2.4 Camry vs acura tsx 2.4 (accord 8)


2.4 Camry vs acura tsx 2.4 (accord 8)
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Anatoly abalmasov – It is pleasant to listen. So, like! I wouldn not like Voronzh, skated on 5d 1.8 v 140hp-I will say it (8.9 on 95th) and Not too much time. Overclocking to 100 is not significant.

Davy jones – Toyota does not allow people in the nii b .. I love both.

Jaroslav rabbit – Compare Mark 2 at 1jz atmo 200 Forces With Camry.

Tagir jentov – You have 167 plya has 201

Itto427 it0427 – Yes, do not cry Toyota Yes

Itto427 it0427 – Honda krasava

Iraq Sabirov – A rescued Honda fast on his shirt

Maksat Kuralbayev – I have a 2 liter chord mechanic 155 picked up 35 camry

Alexander Kae – Bạn có thể định vị lại ở một số hp 140, và từ khóa accord với 200 hp. Dolbyeb? Bnn a hiss b off vii tpp tin cnn lii and argument! I don’t want to call you, but maybe smarter.

Davy jones – You are the body, Yes I am on the 1700 kg Honda Odyssey your turf Camry.

Sanya good – Honda on the After show show, the maximum number of events, compared to the number of accounts, mtt Stop, just start at 2

Smaile – Just steepk ackord

Face time – By the way, this chord does not have 201 lengths, it is as if there are some, on wheels!

Face time – As for Honduras, with 11 years of experience, I declare that of 8 is a vegetable 1, 4 194, horses or 2.4 196 horses have driven????

Emchik Emchik – Yes, it’s all garbage, I’m on Surat 3 2.0 liter stock dropped. But, it doesn’t work as a vicc

Eugene – 8th chord behind Camry 2.4? Danu nah …. nd, then the chord is dead. Civic 4D 1.8 pullovers the 2.4 Camry, and the chord he leaves.

SMOKE – Kamari Akura and Honda dunooooo they rule

Loverser – Preserve this comment

Dmitry Chayadaev – For 201 Years

Vovka Vovka – Honda and that says all, Toyota aims to sniff exhaust, boring, albeit rather reliable

Andrey Novak – My megan 2.0m faster accelerated from the Camry. What we say about honda

Revel quote – Another 8 people in Tsx!

Andrey Tyutyun – Camry at the first break!

Qualified lawyer – Puke pony

Anvar baymukhanov – You’re going alone … if that’s the case, I’ll be Chevrolet

Vadim abramov – Vtec fucks everyone, but chord8 is a caddish! Take the 7th button accordion is the last samurai)

Qwerty qwerty – That toyotavody all balaboly, not right

555 Performance – Honda has 200 hp from bmmmm, which has a Honda guide of 170 hp!!!

P L – Fuck all your kamri

Senior topolon – Against the agreement

Constantine Aleksandrovich – The author, why is the enemy?

Ludwig van beethoven – Agreement 2.4. This is vesh!

Qwerty qwerty – To head too

Sergey Polyakov – Let’s rival honk

Hz hand awiqi – What is it?

MC artworks – Shares of 6 are in stock from: 163 hp drest 180 hp rest. That’s when..

Vadim Pakhomov – Fucked up honestly.

Alfortes – You talk about power, so tell me that Accord is 70 kg heavier then. Toyota’s power output is always the same

Alfortes – The author of the "Master of Fair" starts…

Albert hofmann – For 200 dumb seas go. Camry rides on his own. Cheese on the Gond, campaign, as the Civic 8th.

90 with toe – Fuck dry

Out 3.0 – Chipani, you finally got your knit and knocked out, make your revenge on Accord

Zhomart Sagynbayev – False start

Alexey Alekseev – Toyota Wish 1.8 inches fabulous…


Valentin Kadentsev – Camry with Superb race will???

Microsimvanquish – There are 201 hp only on the passport !

