier.

Aimee sierra – I like it.

Aimee sierra – i mean u sure

Hector gonzalez – Did you get the speaker subwoofer??

Hector gonzalez – Nuu bnn is not determined

Andrew Langley – Is there any more information about the cables? Thanks, hocc please write it. Thank you

Sergio alcantara – Where bnn did lyy from nhpp of bnn

OfficialChris – What’s the remote tpp tin yang chyy to amp amp? hook up the bass?

Henry moncivais – I’m not sure what to do! ! now it’s time to get it. ?

Eric Taylor – Just bought at 04 TL for you! I just recently completed the process. Thanks for your time doing these videos. Keep up the good work! Your car’s sick!

Henry moncivais – What is the rca adapt? ?

Jacob Wilcox – Explaining how you connected the LOC? I’m a lot like i know!

Jose _UA6 – HOW did you get a stereo?

Deborah carr – Hook up?

Deborah carr – What is the switch? To turn the amp off?

Nick lovera – Please send me the website

Felipe fonts – How did you find it?

Find Your Way – He gets away from the car! #boutthatlife

SYBITSU – How many farads is your capacitor? Grounded at a different location? Ground to switch converter?

Change11 – You need to install?

Felipe bravo – Your video help me a lot

Kidasmr – Did you have a low-level converter? And "T-tabs," where can we get these supplies? Thanks

SYBITSU – Comparison of permissions I’ve never done enough power

Brandon hardin – Nice tutorial as always G! You can not get your A-Spec bumper..

Shergernetic x – Thanks man i needed this

CloudNineHigh – I was too lol

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