2018 Acura tlxa-spec sh-awd in depth walkaround startup interior tech


2018 Acura tlxa-spec sh-awd in depth walkaround startup interior  tech
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Luis Santana – This or a 2019 Camry X?

Shahadat myrzaeva – Maga zhagat akura

Jorge valenzuela – There are no sounds, weak sounds. Sounds like shit.

Eric manso – 3rd gen 4eva

Fly motivations – The type-S better be worth the wait, More power !!!! I love you and i’m not sure

Brett shuffler – What a beautiful car.

Hiram partible – This is gonna be like whoahhh! "That’s nice car"

Marc gratton – Please no more Gazoline

Dean m – No 300 HP and no RWD option? Really acura? That could be why.

Travis – It is beautiful though

Sergey Golovin – Better and better accord looks a lot

Sergey Golovin – Interior looks cheap

RED LILY – I hope they are better now!

Mathieu yang – I like it a lot.

Mathieu yang – I’m sad i don’t wadaris ever drive it in france.

Robert Vang – Dang! Talking about technology!

Bryer Natacha – More series please see https://youtu.be/CSdEL8NqVnc thanks bro!

EnRich – Glorious! the transmission in the spec

Zzzzzzppprrrr – Nice car with ugly grid

Courgargold – Why do you need to clean your exhaust? Terrible video Could not save 6 minutes.

Mel marinez – Is that an Acura? Do not impress at all…!!

Leon Hernandez – Lexus> Acura

Developing countries – Issenisse car nambr 1

I’m so sorry. – 07 or 08 TL


80 "Reach – Acoust lost their MOJO in 90s

Money team – Maxim Platinum, got it Maxim Platinum

Lalo castro – I look like sick

Christopher kibler – Miles away for a good idea. It’s not even broken

I v – I’m a fan of this – especially in the black paint job. Not sure why it’s more sophisticated WRX by Subaru.

Abdul rehmani – Looks like a proposed agreement. Exactly trying to improve your performance. Do both.

Faye mccarty – Peeps, amid anyone see bigger this vetsion "

Michael Rivera – It’s a way to make a TLX Gen 2

Bo han – Honda’s VCM technology.

Alex – Such an ugly key

4life romel – Just grab the q50

Scott’s Speaker and Camera Reviews – I have the 2009 top end TL. I have been treated with chy lii 17. TLX Not impressed. The top end of camry.

Nathanielvilla671 – Made me sleepy

Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko & Mimi – None

Keedeeaylaison meghalowtsika – UGGGGLY GRILLE! COLD THEY MAKE THE FRONT EMBLEM ANY BIGGER? Knight không thể sử dụng car này.

Bao nguyen – Only A-Spec has the LED DRL?

Bland soda – No cup holders.

Josej – The honda agreement 2018 interior design.

Devon riches – I am happy to have a 2014 rspec owner 5.0 genesis hyundai

Yassine 8 muru.v10 – .

Emb4 j4 – My 2015 Fusion 4 cylinder turbo gets 17 mpg city, 21 highway, only cost $ 37k, glad I can afford the gas.

PunkAssVic – I’m looking for the best looking outdoors (ESPECIALLY the spec) but I like it. The 2018 Accord I’m gonna wait for the new redesign .. hopefully it’s sooner.

The Brown RAT – Very nice and detailed review. So much information about the car.

Rafi gomez – Welp 2018 camry x is it then

Isaac munoz – I miss my TL.

Arthur maclang – Acura hasn..

Ike frost – But this car is good.

Victoria Ella – I would like to buy the MDX for $ 44k

B – Remind me of the updated 2003 acura tl

Kingdrosive 3 – Acuras

Im a fanboy – Ã ãã ã ã ã ã ã ã..

Randy king – Seriously 2018 and same navigation come on acura.

Joseph lugo – I think this is amazingly beautiful. I like the JUST NEED grill. More ACURA HORSEPOWER COME ON !!

Shmokyo – That grill is too big…

Spicy noodles – Man, Acura fell off after 4th TL gene.

Ashrick718 – I love you on my 2016 tattoo with red glow GOOD-BYE!

Rafael – I like my 2010 sh-awd looks better.

Dylan berry – Bnn no g..

Central VAG – Lol they copied s smh

Dear yee – Side mirror ???

Lars frerichs – 290 is not wrong … but I really like other things, It’s pretty meh.

Slapdash – The interior is just like the maserati

Silly zach – i have a 08 acura type i

Rohan iyer – It was pretty much a second in the Q60. Nuu they want to want

Teng moua – Xin lỗi nhưng I fell trong love với 2018 toyota xse !!! im pretty sure some boring old sedan just outclass ur honda-acura ass

Quattro s4 – This fed back fed fed. This this this this.

NOT A WORD – One word … sexy.

You have him – If this model is + 300hp I swear Acura gonna sell it like hotcakes 🙁

Rudy f – This is a TLX in ASpec trim. It’s Still but can’t be too pronounced.

I’m hungry – Meh…

AFG647 – I never done the 2016 MDX
Honda not anymore
Moving to Toyota September 2017

Thai nguyen – It’s a fob key

Zaim toys – Acura just stepped down …. as specifically new models

Eddie amaya – I like bnn please.?

Jul – Tail lights should be LED, especially on V6 with A-SPEC or Advance pkg.

Dsdawda wdaw – I have a 2016 and i hate 8 speed Transmission .. !!! The salesman will be fine ..

David Gonzalez – I love Acura. When I first saw the 2018 tlx I was not blown away. I disliked the "beak grill". I saw the 2018 tlx upset at 2016 for tlx trong January. Trader for an amazing car.

African – But it will be a 2018 XSE Camry V6 with over 300hp for probably $ 10k less. It has a looking interior nicer. I think this one has an Android auto.

Mccraejoey82 – I love you

HW2800 – What is the shifter? Now push buttons! At the.!

Toyota Fortuner – It looks like ssangyong

Hennessy * – Over the price of the price, r. …

Steven w – Car needs more I swear Acura cant get nothing right.

Ken s – Check in the package?


TheRam010 – Excellent walkaround tower.

Dinu g – I have honda civic 2016 touring.

I would like this TLX lineup if I upgrade.

I’m sold to Honda products.

Great video / nice angles.

Who is sunbum – It’s a go-to cliff

Chokky leurov – Make looks like a

Joseph reginald – It is still interior-wise

James myers – This car is so gorgeous to me. …

Ottobong – I like it

Scott watkins – Needs more horsepower and torque PLEASSEE !! If it’s 350+ hp and lb-torque of $ 10k more crap, I saw that frap crap in another spec video. Make it perfect for sedan daily / sport for me

The real cody bersick – Slow

Joseph saucedo – Acura man needs to step down coming out.

2001COUPE – This car is still ugly! Good luck with Acura salts …. I will stick with Lexus


Todd Medium Wellington III – Wish they had headlights from mdx

JR__63 – Nice

Fatima khan – Nice video and great camera angles?

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