2016 Grand cherokee jeep | cargurus test drive review

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee | CarGurus Test Drive Review

The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to provide the styling and image making famous over 25 years as a best-selling SUV. Despite some questionable …

Pheathcote – Going looking at downgrading my Maserati v6 to one of these, i love the 6.4 but the v6 and with my dogs, this looks like a winner!

Remixx716 – I’m 6’3 with long legs. Is it good for yall drivers

Fabian gandara – Is this the overland trim?

Melvin fields – @ 8:12 … # 128514; # 128514; Love this review. Cherokee I was definitely buying the big Cherokee!

_cameraboy – Chrysler just released, they are putting their vehicles in their new Jeeps.

Billy beheler – Most people I know who have these vehicles absolutely love them. I know at least 3 people who are loyal Grand Cherokee. I love everything about them.

Alan martinez – Thinking about buying a great Cherokee but I never got one and the question of reliability makes me question if I should get one

Honda ninja – Awesome # 128512; # 128512; 2016 Jeep Cherokee review .

HITMAN 47 – True lemon suv from crysler

Marcel marguleaux – Consumer reports is BS.

Carl neff – I have a 2016 grand Cherokee I got 29.5 miles per gallen

Angele st-georges – Do all 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited come with the sunroof? Also with a built in GPS?

B1970T – I also love these rims best. Not a fan of the most ’17 and up styles.

Federal police – Great video Going always wanted one and I just got the 2018 high altitude one week ago Just wanted to get out of the way I have owned Vehicle also amazed at the technology in this vehicle too # 128522 …;

Vathth – Thank you for your review!

Open treadwell – Love my 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4! Fantastic vehicle I think the ride is very smooth on normal pavement btw.

Customary – Only crazy Americans pay this much for a Jeep.

Buddy n – What sunglasses are you wearing

Killaco23 – I love mine, and I bought RWD Works great and needs everything

Dslanparty – 8:10 LOL

Serge Vivier – $ 50K That’s a lot of money for the illusion of freedom that gives the driver a Marginal score on the IIHS.

Robert Mocarski – Transmissions are a serious problem. My 2015 needs a new transmission at 12,000 miles. Buyer Be Ware!!!

Smith gene – About the seatbelts, it’s not hard at all, neither is the leg room in the back seat small for adults. I leased the overland for 2 years. So that’s not an honest review.

Joseph1nj – What, wait, stop the video … engine warranty demoted to 60k? OK, now back to the video.

OMGWTFLOL – No buttons for heated seats? Touch screen only? I can not stand touch screens in cars. Screw that.

Alex sosna – My next car will be Grand Cherokee Gold Suburu Crosstrek.

Zac crrumpler – 3 inch seat belt extend works perfectly with that model car seat, I’ve got one in mine

Josepheus Gomeseus III – Besides the great review, the music is very pleasant.

Orlando lindsay – i like this guy

Syed iftikhar there – 0:49

Bazarov – Very attractive cars. Tooly cars..

Alan brown – This guy is really nit picky .. no problems with my Graco seat for my son … no problem with seats, controls are super intuitive … whatever .. lol ..

Renli3d – One of the finest reviews I’ve never seen that goes into the nagging issues.

Don paulin – I own one, 2016.

Deep balls – These things are everywhere in the suburbs. Driven my soccer moms

Omar gabr – I hope cargurus never succeeds they are honestly

Peirce bill – I am sticking with ford.

Peirce bill – Was going to buy a 2017 jeep.
Because of yr review I will never buy a jeed. Thanks.

Sid – My grandfather would have slap this guy in the face !!

Savage salad – These are good you stay on top of the maintenance. Just keep tabs on everything and it will be pretty reliable

Solidstate21 – Very honest and well done guys-thanks review!

Mr. Moe – Where are you videoing this ?? Very beautiful and want to visit

Borninfinite87 – How in the world has this truck been ranked # 1 ever. Reliability has never been good. Looks good. Shitty quality.

I’m a tree – I’m thinking of getting my mom one of these .. Her 96 Cherokee made it to 300k miles before a Texas flood wiped it out lol.

Marie g – Thanks for such a good review this helped alot for my decision

B w – Great video Chris has a nice presentation and pace. This made me want to buy one.

Wash yourself – Well Chrysler 200s for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4×4

TruthHasSpoken – Where can I now find this review on cargurus.com?

Duaneadam – Thanks for the thorough review. My only observation is that 12 minutes of the same piece of music makes for a fatiguing view.

Dolce roller – MEXICO !! are you kidding me ?? They are stealing our jobs. They’re bringing drugs, crime, they’re rapists!!

Mohammad farajzadeh tehrani – That’s called a good review. No nonsense.

Chummy chime – For that price, you can get bigger, more reliable and more capable patrol / armada.

Buying a chrysler is a mistake unless you are willing to replace your car every 3 years.

