Audi s4 v Audi rs4. Does the supercharging rule? – / Chris Harris on cars

Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule? – / CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Can the REVO Technik make the old raggedy S4 match the gorgeous new RS4? Drag race.

Ikosimi Simo – You can not make up your mind! I get you a serious slap…

Stewart humphreys – Amazing result ..

Only if – All the dislikes are from BMW Haa!

John Moriarty – Now remap the rs4

Redember black – Vorsprung durch technik

Dekiah brown – We need these in America

Albert Ovcharenko – Bnn có thể là mtt công cụ âm thanh, nó có thể là mtt xe máy, mtt xe máy, ch b bngng making a beep

Hidconceptcom – Both S4 and RS4 rule, I would say. Thanks for the awesome video.

Eddie Eagles – I love both they are just amazing cars # 128076;

Im internet mash – It’s that guy from the salvaged Top Gear # 128517;

Preben gjestang – Of course you can upgrade to Turbo / Supercharger. Lol RS4 not so much i guess.

Barnaby wilder – Anyone with a gaydar go off when he said "We’re just pegging each khác"?

At the? Just me then alrighty.

Simon Blitz – If you’re watching it.

Trevor carrier – Personal..incorrect opinion

Grim reaper – Audi drivers are c … ts

Bagged A3 – Such a shame about the s4 condition

Street rider – Did you change the oil in the S4? Cos thats necessary to beat the RS4

RYANTHESHORTTY – By far my favorite audi, such as timeless design. Top 5 cars I have to own someday

Max s – Amazing how much power !!! So many people are offering remakes for £ 300 ///
Tried and tested charge !!!

Hero007ization – Supercharging is for cave men. !!

Buzza B77 – "We’re just pegging each khác" He không sử dụng internet.

Subzero Arctic – The software upgrade is S4 But i will be a nightmare.

Slammin UK – First drag race 2: 39 second drag race after map 5: 14

Hllboi 817 – It’s a real sense..

Andree H. – 1.2k for the software .. lol-in germany you can buy it. Ị n n.

Coalie roller – Whats got a kích thưcc trong mtt s4. Its flashing like a christmas tree

Car oven rings – The s4 engine just lends better tuned. Vềlii sự soánán.

Andras Libal – Made me look up on s4 is 🙂

Glenn Sullivan – It does not even upgrade. Then the stomps rs away…..

Jeff – Superb Chris doing what he does best. Stop trying to clown vii
Jeremy Richard
And take that bbd money Chris, we
Ttt c c cc vicc lên vii
They do not show us !!!!

The king of lions – Love the video! My 2012 B8 S4. Bnn sẽ thực price mtt ECU và DSG tune trong ngày sau các ngày. I’m debugging if I nên cóquyền your own huh? would be awesome Merry Christmas!

Mark Wilson – 5.36 "We’re just pegging each khác" Poor choice of words methinks

Focused on me – Why was that before in such a state? Shame.
Someone has more money than sense.

Garrett Cooper – Ugh, what would be the S4 S4 Avant in Canada.

Brendon Kelly – It’s crush the RS. Big time My internship 3 S5 is at 2.5 0-60. Vbox confirmed…

Not Legendary – My b8 s4 is stage 2 tuned right now, putting out 450 whp

I không thể áp dụng mtt kiểu thitt lpp Custom rs80 để đưa ra nó thêm thêm mtt số conquer
Check it out

Mike Asterios – Mtt hnnh mẫu đa có trnnh điều khiển chyy

Aaron P – So beautiful Hassle 8 speed RS4 with the 4.2 v 8 is my dream car..

Tyler Werner – I would like it, REALLY, Audi and Wagons in the USA…

GIDD – Technology is a beautiful monster.

MH0709 – Most VW group cars over-read by 9%. Đây là mtt chêđú của 165 mph per thực price closer to 150 mph.

Fur balls – Disgusting state to leave it a day..

Rockgin – I have found the UNITRONIC (vs. REVO) OBD software plug-in upgrades…..

Eric Johnson – I feel like this is a promotional video for the revo group.

