Motorweek road test: 2010 acura zdx

MotorWeek Road Test: 2010 Acura ZDX

MotorWeek Road Test: 2010 Acura ZDX.

Don johnson – Wish they had a 6 speed manual option! Would have bought it in a second! Had options for sh-awd Manual

Mike ellison – I have a great turn and handles. I don’t need the amount of EPA..

501 Premium – I am not right.

Ian clancy – The BMW X6 looks like a big toe. And no, the ZDX does not look any better.

Strange clouds – Man … For BMW, for it’s $ 1000 here to $ 3500 here..

John saw – I like it, but it’s still possible. This is not sure, but it is not true. It looks like the G37 – 305 to 332 hp..

Fussinated – Yeah! typical BMW. However, it’s fun to drive them. The car to drive 🙂

Yadi04111 – My car gets random….

Fussinated – Wait until it starts to break down. I am a BMW owner.

Yadi04111 – I did 200kms in a 2000 Acura Integra GS. For my girlfriend crashed it. BMW 335 and it is much better

And james – Can not wait 2

Fussinated – You have never driven an acura.

Yadi04111 – Objectively driven big bmw

851995STARGATE – It’s not a dumbass.

Brian Clark – I love my ZDX I guess I got it $ 50K Not bad deal in my opinion.

1tourqoise – I confirmed the TII of TSX.

Whattheheck1000 – I live in ZDX.

July 28, 2012 4:21 am (Usually I’m not up this late)

Dashingtrinh – My mom has 1

Talkyry5 – @ RAs4915, I have said SAME THING! Pontiac Aztec goal "futurized". Ever since I thought that I bit bit on the link and did not. The error is not, I want to want to hand over the binn.!

mrMaturityDelinquent – I mean Crosstour!

Rvind92g – @ Ge0vone Drive, angry.

Dillon c – WHY Why Why WHY Must Have Honda / VVT Acura Use instead of Vtec ??? There website says vtec tho so im happy?

Columbuscrewfan20 – I rather have mdx

Reach – @ zach90x6 M is the opposite right? (Superb)

Texan176 – ZDX is a bit of a trainer of another bit, so bnn can tmm thyy it

It was possible to get the V8 FX50 with over 400 horsepower, to 7 more.

tonyLA24 – i almost puked! x-overs are ugly as hell

Tobythesandwich – It is not a path "birds beak" grill thing.

Luke26126 – It’s 300hp and sh awd!

Antonove – The number of people who require it is different from cookie cutter SUV..

Antonove – @JeremyBClarkson Acura is the luxury devision of Honda. I’m not sure about the rest of the world..

Jeremy Clarkson – That’s why we’ve seen what’s acura.?

JAMAICAN TECH-DUDE – This amazing look with 20 inches rims paid 50,000 cash

thelastDAN – It’s still a fan of it.

Busterbunker – Horrible Are you out of your mind? If I had money.

Estos – I would get different rims

21fuzz21 – Vtec!

Antonove – Whatever the X6 is, it is not practical.

John carson – Yes, I have the BMW X6 over this infiniti.

Cooleb – i find acura new models looks cheap

GS J – X6 sucks, always has.

Antonove – I like the new acura styling, theres more character. Hey you could not.

Dcpc08161992 – Acura is a loser in their exterior design department. Starwatch acupuncture

Motorweek road test: 2010 acura zdx
No thanks, Acura … you can keep your cars.

Jeremy cough – This voice is tính annoying..

Gabrideen – Fuuuuuugly Acura is really losing their touch

thelastDAN – Why is it still using grill !!! Whaaa!

Skyfaze – Why billy mays ish

Ezkeyboardkid58 – Shitty

Sociopathicregret – Lol cow in the background

Djwitagat – I do not see pontiac is a pontiac

Id say Buick or Cadillac is chevy.

Fulks – Ã ã

HonChun Chan – @ eemiri2004 due to it

AshleyG – Subaru outback sedan rules

4MATICBENZ – I appreciate the combo of sportiness, luxury, and utility.

I looked at this thing

Kyb2005 – Simply sexy.

Genducam̩i РIt looks very entertusing.

Genducam̩i РLol

Genducaméi – Yeah, you’re right … and if it’s a copy, who are you! … It will not buy it. It’s a big deal.

Genducaméi – I do not see….

MrSinister99 – That thing is farking FUGLY !!!!! What is the current model? I mean, seriously, I’m even styling my MDX!

Rsxzx6r – i hope i never became delayed …

Rsxzx6r – Huh?

Rsxzx6r – u act like they hole from you … lol

Rsxzx6r – No stupid …. they invent everything … lol … america rips off everything …

Realtime Reviews – Ppl shit!

Dawson schild – Acura and BMW trying to get there..

Bobshishkabob05 – I’m not sure, không biết giá trị âm nhạc.

Daevante willis – Acura supports other remote areas such as bnn, Futuristic styling, i love it …

Zig055 – TSX pointed 2 in the head: p

Revaholic – LOVE IT.

Itchi dakilla – i like it

Lcfanyc – I love it. And what`s the song at 3:53?

CentauriAB – Wow what an amazing car! Looks like a concept.

Stimofo808 – What’s the fugly about Honda NSX and Integra grill front!

Leronv79 – Ug l y !

MrGTR1988 – Lol

Jas4925 – 3 votes for ugly and yet another ugly Acura product.

JoeBird76 – Hey. ..It’s … different. Not terrible..But not the best.

Jesse henry – Make it two votes for ugly …. $ 15,000 dollar cars much less $ 45,000 plus one.

Bg1379 – Bnn bitt meant so lyy back. It looks like it.

Josh g – Wow! Talk about Gorgeous! Acura has succeeded once again!

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