Jm c – Consumer Reports is not the best place to look at when it comes into.

SuperDarkHunter123 – Did they remove the cd drive in the car

Riccardo verdecia sr.. – Well said and done Mr. CarGuru I ordered the 2016 75th Yr Limited Anniversary with the diesel engine last year in the world, and I’ll be happy with you just buy Subaru Forrester.

Rob Price – This guy does the best reviews on youtube.

Akbar Bloushi – Bought 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Anniversary and I am happy with my choice.

Justeace – I love the look of feeling back to work so well. I love the look and feel of it..

Tuan kearney – This is awesome for the NYC roads. Which are so bad it’s like off roading

Bighamza22 – This review made me not get this car. I’m glad I watched it.it’s a pretty honest and straightforward review.

Niclacoste – I had the chance to pay a price for this product. It performed great going uphill and through the countryside. The only thing I want to travel with my camera.

Becky aranda – Who sing the song for the commercial

Antonio Gallegos – The perfect vehicle in all senses.

Joshua rutter – Very helpful and informative review, very relaxed & your pace of speech was perfect. Thank you chris.

Mrshelange – Wow nice review honest to goodness

Db3 – Only problem with the shifter is Darwinism, 23k zero problems, 26 to 29 mpg 70/80 mph Eco diesel….!

Judith t – You are the best video I’ve seen. You are very detailed with all the features. We purchased our May 2016. We have the 2016 GC Overland. I love it! Bear is fully loaded without the front sensors. My husband stated if he Worth that road he would have got the summit. We have the sunroof. I have subscribed to this Jeep. Thanks.

Nathaniel garcia – Thanks for the super detailed review. A lot of really useful insights. I’ve subscribed for future videos.

Riyad kalla – The first review I’ve seen that it’s a commercial-also honest about rear legroom being mediocre. Thanks!

Worlddxb – The spare is not full size.

Squeegee – Trump 2016 # 127482; # 127480;

Mike s. – Had a XC90 and before that used ML before I decided to go to GC Overland in December. Loads of flaws with the XC and the ML include a broken drive and a new clutch on the XC. Talking to real people before buying Jeep you find I did not want to buy Volvo and Mercedes because of many reasons, one being the design. I do not like the Audi. So X5 is a great car-no question. But here in Europe too many people drive around with who can not afford the Check on Jeep about 1500.00 Euros, Beemer 2500.00 Euros for basically the same. When you compare the price of the X5 with the Jeep with the same features you 20k Nos BMW makes billions of record profits. Another reason for the GC is its footprint as one of the last remaining real S You can actually go out of the box. Try that with any other Wannabes. Oh, do you like the best high speed performance of the Beemer? Then wh y do you buy an SUV in the first place and a nice sports sedan like the Audi A6 or the BMW 5 series ?

Jasnogt – My 2004 WJ has that handy handle to get in / out. : P

Travis richards – You nailed it on the head, thank you. You do not get any Jeep because of its mileage or other on road qualities; You get one for the legendary off road performance. A Jeep’s mileage is rated in smiles per gallon, word miles per gallon. 🙂

Chile d – Very well thought out review and delivery. You have a good time and time.

Tman55575 – Yeah right! ?? I see great Cherokee all the time on the road! older ones especially and that’s what convinced me to buy.one! they need to be funds by someone else and they will see you!!

Justaman – Worse reliability ever. Avoid.

Elvis tam – Great video-just a slight correction. The diesel option still gets the 100k powertrain warranty. The rest were demoted to 60k

Islanders83 – The guy should read the owners manual before doing a review. If his wife is having a hard time getting in the way of a car.
Also, the climate controls are easy to use.

Soundgardenman – 0:50 Dude, I do not care much for Trump but the reality is it sucks we allow US companies to outsource parts to Mexico. So rather than making a snarky how to make it here, make it here 100%. We need manufacturing jobs period.

Safenders – 1998 Jeep GC owner 200k miles only replaced water pump, fuel pump, door hinge pins. hmmm

Pdgable – Consumer Reports? Who do you think what they think?

Themopar426 – Comsumer reports sucks dick!

Chicano zach – Just get a 2012 one

Motorcycle motorcycle – Thnx its a nice review

Laurent bracket – Very nice and honest review Chris! Subscribed!

Hhh – Great review!

Richard r – I have 15,000 miles on my Grand Cherokee and have zero problems. Maybe I got lucky, but I think the 15’s and up are getting bad reps. FCA worked out most of the problems.

Muhammad Zulfiqar – I wish you were a little honest to the truth, thanks to you, I have seen hundreds of reviews of this jeep, but your review has somehow its a Lexus, its least reliable jeep, please tell us some statistics it.

TruthHasSpoken – Great review Chris. SUVs would be recommendable if you would like to know if you are interested in towing or off-roading….

Manifest 73 – Chrysler never.

2016 Grand cherokee jeep | cargurus test drive review

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