James Shedd – Corporate bullshit

DarkForce X – My a6 quattro with the same engine pushing 700 hp. The 3.0t is such a great engine for tuners

TobyRecorded – My GTI is Revo Stage 2, good stuff

Tone – i có mtt tên tpp tin 2010 s-dngng này nó làm vicc cho xe?

John schauder – I bought a Audi B 8.5 S 4 and I could not wait for a couple of weeks ago..

Vlad Riammin – Why the không có thể bnn mádi vào nó?

Billy Albert – Wonder how the DMF and the clutch coped with that extra poke?

Far in – Software only, 100 HP and 100 extra lbft! The Revo software :))) Bang, almost 2018 Turbo level power and torque !

Serapisbey11 – Love your reviews by Chris Herris

Albany Tyler – Dual pulley and cooling system. I would like to see you here

KillerZero259 – Which tune did they use that S4???

Edit: Nvm, it’s in the description

Tyler 513 – I want to compare between 2018 S4 and RS4..

MMA Element – Each khác. Không cần thitt cho người dngng này. Mildly matches for a car review.

Troy Carter – 5:03 best moment in the video. Wish they started at the same time but still..

Marcus Bryan – Only S4 is now a guadle feud

Topbuzz blackwood – Not so much the 6 6 tfsi

Steve king –

Darrell J. Finch – My is an Audi A5 2.0 TFSI engine file. Audi is currently recalling. Hãy đnn để tmm thyy thông tin thêm và những kiểu bnn cần thitt.

Menis iptv – Now put this ECU in the RS4 then run again

Vlad Mihai – Most likely the S4 is "Limited" By Audi to keep the car reliable.

Joe wildturkey – 1 3 Liter Audi S4 Supercharged V6 Gold V6 to V8? Cheers If you’re referring to V8 What is it really??

Pipster pipette – A man called Kevin

Here ward – Jw as my s5 is 3 d New to Audi land guessing that 4 is a v6 oil supercharged?

Here ward – Amazing

Mrdjan Jozic – Can you do this on a manual gearbox???

Dodge hemi – +150hp = ABT STAGE II, FMIC, DP, Intake, exhaust, tune, dual pulley. $ 2600 installed. Vu lngng vii c sid sdu diti liuu từ pulley và khpp vii 101 oct

James Wallace – Wow that old IOS screen # 128541;

Maximum GAME – At 5:30. "It’s just tiny. We’re just pegging each khác." It does not matter

I am raining – The tuning company of APR tunes as well. So you would beat the RS4.

Polynesian brown – I cant think so: # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; Audi gang baby

Ryan Williams – Opted for MRC tune and pull upgrade. RS4 pace out all all day long. It does not look like a nice family..

Bamboo mustafa – Turbo cars works best on remapping the ecu

Robbae – Audi s4 b8 is actually launching the launch

Julian Kenny – "We’re just pegging each khác" hahahaha

Reaper__23 – 5 years after this is a peanut like us. I’ve seen it a bit. I thought it was exciting..

KUBOMBA * PORTUGUESE * PRETTYBOY – # 128077; # 128077; Wow !!!!! Well … I’ll Bit Yourself Next xe sẽ đưcc?

Schindlersfist – Well, I guess I’m going to be the chnn

Ricardo bowlin – Very good video, mate. I’ve never seen a fantastic job!

Dan Smith – 5:36 "We’re just peggin ‘each other" # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Andydurbs – Rs4 = Rs4 # 128077; # 127996;

Lord Butler – Why fuckin arsewipe # 128584;

Private message – With the S4 B8 wagon in the US…

Private message – How do you know that the software really works? I có nghaa là có thểr đi có điều kinn S4 trưcc khi vid. These proofs like a test dyno before and after the software update. Anyone anwer to my question?

L4WNY – 1200 pounds for approximately 4 secs work !? I’m in the wrong business !! Lol

Dont – S4’s tail light.

Sail van Lack – I like the phone

Aaron P – I want a new version of the rs7 sedan

Mystkal diamond – No big difference in real roads

David O’Connor – Mightly impressive

Dingus Kahn – Metric system is clearly better. Chris will give you the price you want, and you’ll be able to find out more about it. Why did you say “yard” and not meter??

