2017 Grand cherokee test-jeep: palliative care

Test-Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017: Palliative Care

Jeep gives a little newness to his flagship through a second restyling. The 2017 Grand Vintage Cherokee Evolves (very) slightly in terms of …

Diego brühwiler – Sehr guter Test … and mir gefällt das weisse Interior sehr !!

Aeris2ff – I find it too beautiful as it is

Arthur joubert – 1- I don’t really know about the Grand Cherokee but the 256 hp Disco 4 makes it a good job.
2- Field selection (?) Grand Cherokee is less effective than Land Rover Terrai Response.
It is still a very good 4×4

NEWcars comparison – Is it available in 7places

Guinea fowl – He is really hot! old man or not !

My passion – The jeep is in the luxury car, and the brand wants to position itself by offering materials and all that. Sorento is better than a jeep unless you’re offroad

Vincent cartier million – The 2T5 Bayte haha

JEAN PIERRE LECAPLAIN – It’s shit and nothing else !!!!!

Nazwalbac – I just love it

Maxim jarry – I find very beautiful its changes

Angelo mattucci – Too much "eh"

Tewis willemse – His rotten !!

SgLuca Tony – Why "end of life" when apparently the old chassis is awesome

The dollar – Good test, especially interesting the arrival of SRT8 700ch. On the other hand the newspaperist abuse a little on the "euuh" "eh"

Clark Kent – My parents have a 3.6 flexfuell, black summit, well it is just for the price, the noise is not the same as the diesel mdr + full pump € 45 # 128512;

Jean marc mazier – Good test but this is just a restyling ?

Sophie albiach – PPffff "V6 just enough" and the 0 to 100 in 7.5 sec from you what ?!

Tdugamer – Just last week I went to the Grand Cherokee demo Jeep Grenoble.
Summit Edition with wooden inserts, quilted white leather …
I just love it !

Florian – Problem with the sound of the journalist’s voice, his saturates

Mario grimaldi – On the other hand it’s not an SUV makes me a pure 4×4

John carter – Preum’s first lol

2017 Grand cherokee test-jeep: palliative care

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