2017 Jeep grand cherokee summit review – the american range rover

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Review – The American Range Rover

We go for a drive in the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thestraightpipes Subscribe!

County cloud – My earphone was broken for the first 10 seconds

Jean dupon – I live in switzerland and i have this car

NoMashMe – How are that paddle shifting? Are they quick or laggy?

Kurt h. – So what was under the hood? The V6 Or the sweet 5.7 L Hemi ๐Ÿ™‚

I have scrapples – Dumb

Johan mann – I see that SKX on your wrist bro

Martin h – Range Rover? Good joke # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Alex Plumey – CarPlay or purchasing a Subaru Outback.

C-wow – I DEFINITELY hit the phone while turning. I NEVER hit the buttons while shifting. alright, real world review done. outie

Mitchell long – This is my favorite video of your vids, idk why

Henry Perry Friedman – The midsize crossover is not the "American Range Rover". How about the escalade or navigator?

Mark knight – Still more native American than Elizabeth Warren.

pcFOREVER89100 – Lol that’s like $ 55,000 in the States

Isaiah wallace – Going for a 5.7 in the Journey

Andy gibson – I have definitely hit the upshift paddle shifter when trying to change the volume.

Marihan badr – i looveee jeeps and i love watching you two talk about themmm

Jonas tonas – Missing the box test ๐Ÿ™

King – Both of you fuck, I love my gray one.

Trqmj – Sorry guys, Range Rover is a piece of crap. My nephew works at their Headquarters in NY and he tells me how unreliable Jaguars and Range Rovers. I would not compare them to jeep.

Felix the. – Sorry, i think the interior looks pretty cheap, especially that metric fuckton of gray plastic around the infotainment and winds.

Bigmacnolettuce – This is a conversation about two-sided talking about how are you going to complain about the heated seats being part of the infotainment? It’s perfect. Grand Cherokee is literally one of the most aggresive best looking SUVs around. Nav is great.

Jason manning – I’ve never seen such a difference in opinion between you guys. Guru looks like expected to be part of this video!

Love the videos guys! Going working on my way through most of them.

Maxton sivalelli – $ 65k on U.S. Jeeps website for whoever is wondering.

Mirco.chiarello kayakriver – Is it electric steering with oil pump ?

White ranger tiger power – Grand Cherokees indeed the greatest quantity that never runs out

Hugdeath929 – Great Cherokees are awesome off road and look good but I would never buy one. It feels too tippy and spongy FOR ME. The back seat is also really uncomableable. Jacob believed you’re going to be a little bit out of here. Place to spend any time. significantly great off-road though.

Kelvin abraham – @thestraightpipes Ish the seat guy from west coast? You guys are hilarious

There – Love the way they disagree thanks a lot for the nice review

Simplerbuild – How is it American if Jeep is owned by Fiat?

Revolution road – This Jeep wants to be a Range Rover XD

Sabrina zachariuk – I have never hit the music button when using the paddles in mine.

Trqmj – I have the same Hemi Engine in my Chrysler 300. I love it.

Archer – Just bought a gorgeous low miles 2016 Summit for $ 32k. Could not be more excited!

Owenn – Jeep grand cherokees are just enoiforgnoegn.

Zach seelbach – My mom hit the paddle shifter instead of the volume controls. She pulled over and called me because she thought she broke it

James greg – "American" ??? It’s italian. German prior to that. Long time since american!

Zalewskm – Rhino Gray looks great on the Trailhawk.

Healthyamerican – They are not in the quest to make more money. You also see many older rovers because they are all in the yard because of poor reliability. jeeps are off road ready from the factory

Gene p. – I have two years of my ride, and it’s still a great American piece of work. It is a luxurious, off-road SUV capable I will take over this ride for as long as it makes economic sense, meaning 10-20 years. I Am hiding it in Nasty rainy muddy weather, going up hills in the winters of northern Cali, and this makes it up with ease and confidence of a lifted truck or modified SUV. Great jeep i love it!

Louise mitchell – We have a 2017 Grand Cherokee Jeep Summit …. Love it!

Lucas peruzzo – Well, I own a great cherokee jeep 2018 limited. I liked it because Yuri thinks it’s blend … of course, but it’s $ 90k because, I paid $ 32k (USD). You can clearly see the difference.

Joe saccocio – The guy in the hoodie needs to go away

Mr g – The ish Reference! lol..nice

Dk youngson – I always thought of gripping grain.

Harmonious love – I loved all my jeeps! Third times a charm, limited, Laredo, now in Summit # 128156; # 128156; # 128156; # 128156; # 128156;

Maddog8148 – This is not American. Considerations Italian pal !! Fiat forza!