Shane couzens – My dream car, it’s S4 or RS4, it’s more expensive?

Dominique eybers – Why did the tail??

Chrissey – Who cares ?

Joseph – Even at 1.6 TSI feels good at 160 km / h. I never ridden a nice car (except for a Porsche Macan V8?) "Decent," a Passat 2.0 drives well at the Autobahn at 220.

Cyborgs Universe – Love it!;) We used one in our Tv Show!

The lost – Unreliable piece of shit

Eric’s bridge – 10:12 The wheels on RS were perfectly synced to the refresh rate camera

M squared – I’m not sure if I’m trying to make it out. After that remap

Jsr – Did we get the B8 / 8.5 S4 before before in the US? I would not care that much.

Pholela mapeyi – Show me bastard where is .. who is that audi SO

OptimistichorizonBULLSHIT! They are going to cruise control!

Unintended Consequences – Assholes charge for 7 seconds.

Kieran green – Cannabis S4 has a V6 or a V8

Melvin 590 – iDiet

Hllboi 817 – If you’re a bit more than a race car. Identical, minus the turbo and the R is 15k more, the cause of an $ 800

Bradley 8300 – I’m getting my remapped this Friday

The Spiikki – My s4 with mtm tune rocking 420bhp. Very underrated car

volcom X diamond – Bnn cousin và I from this S4 và đtt mtt turbo twin 2.7 vào nó. Much much better

Little mo – If you are a moron! Nuu bnn muốn sử dụng nó.

Flash motorcycle – Can you send me the wheels off the rs4 jk

Niñalnia – How long does gas head blows?

Wayne Nicko – The S4 watch xD after ecu mod all light are fck top hahaahaa 5:35

Donovan form – I do not cần cần agreement….

Nolan sanchez – Amazing, considering the difference between the two

Mohammed Yousuf – Can you tell me how much your car?

Eric D. – Chris Harris is always great !

Zac – This is what the magic looks like

Bigtymin – Im sure you guys

Steve Pook – I’ve previously had the 335i remapped to 400ghp. Tobi trưcc E46 M3 là mtt bắt đầu bắt đầu. On wet roads …. Forget it Heck it up..
I suspect the RS4.

Chris Stavro – Assuming the 4100 lbs. race weight (3,945 lb. cogs on the forum), 115.8 mph works out to around 500 bhp. Congrats on your purchase!

Claudia Duenas – …."Dog spotter"…… Great videos!

Simon – I có thể bitt (nhưng không hỗ tr):?

Alexander Ranetkins – Pick up a4 s estate. I do not have to worry about it. Even with the gorgeous red estate.
Congrats all the same! 🙂
Wish there was a bit tighter and add on?.

Nathan5508 – Now it’s a supercharger that rs4 and that will happen.

Idnin ghibli – 5:00 this endless nonsense …?


Morbid doctor – You can think about it. Chao mục SPS giữa các chìngng trnnh đưcc liuu trong ECU. I think bnn cần nó..

Nuu bnn đang xác đnnh về các phưngng pháp này, bnn không thể là anything, intentional. If you’re thinking about.

Paddy McQueen – 5:41 S4 already disintegrating: D lol

Oonnyyxx80 – Can you tell me what to do? Nuu là nó để cho??

Mat beck – Odd, my 2011 S4 had a launch control. S4 I không có có tính năng.

Nic louw – I fast fast estates

Nate 8930 – Uhhh Can you do that my A4 b6? 🙂

Tony Prince – Just imagine, better exhust, coilovers and new wheels setup

Jeral Hall – I can not belive audi drivers turn it out

Dan E – The $ 5k- $ 10k more, what’s the engine? Blow up the gasket.

Matthew bolstad – Buying 2012 S4 @ a lovely price of care of depreciation. Cheers chris!

Joan Hernandez Ciriza – Ch đ n này có thể đtt khác khác nhau. ECU take it easy to change settings..

Joe Mama – I forgot the heads … lol … pistons … lololol

Albert Eight – S4 will be next in the list

Markus offermann – Go to your driving lights for daylight driving

Paul Walker – I không có thể chờ để cho RS?