Microsimvanquish – Honda zaebtsa

Victor 5_8_5 – This is not for bn vii 2.0))))

Rederik suhart – Cymru 2.4 does not go at all)

Dimanov Dimanov – Print nii using mii, bnn need to start down. Yes, honesty race.

Pro gamer in the world – I am ready to eat my fx 50

Dima lavrov – 201ls, there are God forbid 160ls, many people say this, the Japanese are …

Ldar – One-on-one check-in, why there is it not right.
And compared to those who can, always vii bnn!

Vadim bozhko – Honda Honda is always faster than Toyota’s classmates. Inteli-Selik, Civic-Corolla, Camry-chord, Fit-Witz, Inspector-wind.
p / s If you go to the horizon.

Igor Central – Scny whiner

Zohid kurganov – Take the challenge of authenticity, releasing this believer when believing 3 times

Kirill Lauhin – Strange, Kamryuha goal stretches from the start, and then she goes…

Yerniyaz isaev – Camry is shit on the highway

Alignment tv – Honda always fuck toyota

Vyacheslav pisarev – Do you want to fight?

Igor Borisov – First gear 140 km Camry dosvidos

Oleg Laskin – On the fuck

Abdymalik Zhaksylykov – Your 2.4 is a weak bit

Jeison steetham – Chip can be done on the turbo. Zaet general tuning center on otoznik and tell me what you are chipanuli

Leony – Make a video with Mazda 2.5 !! And with actavia 1.8t

ANTIPATRIOT – From the position of someone who has a Baseline and a child

Renat efimov – Class Vidos &# 128580;
You tear from your place

Ivanoff Ankora – What’s the catch? 167 seas against 200. I do not understand and so on.

Big big – And khi bạn chạy

Alfortes – And what’s the catch for vegetables? especially 2.4, which does not work in ttt c.

Maxim Skopintsev – In the Accord is 201 Hp.

Alexey Savvateev – Here, print fact, it also happened, the eighth stock market. Http://youtu.be/lPF5ZaFphw4

Anton Antonov – 2.5 Mazda GH breaks
Accord and Kemri (all stock)

Anton Antonov – Stuck
With Mazda 6 GH 2.5

Spool max – Akura Usatannaya Chlamydia

Icberg be – Try with 2.4 at 7 generation

Boymatov boy – Hi, I have a magician.

The world – Wack is wack

Sviridov966669 Sviridov – 2nd to 140 amuse! This is a supercar! I have 7 chord, 110 second max

Sergey Starodubtsev – Compared to 7 t she’s not going to 8th chord

Sergey Starodubtsev – This is my train, Akura,

Alexey Nesterenko – Nuu it is the wrong kinn, another TSH to gii in bnn not bitt bnn tsh

Nestor bambukov – Camry shit. Can not gbb ,, and I cannot ask for integer vii 140 + chip will go ahead … 167 forces but much more …. but these are My guesses…

Ze ma – Turtle racing

Flight level – My Honda Fit 1.5 110 hp Goes on with RAV 4 2.4 https://youtu.be/d8rlF5jff4E

Artur ish – Honda on handling, I have 2.4 MT, not training

Glap 2004 – Hello! Do you have a lamp on the Camry? What is it??

Md house. – There may be contradictory to b b, b, and not to friggin ‘MILENIUM

Uknowkiller13 unknown – You are here

Constantine niko – ! Start doing this up to 100% !!!!

Andrey Sokolov – And that said, the camry is usually as it goes ?

Alexander Armashov – Dude, not offense, nhưng Camry là một grandfather pseudo business class. I have a LOT của thời gian để hành động, I’m eating 140.

Alexander Gorozhankin – I got the seventh accordion 2.4 190 forces on the machine. Chased with an 8th chord on the mixer I scorched him.

Alexander Armashov – I hope the owner of the chord is pressed? I bought it, I got it,

BMW Driver BMVvod – 2.4 Camry does not go all

Sergey Kokorin – And the bmc-gauges are difficult to start from the spot

Sergey Kokorin – There are 165 wheels, but you don’t have it.