Rob Price – Love the big cherokee


Tom larmondra – I have a JGC Overland and 90% love it. Tows like a field, looks good in Jeep red, and is eminently capable.

The two main complaints are: you can get a base model for $ 20k less than mine and the spread is even higher when you look at the summit (let alone Trackhawk). Possibly not losing the fact that the vehicle is built on a base model With nice things tacked on. You never forget the cheapness in the things that carry over like switchgear and build quality. The seats are hard and not enough bolster support. Arriving also not aligned with the pedals or steering wheel perfectly. Off by a few degrees, but it’s noticeable.

Mitsaqu ghalizha – 13:05 whats because that is ?

Don keedix – I drive with the paddle shifters all the time, never hit the music controls

Mr. Cairo – You’re impressed by extending sun visors? Hop in an lx or land cruiser they give you two.

Clia williams – Do a big cheeroke hawk trail vs 4runner off road

Angryraindrop – Intro song name?

Wiesy teacher – It’s not that much cheaper than BMW X5 …

Michael kwon – Like, like, like…

Dmytro savega – What is the name of the intro song? Thanks

Michael carnahan – Do not get me wrong I love this one, but the interior is not representative of the 95% of the great Cherokee out there that people buy. The interior leather actually sucks if you don’t have a Summit trim

X. K. B. W. – American range rover?

Haha ha

To jersey – All it needs is window blinds

Macey gordiones – Tip: The trick of shifting with paddle shifters with the controls for the stereo behind the wheel is –
Using the paddles with your finger pointing your hands at the wheel at 9 o clock positions

Curthbert mtunda – Volume controls are way down. U cant mix with paddle shifters

Nice tango – American Jeep Clunker # 128523;

Raad yusuf – Hands down the best car review channel on YouTube!!!

John hunt – Talk about outdated.

Hasan qamar – Could you tell us the price for the sake.

Michael franks – I have a 2018 Summit and it DOES have Android Auto. Do your research! Aero mode lowers the suspension. Jesus, you two suck.

Reid whitmore – Still a Chrysler product. Looks good but quality??

Quikgt – For a large SUV AlWAYS has been lacking in Grand Cherokees; I compared get it ๐Ÿ™

Death vims – These guys remind me so much Bob and Doug McKenzie-Good Day, Eh?

Ralph Louis Mendoza – Bring back the mustache yuri.

Abdelrahman amine – Guys … do not compare Jeeps to Range Rovers … just do not

Mike normandy – I’ve been seeing 100’s of Grand Cherokee on the road and getting it done NEVER SEEN at Summit Edition-I do not think this is the one who is buying it-this is the X5 & Range Rover Sport $ lol

Dave ninjaneuro – 2018 has android auto and apple car play

Seรกn O’Nilbud – Definitely the worst grill in history.

Muhammed ALbadry – Was really really fucking awesome car. a like it

Igor Keller – I like the way it looks. Almost Imperor Range Rover. Almost))

Qk9CWU5ib3x – This is better than Range Rover. What is the point of overpriced UNRELIABLE?

Ahmed alali – Never in my srt

Niko Argiris – Is the heel big Cherokee reliable? Which is more reliable the big Cherokee or Ford Explorer?

MrTacomaPrime – This is my new favorite youtube channel!

Jon may – 2 Cars for you guys to try the Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV

Derek – Summit track hawk ..?

Just4thethrills – Volvo xc 40

Sharjeel khan – Cool looks, nice interior. oven

John gaudet – Yes, it’s a little bit like a Range Rover. I had a Grand Cherokee for 5 years and never had an issue.

Jakub Industries Profi Solutions – Song noime?

Chocolatewheelchair – That? No 360 self-parking camera? wtf

Nicholas frisch – You guys are freaking hilarious. My two sold Canadians, by far. Keep making awesome shit guys!

Debaditya chakraborty – Love your happy bros … keep up the good work

Nileshr12 – The Grand Cherokee Summit looks really good in the right color like the True Blue Pearl Coat or even a darker blue looks really great on the Grand Cherokee. I love the front end

Nathan drake – Hey guys, how’s the ride quality with the air suspension? Asking a guy with some back pain.

Fillup316 – Inside led illumination. no aluminum sport pedals, no 360 camera, no full led tailights, plastic switchgear you’d find a dodge dart.

Everyday muscle – I am so glad I found this channel! Please keep your way strictly!

Zachary – Consider a luxury suv. Carrying the same as the srt8 or trackhawk. If Jeep were more reliable I would really consider buying one

Riyad kalla – 9:20 how did you get that shot? Lead car with a crane?! Man you guys getting fancy!

Jspang31 – Pipe mine had straight pipes.