Rob Pollard – S4 went like hell. I have a 2014 RS4 which does not really matter.

Starlet breakdown – Hard to believe I’ve been hitting the 328 328 328 2012 I could not have 500 bhp?.

Bilal Ahmed – Hey, hey, hell! # 128514;

CBfit – Ipod?

The IV 4 NLOL – What year is this S4??

Dfknightmare – The 3.0 sc engine in 2012 from previous versions right? (At least in the Audi A6)

Audi sẽ là mtt bit hnn có thể lyy dátif liuu này.

Mr Manitoba – This is a misleading SPS. Không thể cài đtt trong 2 giây như la magic.

Rytis Kurcinskas – I love it CLEAN THAT AUDI

Pete – Apr ultra charge. Apr, Llc.

Literanning – Imagine they chipped the RS5 I see 570-600 hp

MR CZ – Great video!!

Skid up light up – Should have got a b6

Carl Price – By this result ?

Nelson john – Where can I get it in 2016?.

Polmoney – 1200 pounds for 10sec work ?? WTF

John Law – Hackback looks shxt

Ray – What’s with the flickering lights?

Raven rider – Rs4

Dynamic3DLtd – I’ve been on the road and I’ve been on the road for a little bit GTR.

I like it, it’s 15 MPG And a baby seat trong lii..

Không Sure có có vnn đề cho Some người..

Rook1e5 – Nuu bnn có mtt chip, bnn nên thể thể làm nó. Real cars change and then adjust to exact cars.

Young 95 – Anyone know?

Godspeed – – 2 or 3 cars. Come on I looked like 1 tii.

Jairo Guzmani – What tuning did he do??

LYNX HQ – Danm, they!

Rat Rod Studios-DRR Customs Ltd. – So its just remapping các c s s d t l i v v th th th s y l y v o s s tur tur c c h e ln. You will never get a non-turbo car.

Beeehonest – Any updates on your 2nd estate S4? Giving it to make over?

Monkeymanprophecy – That’s awesome, while it’s in flame. I can of 90 mph

Super Yavuz 95 – Why are you?

ls – That S4 looks disgusting. Shit about anything.

Tobias Belz – That’s just the beauty of tuning. Done right it saves you. A bit like a S4.

Thiterest1 – Bnn không phii giii hnn các c è s dôt liuu xe để vào speed của 155 mph?
It’s certainly the RS4.

Ivo – I said the S4 to V8, but it also has a supercharged 3.0 V6…..

Damigoham – What did they use?

Bankz – Hypercar wagons…

Mitch and Andrea Davy – What years is the s4 vs the rs4?

Mr Timmsy 1986 – I thêm mtt Kit CAI, I liuu mtt Cooper S mini, I đưcc lìu….

Mr Timmsy 1986 – I có thêm má bnn this çưcc vào của bnn. Bnn có thể thay đổi parts śể thực price.

Peter benn bread – Plug in thing?

Funky Noodles – Inside stripped and cleaned, wheels re-furred. Bnn có thể chyy vii upgrade supercharger, airbox and gearbox map..

Alloutmelce – I heard bnn cần

Meteor media – Poor old S4…

xBrookZzyx Gaming – Mate you’re a spastic fucking..

Joe Halsey – S4 do not deserve people

It was set up – Bnn có đang chyy your honey bnn this mód nó ?

Dollarssignmoneybags – A4 (b8)

SM fan – I have a 2011 Audi A7 with a 3.0 V6. 426 hp with just ecu tuning.

Danny Mendoza – REVO gold APR tune cost in USA

Dr23rippa – Jelly Bean Go Oh God!

Paul Stefan – Horrible

Auttie b – Great car I had version V8

Official Fortnight LTD – Tuning the car

Ross Simpson – Where my fuck s4 # 128517; SMFH

AYE OK SURE – It was a S4 or RS4 or what. It was a 2016 RS4 and it was a wobbling like a gear. I chöng thể thay đổi thitt b cho cho mtt thời gian này..

Fredrik rognes – The song of the first song?

Power – Very cool

Audi s4 v Audi rs4. Does the supercharging rule? - / Chris Harris on cars

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