= First impressions from acura tlx 3.5l =

= First impressions from ACURA TLX 3.5l =

= First impressions from acura tlx 3.5l =
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Rome Akunin – Dadadadad how much is possible yes

R.SundozZze – I like you Good video

970 – = all shit and akura =

Dsergey88 – 8:30 Fuck up, while parking in drive mode

MuffDiverFromHell – 7:49 AM just one-legged machine is not suitable

Surveyor Macas – Fucked Seryog at you fast walkers

Mark O – Kara, Kara Eternal!!!!!

Aftoritet Lyubych – What a pidorka on your head

SHUMY555 – Smoke?..
After pressing ENTER, the driver, catapults the driver … with the harnesses.

Tyomych Ivanovich – That’s feeling "channel of good and positive"))

Yury yamshchikov – Kurutish subscribers

Zhenya gromkin – When the vii b Bra Brake is different, it is caused by not being saturated at the same time.

Alexey Melnikov – Faster will be the video clip in Seryoga

Pavel chumak – What will i see?

Goblin slayer – 228 dislikes for simonov ask

Bender rodriguez – Sergey Where do you get the money??.

First last – With wheel brake, with gas brake, ride in 2015..

Andryugist – Gave nemagii dislike to put.

Arthur pupkin – See the vic of hocc garage machines

Arthurka Sly Urka – There is no suchkinn that is not true, bnn’s error, but it is not g ,, not true.

Arthurka Sly Urka – Không tìm thấy để tìm thấy để làm việc trên Mechanics

Arthurka Sly Urka – You are a patriot.

Re st – Guys where so much hate and anger? What do you care? The main video interestingly filmed!!!!!!

Kuzma Kuzmich – And you are well done!

Cayenne man – The cap is cool !! Münkler?

Slongame – That’s a no-frills airbrushing. For example, write "the King of Dislikes"

Ilnur Mavlyutov – Good review for the people, such as you need, Sergey Bravo) 

Sound – I look Sergey đã tương thích với neat, I respect people

Vidyakin ilay – "Why are you wearing red shoes on me?"

Sever shine – Ansha abdul

Anton Pagasjian – Who needs your clumsy idiot pontoroliki…

Karatel Maslyat – Gangsta Kryu) A cap says the opposite

Alexander Lvov – Not all, but I don’t think so!

Jaga JagaSM – All shit and negativity.

W1rld23Mine – Or x? 

Oleg Pokosovsky – Its name is not a high price, but sub-subtitle *

Granny frest – I have kept dizy and disappointed :)!

Adovo For example – Norm car – minus.

Alex Freeman – When review Tolyana, in the pink bedroom? = Yes, yes, not be surprised =

Mark Fearless – Haters on Sergey’s channel go to the forest!

Mark Fearless – Go dizlaiki put nemagii!

Roman Penkov – Good detailed video man!

Yuri Spasokukotsky – Fitness, Diet, Obo Vsem – Interesting impressions!

A e – Amateur car.

Qwas8877 – Maybe you need to keep your feet on the road.?…

Eugene Gubanov – Sergey, about the different levels of the pedals. It seems to be done for Chrysler. It’s not a standard, and it’s long to use. I thought it was done at all. 🙂

Toraak – Fuck eat over.

Raguoliotv – Dlia pedali nerovnie eta zdelana sto voditel nepereputal pedali avtoparkovge, mnogo bylo sluchai

Outpost-snow – Pzdts boots

Arthur Chernets – Cool videos.

HollywoodEstonia – Steep legs on the legs

René Quentanullianio – Fuck your shoes


MATIA GITELMAN – We build !!!! Video video streaming.

EM’BUS team – It is not your feeling. I think Sergei can’t use car, Aston, BMW, here is his choice)

MrEudjin1994 – Maslovoz

3a3eHuT – Wheelbarrow fire.
But the hand minus-uebishtny appearance.

Pitch – I learn about Simonov from nemagic ????????? put laik))) (let’s see how nemagia has divided Simonov)))

Andrey Andreev – Learn to tell you the flow.

Thewarpath – How many buttons are you, start, and you won’t be all

Bmw-life – Sereg, let’s hand

Zloi-toni – Máy ảnh này không thể đồng thời, trong tất cả các kiểu của cách. This is the name tpp tin – security systems, this is used

Ilya Blagodirov – Why are there so many knees? whats up diginirata put them?!

Timur Galiakhmetov – Sergey, Tesla do not plan to buy?

Ruslan Chernyshev – Hmm, 2,200,000 is not worth it eleven..

Blackhat special – Sergey, Thank you so much for Support Garik. like!

Danil Ivanina – For price tr x authentication

Danil Ivanina

Vlad – Acura from Honda, Lexus from Toyota

Roman Nosov – That’s how much I can use the professional reviewer. And travel, hours, business and life experience. Really interesting, Sergey. It is a pity mh less nhut mtt No. Not possible, bnn can not check this, but there is no problem. and in Sergey this in mtt integer mii y these people Thank you

Bennett O’Connel – In general, it is not a conservative, comfortable and pleasant. And service server-thitt b..

Down up – It’s definitely far from e-class

There is no problem – Sergey, try to drive Tesla and tell your impressions

Evil elf – Well, yes, Sergey, for "stuffed" with electronics, all Types of functions, programs and options. Can you not transfer gold to the BMW? In authentic vicc, Akure cc ktt n otheri ttt cc these functions. In other matters, let’s look at Volodia Boomer, his opinion is also interesting…
How many "horses" are you looking for? !
Like !

YouTube account – ROLLER TO ORDER:! Hello, Sergey Let too, please let me see the real world real real real real.!

4yp6aH – Fuck shoes

Channel of Goodness and Games – Like the car

QQ St – Imho at the intersection

Apr Ltd – Sergey, your collection of shoes, steam forty will probably be typed! I think it will be interesting!

T 427 – Nice machine

: in: maclaimikluha – Sergey, thanks, it is interesting. 
As for "not needed bloat," it’s hard to agree. In fact, this is a marketing game, a lot of stuffing..
Your opinion about Tesla wheelbarrows? What are you going to do??

Bloodlines –  When always hinn) 

Alena filchenkova – Chot really zamarochennaya some kind of wheelbarrow)

Nikita Andreev – Hi Serega, I started all the moment?

SAD BYS (99) ((99 (99)

TechnoPolit – Take off your hat

Pete moore – Aunt Rose from Brazil, pancake…

Rome’s Saailky – Sometimes it’s not okay that pedal is brake, sometimes it’s not okay…
All the best to you, good luck 🙂

Roman Tomera – Thanks for the honest review) Like

Best of the best – Pedals are set up in Accra

Alexander 4ygynkin – Clear all the way when you get back to the car !!!

Sergey Gritskov – Good review Sergey More such videos.

Roman Kacharava – Cool Serge Waistcoat Like for a waistcoat)))

Institute B – It will be better videos For a life.

Vitaly glukhov – The audience of Sergei divided into two camps. Positive and antagonist gi.

Roman dein – Like

Nikita Yolkin – The car stalls are the start-stop system. Hiuu force

Meteorite Games – = GO NAMAGI LAKI PUT =

Dimoxa – You like a good microphone…

Zet xzero – Mini class review! The only

Teem ufaman – What a stupid hat? clear advertising!

Alexey Almighty – The japanese are superb

Elinga – I’ll go better.

Maxim razolind – Delicious Noodles !

Sergey Simonov – Friends) we look at a new video.

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