Jspang31 – Going never hit the paddle shifters while changing volume

Atlas gaming – Sorry to nitpick, but the "cheap american window switches" on the door were made to be part of the Mercedes parts bin. Identical to the ML of last generation. This Jeep was designed on the same platform as the Mercedes before Fiat bough Chrysler.

Tmaak – 80 thousand for a fancy jeep? No thanks

Noah pillay – 2018’s have Apple CarPlay

The man – The 12 inch display of the 2019 ram should be integrated in the great cherokee

Nick kelly – I have never hit the volume when using the paddle shifters in my gc. I use them quite often too

Federal police – You guys have a great sense of humor. This video was informative and funny

John adamczyk – Lol i swear you guys take every single car to that road in oakville. I think it’s called Lower Base line?

Dirk – The American Range Rover? Guys looking at a cheap plastic interior. This is nothing to do with quality. Love your review, but judging mix things up.

Dario cruz – +++++ The 2018 version has Android Auto and Car Play. I’m picking mine up tomorrow, I’m way to fuckin excited!!

Darek4488 – Please do the TrackHawk

Honza ล tฤ›pรกn – Nice review, you should really test srt….

Sky walker – Great video guys. You know, I actually hit subscribe in the Bell today I thought I was already subscribed, but because you mentioned it (again), I looked down there to double-check. In my opinion, the test is still valid for An SUV, regardless of the MSRP. People buy SUVs for functionality. Including the ability to pick up stuff at the store.

Ethos – @thestraightpipes great content and feels like a "fresh" car review show. Keep doing you.

Darren perst – 80k … I like it, but would never spend 80k on that even if I had the $

Drawds – Never accidentally hit the volume while shifting with paddles in the Jeep GC Overland. Love the vehicle.

Doug _ – Ish is in the house # 128518;

Roscoe wade – Informed yet digestible opinions and talking points. Good stuff guys!

Zebar – What do you think of the head of the jeep? I am 197 cm tall. you think my head will hit the edge of the sunroof opening?

Rogerthat – Go so taillights break all the time. I see so many sections not read up at night. I’d like to invite you personally.

Kevin fong – I wish you guys had done a test box! It’s not about hiring a moving company but rather a baseline of trunk / cabin space.

Sophon – Damn, I was hoping this was an srt. I have a 2015 golf course and 95% sure my next is a Grand Cherokee srt. You got my hopes up. : ‘(

Daveseyeball – "Ish in the house" Yuri has officially been pimped WCC style…..

William Alvarez – Jeep trailhawk!?!?! Go off-road with it

Jack schwartz – Great driving shots, looks like professional drone footage

Roberto miranda – Going subscribed, wasting my time watching!

Stuff stuff and more stuff – Goal unLike a range rover, this will actually be reliable haha

Stuff stuff and more stuff – I want a summit with the 5.7l. This jeep is amazing

Chimichangaxx – Can you review Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86?

Thy enmity – Chips is a terrible movie

Cooper harrington – You do not realize that it’s a good idea to have a good idea but it should be narrowed down

Abel vazquez – Welp, I subscribed.

Lauren berns iii – I’ve accidentally hit the paddle shifters while trying to change volume in a big cherokee summit…

Justin prater – I’ve never hit the audio controls while using the paddles lol.

Gentle munoz – Just dab on in yuri

Fozwashere – The worst thing about Canadians

Jmartini2387 – I love Canada, as an American, but Good Lord Canadian Tax!

My Summit (w / o rear-seat entertainment, but everything else), was just smidge over $ 50k out the door (tax / title / license).

Joerollin23able – Umm u kidding they have an angry car apple

Chris goal – Why is Yuri so stupid hot!?

Fx – They are still in Europe and even though the EUDM has some special paint and rusting, they are still freakin rust. Im a huge fan jeep, but for that money Im not from the Lexus GX. I dont want my car to constantly rust or break.

I love this car so damn much.

Beaubien – I’ve been wanting to get you there..

BoardGameBuddha – – Close Yuri talks and all

Conditionred – How do you sign up for those off road pages

Rayzglii – Does it use a lot of gasoline? Jeeps typically burns gas at a faster rate

Foley jack – Not worth 80k. Goal a good 65 tops

Carlos Veliz – Really good guys videos !! I have to see you in the new 2018 Wrangler.

Younes ten – I want to buy this car, I love this car, very nice car, jeep

Big dad – the driver is being a total bitch # 128514; # 128514;

Blurrayboy – I’ve never mixed up the paddle shifters and the radio controls, but I’ve never wanted to use the paddle shifter

Kadie galewaler – I love the grill !! I think it would be a match I would have liked it

Kju njels – It’s also unreliable like Range Rover or any other, but really looking cool, again-like Range Rover.

