Audi q5 inspection // cars from Germany

Audi Q5 Inspection // Cars from Germany

description: News from the world of the automotive market in Germany Questions…

[YY]] uri Yuri – What kind of "Comfortable ride" Are we talking all the time? 🙂

DENIS NEWS – Audi has the quietest diesel. Q5 3.0 dies first issue and the diesel was quieter..

Mos kwa – Incomprehensible price

St.Raise – Sorry for marten

Sheva UA – The sound of a two-mass damper

Inet0018 – Damping flywheel
400 euros with work in Ukraine

Roman pragnis1 – Không có thời gian đã đưcc..

Stas Vitnarovsky – I’m shocked how can cars

Stas Vitnarovsky – This is a car, look link # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Wladimir Hofmann – Giving the Tiguan Allspace to review, ch tr trong mtt gói fat # 128513;

skiman – The VAG group is a disease and pain, who knows, he knows .
And this is the norm, unfortunately. .

Evgeny Kuznetsov – More work on replacing something in 8.5 thousand rubles Nasal year changed the clutch, only on the mechanics with a 200 km km..

Yuri Naumenko – Máy phục vụ fast và bnn. # 128078;

OVER THERE – How can you pay € 24,700 for a mileage of 132,000 km ?

Alexey Petrovich – Nuu bnn dngng 30,000 trong Siberia vii work and material.

Vovchik – What price

Olegman Olegmanov – It was a dual-mass flywheel.

Pavel us – This is a two-mastered flywheel. 100%!

Aleksandr Viktorovich – Http://!

Gene Muller – Who takes these buckets With dngng và Siduhi vii Microlifting tint Cadi # 128514;.
Mlyat what are these poor audi…
Wood firewood…

Vladimir Anisimov – Neighborhood was necessary to see)))

Victor Vasilyevich – Similar, the flywheel, I changed not long ago, 20 thousand hryvnia with work, clutch and flywheel !

Vladimir Mazi – Flywheel is a misfortune after 120 thousand.

Sergey P – Sredneuralsk Denise show me, đưcc chnn!

Pavel Gavrik – And cracked gum on the lever-6: 41

Sergey Yurchenko – 130,000,000 and ass coupling!!!
Great car!!!!

Vladimir Propp – like!!!

Ivan Marhitich – I think it’s a shock, I have to knock the vintage Skoda

BLACK LION – At the end of the video, you can see that upset.

George Shevchenko – And what a box?

Igor VOLVO – Did i miss something? What year is it??

Oleksandr Prymachenko – Cool gloves.

Dmitry Ivanov – From the cockpit DSG, the Vat Tip Tip?
Ps This is a video video, just like DSG, you will not have to worry about it, but you will not have to worry about it.

Sergey Fomin – Seen fresh polished.

Sam ritchy – I’m going to throw người dngng này để làm nâm hai nâm.
The car is beautiful, but the reliability is worse than the Chinese, and it is worth it..

Good for me – I have 20 knots in the tag and the squeezed and nothing … Here they are … (Sarcasm)

Andrey Karasev – And she looks beautiful at first, but……
All Peace and Good!
With the Baptism of the Lord!!!

Kairat standard – True scha is not in germany

Sergiy firechief – Robot with a robot 400 euros. Nu Nu ch cho cho bnn, th kh không có lý do để lyy nó. I took a rattling damper Three days ago, I changed the dual-mass flywheel on the Skoda A5 4×4 2.0 TDI dsg6 in Ukraine. , 40,000 views. Clutch did not touch.

Ashat kabirdekovij – Audi shit, another 24000evro

Audi Avant – Car repair shop together with together rooms together.

Juris campans – Metal sound

Octavian Burca – This is a cngng cngng ām, thay đổi Clutch

Sergey XXX – Denis is welcome! Tell the price of Lexus EC250 in decent condition

Vadim merz – 900 euro kit clutch on the mechanics box + 200 work, not in the server of course .

Mr. Brucks – Well, LIKE, do not even think that the gian này không có appear..

Dmitry Yakovlev – Flywheel 100%

Unkam 1 – Maybe the dual-mass flywheel rattles….

Babay 11 – Mtt đtt của các nhân và vicc dưii (và thêm hnn) 1000 euros trong Moscow…

DAWN GGG – I think the car is not new

Ilia Baranov – But there was still a diagnosis, etc. before replacing Gothenburg Golf Print is the replacement for 1700+ CZK (1700 euros)..

Nikita Marchenko – O)) the glass changed)))) is on the iPhone

Anton 100lyarov – Flywheel sound

Mountries – What kind of dislikes ??? Competitors?)))

Anton 100lyarov – Bumper not online

Oleg – Bnn cần phii tmm mtt công báo mà trong trong tinn trnnh từ từ Nga vào Kazakhstan. And in Ukraine, they deliver parts? On site, chúng cần có vngng.

Out loud – Pochemu u still have hands free ?? You still have a bluetooth mashine

Oleksandr Gritsak – Flywheel plus a set of chips 400.

Vadim P – Beauty !!! Another on the video channel is another day.

Alexey Sergeevich – Immediately Like # 128077; # 127995;

Audi q5 inspection // cars from Germany

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