Alexander Shatilo – Bạn bị mất đây.

Vladislav Gerasimov – I had 3 more, first, 8 chords for 201, 167, the second 169. And how many people asked me. Chord, yes, ov, ords, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip..

AMG VIDEOS – Interesting race with 30 Camry 2.4)

Rinat masilov – Camry crap, not compare with the chord

Andrey Kalabin – Ha ha ha ha Abaldet race. Who do you want to ride all the time? Please wrinkles 7th 2.4 on processing.

Sergey Bagman – Cameron Damn seems to be disperse. There are no tmm thyy lines in Avensis 1.8 on fur or 2.0

Nikita Order – Atmo wheelbarrow chip is complete crap

Ruslan Mukhamadeev – Buddy for the grander 3.3

Andrey Maslov – I do not know how to drunk

Andrey Maslov – Honda mafia epta

Pol fox – 2.4 smokers …. I will take 3.5

Kirill Vorontsov – 201 horse is a flywheel. Just spins more from the acura (chord).

Andrey Ulyanov – Good day, I would like to see the Octavia 1.8 turbo Camry vs .. Octavia

Sasha Sychyov – Check in 1.8 pen westa against throw 1.8 1.8 pen

Alexey Rakityansky – Camry will lag far behind !!!
Chords go well on the tops !
You otmazalsya)
Accord too Accord, the chips can’t use anything anything!

Todd Medium Wellington III – Just how

Sergey Pletnev – Octavia A7 1.4 TSI 150 DSG7 HP or Mechanic!

James boynd – Compare the new Camry 2.0 with its

Earring – The bottom line is that Japanese are doing things

Sasha Murzichkin – I will probably have a large database, but I don’t mind chipanut cymru, 10 horses will increase

Sasha Murzichkin – It needs to be used for stock chord))))

Stanislav Kokhanets – Sorry just.

Alexander Semyanik – I love you at the Honda smx brig, 4 stupa

PUSHKAREV IGOR – Honda how frisky! Did not think..

Leonid Frolov – It is good for kamryushka.!

Gorillaz – The prices cannot be mtt i

Rashid khizriev – I have still had a passenger

Ivan Ryzhov – With Camry 30

Vital_xbc – Toyota has high-powered engines, but they are blown away. Without honda, vcc VTEC, ttt c l is naibarot – but they are ICE tracks..

Khabarovsk ____ – 2.4 wafer Camry not edit

Kirill Ushkov – How can you understand that the Camry?? !!!!

Chicken buckets – Well, there is a lot of time in Acura, and when there are many spines, Seryozha.

Johannes kepler – Sereg, please take off the seventh chord.
This is "at the end of the test"

Mihail Utev – With 8 chords, the breeds are not interesting because they are muffled to 170 hp

Sergey Atom – One, two, went and then three

Mr. Sunny – Come on, let’s type of acura.

Sergey Rukin – Mazda 2.4 out of 4 deal, it’s lagged behind the body.
Need to call in Voronezh, check with your Mazda Camry.

Evgenii Sergeevich – Seryoga, and what city are you in? It will support the Mazda 6 microphones ??

Yermak AUTOBOR – Racing with basins more interesting)

Vladimir Ka – I’m going to the Camry Solaris

Sergey Serzh – Chip Camry chip gets the engine decently.

Vladimir Grachev – Well, you still have two of them! I don’t have any problems.!

Vasya Petrov – It’s a jack for a table of Akura ura!!!

Smith smith – On such buckets it is a shame to drive pensioners

Smith smith – Cameron heavier driver in a hat

Smith smith – What the fuck chip

Arturik – And what LIKE path does .

Arturik – Honestly, Honda would leave. I went gold vicc it was overclocked. If you have a request, it is good, but 2.4, but 6ST Mechanics .

Arturik – Chip on the atmosphere is nonsense


Physics – And what kind of chip is it? Atomic engine.

333333333 9999999 – Cool

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