2014 Jeep cherokee review-what car?

2014 Jeep Cherokee Review-What Car?

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1fBCZIl The Grand Cherokee Jeep is one of many luxurious large 4x4s-how does it compare to the best? Read the full review: …

K w – Had a 2014 Summit, great, bought at 2018 GLE 350, can’t wait to get rid of it.

Rick harding – Noisy? Drive it back to back with a diesel turbo diesel and get back to me…

Healthyamerican – And at the time of the jeep is some Of the window

Healthyamerican – Its a good thing to hear an engine sound..no one wants to feel like they are sitting in a library while they are driving a car. big engines should be heard

AssRamming FatPeople – Why is the 6.4 available, and not the 3.6 or the 5.7? It just considers make sense.

AssRamming FatPeople – The 6.4 Hemi is just what the doctor ordered.

Michael you have – Put in short term.
If people are looking for a seat they should be looking at other vehicles.
Most people who carry 7 people are usually not.

Justin santiago – Does it work for Land Rover? Jeeps have a reliability issue but they are not that far behind you. If you want reliability in an off-road SUV with a splash of leather then go Japanese … or German If you wamt real luxury.

Albertus anoniem – Im going to buy one, it looks so good i think better than its more expensive rivals.

Anxiety attack – Ool wtf. okay I really need to travel to this side of the road.

Berzerkqwerty – Had mine for 3 months and love it. Comfy, powerful with a big 3.0 V6 + an 8 speed auto box and what ever really after the part and has loads of toys. I paid £ 34,500 for a pre-registered Limited Plus with 20 miles On the clock. Compare that to its price of its rivals! Saw a Range Rover Sport (£ 60,000) parked next to the day and had a chance to compare them side by side and for me, the Jeep can hold its own. Just as Big and imposing as the Range. Ok, interior design is not good but still looks fantastic. An absolute bargain.

Joy mofokeng – 7 seater? not sure which rivals you are educated to bmw x5 is a 5 seater too

TOP TEN – It looks so much better than its rivals

Richard Ikin – I’m seriously considering a Grand Cherokee, has anyone had any bad experiences of them?

Ryan – Shower bag

Zxrrsteve1 – Volvo xc90 £ 50K Jeep every time DUMMY

Zxrrsteve1 – This guy is talking out of his ass Range rover is getting the price 6.4 get LPG The Dorcus malorcus

Raven denile – They would be more expensive -_-_-_-_-

Richard r – Had to laugh my reliable Jeeps, because Range Rovers and Jags have always been the worst. In fact, even the last few BMW’s had been horrible. Have not had any problems with my lucky Jeep. Guess i.

Dumi changed – Beautiful 4 × 4, great for the money..

Vincent gatiba – Good & strong 4 * 4.

Robert Johnston – Nice ride, eats up the miles. Love the most things about the glass flipper, and the STUPID foot park brake. Hate that so much I almost got something else.

I do not notice the V8 getting loud when accelerating, even up hill. It’s almost too civilized as I like to hear my V8 lol … then again just put it in sport fashion .. becomes a different beast and you definitely hear it when You put your foot down.

Suggested Improvements. Wood grain center restore the flipper in the rear door, and change that stupid.

Spazthegamer – Jeep is Jeep Land rover is land rover apples and oranges buddy

Spazthegamer – Is this the laredo?

MrJKL Foams – Just got my jeep GC limited 2015. great ride with a twist of sporty ride. Not a big fan of 7 sitter.

Christopher forshaw – What is wrong with 7 seats? Whats wrong with 3 or less children and plenty of space for dogs or luggage ??? Jeep are doing it right with this, while everyone else is trying to eat in the MPV market! 

Carlsbadtuber – THIS BEATS THE BMW X5 ETC ANY DAY …! 

The coffee field – He’s reviewing a Jeep but somehow he failed to mention the 4×4 capabilities and the fact that the Jeep can go off road and the X5 can not. 

Supersami100 – Is it just the gold of the British have weak arses? they always complain about harsh wrinkles.

Dcc357 – Here in the US, the JGC is a mainstream SUV that actually competes with the other mainstream mid-sized crossovers that are cheaper than BMW, Audi, and Land Rover SUVs, which this Jeep also happens to compete with. In my opinion, I think It’s not as luxurious as its European rivals, yet necessary than its mainstream rivals. It is a serious off-road vehicle itself, which is mainstream and luxurious European competitors (besides Land Rover) are not. Had a 2013 JGC Trailhawk 5.7 Hemi for a full year and very happy with it. When you mash the throttle, the Hemi comes to life with a VERY loud roar sound in the interior and quite exciting acceleration, but it’s super quiet when you gently accelerate it faster Than it’s a V6 engined saloon / sedan because it’s so heavy. On the Highway at 75 MPH or 120 KM / H, I get 18 miles per US gallon. When driving in the city, its 13. That pretty bad lol. The 3.0 diesel Tows just as much as the Hemi thank you for its massive 420 pou Nd-feet of torque and uses WAY less fuel (30 more pound-feet and 10 more MPG than the Hemi), making the Hemi quite pointless now…

Harpreet saini – Reviewing a jeep only on paved roads and innovating SUVs that only paved road. How about taking off-road Jeep as it’s meant to be compared with BMW X5. You would see where the jeep’s strong points are.

Joshua posozkis – The new grand Cherokee is amazing! My father bought one and received it exactly last week, and it’s brilliant. The interior is fantastic, the tech is up-to-date, and the ride is great. Jeep has made a huge change, and has done it for the better. I would definitely recommend it!

Fatma r – Is this model limited ?

29reload – The he offs mentioning bmw x5. It can not go off road. It should be compared to anything landrover. The real off-roaders. The jeep has a merc engine and suspension

Zon tarr – In the beginning of the year, it was decided that the Fiat Chrysler i bet the engines are a massive improvement like the rest . 

Tahar amine – We want to see the polo r line 2014 please

BoschExxcel – Good review Land Rover is the king of 4×4!

Tarik el-yabani – I quite like the look of it. Certainly would be in a sea of ​​Land Rovers, Beemers and Audis. 

Michael and. – Now why can not they also have the 3.6 VVT Gasoline?

Ranvir maharaj – Boss moves with the tailgate 

2014 Jeep cherokee review-what car?

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