Jack stolzenberg – Are you canadian

Jvandervest – Clearly Yuri has not seen Baby Driver.

BJC LIVING – Love your reviews!!!!

Trades46 – 3 row SUVs are selling like they’re going out of style in North America, yet still not enough Jeep doesn’t offer a 7-8 seater in its lineup. A bit mind boggling if you ask me.
Also as nice as it is, it is not ~ $ 80,000 nice. Explore Platinum with powerful engine, 7 seats with park assist etc. is about ~ $ 66k after taxes. Also I’m not sure any Chrysler in reliability after watching my old Man’s Neon self-destruct back in the early 2000s, followed by cousin’s caravan in 2003 when it was crossed by 2 trans-axles.

Sinajg – American Range Rover = Less reliable than a regular Jeep?

Benjamin francis – $ 80,000 Cherokee but watched this to the end. THESE TWO THO!

Wowow – Is that a seiko diver that I see !!! Beautiful watch

Barobran92 – I loved like that Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep put LED lights on a lot of their cars.

Toyota4Life – Center stack is ugly..

Peteogrande – That same wood trim is on my 2011 JGC Overland and broke on 2 doors

Monticello thomas – Do the trackhack

Kevin niemi – Cherokee Trackhawk vs. Bentley Bentayga vs. Bentley Cayenne vs Lghini URRES vs Land rover

Bfoshiznats – I do not believe you…

Ross wallace – Please do a track hawk review

Simon strother – It’s a Range Rover that’s not good. It’s like the Walmart brand of Nike. I could not come up with a better analogy

Shawn meadows – He said the window switches gave it away as an American because they were not parts of Mercedes-Benz back when they were cozy with Chrysler?

Ngairo honey – I have to say you guys are getting really good at this. I am proud of you.

Jordan 23421 – My dad has hit the road in my mom’s 2017 Grand Cherokee TRAILHAWK and has only bumped the paddles ounce, sadly he doesn’t know how to use.

MyMrAnimal – Awesome video again, guys!

Philips beatz – Where did u get that ?
– Do not worry about it

Was so quick and mean

Sdav21 – This is only good because of Mercedes before they broke up their merger with Chrysler. I bet it would not be good.

MrPanzerDragoon – Visiting an American and lovin ‘these two canadian car reviewers!

Kergami – One thing you must always do in every car .. "Test Viewer" if you forget. I will not forgive you.

Joel johnson – Great thumbnail and video editing. Just work on your language to boost the quality of your work.

Robert Nrobretual – I have never accidentally hit the volume controls while using the paddles. I never used the Jeep to pin against my mail box because I use the parking brake.

Mahesh chinthaka – Need Them Views

Brian buchetto – Never have hit volume control.

Sam martinez – Great vid # 128076; # 127997; # 128076; # 127997;

Thumbly – Another great video guys! Since this is now the Jeep Pipes, it’s possible to have a drive in the Renegade with manual tranny if possible, pretty please.

Endo ๅ‡› – Hi Yuri and the other guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oguzhan Ozturk – Does not worth a penny. It still has a look.

Diegopg7 – Yuri, what are your glasses??

Chunkit – When are you guys gonna review the Elantra GT Sport?

Connor heath – I have never had a problem with pedals and volume placement

Joshua spizzirri – Im loving the boys dedication upload

How guy – Does Canada Make Cars

Natzoo – I own a trailhawk, and its hard to mistake the volume adjuster for the paddle shifters, because of its metal texture. You can also disable paddle shifters, so much customization. I wish Jeep would update my 8.4 infotainment screen, i own a 2017 and The 2018 is a complete refresh of the uconnect system. Like Jeep could honestly just update it, its just software.

Jeison perez – Nice review and funny comments. Love your channel and your style!

Alex Kostenyuk – What I hate is the whole front is plastic, I have 13, just regular great cherokee, great video

Gaynovi – It should have Apple Car play, prob needs the software update. I have the JGC Summit, never accidentally hit the paddle shifters reaching for the audio controls.

Chase shorts – If you say that’s comfortable off road. You’d be surprised how awful the ride is off road. Think of it, when the airbags are all over the place, you have no room for suspension. It makes for an awful ride.

Yathu prem – Good video master trollers ๐Ÿ™‚

Street runner – You guys are boss I was looking at this jeep today


Sean roberts – Congratulations on the kijiji deal, gonna sell a bunch of my stuff

Attnjack – Hahaha Yuri dabbed on Jacob.

Swerve – And it is!!!!!!!!

Nabil meziane – You guys should have tested the 2018 model year, has the updated UConnect from Chrysler Fiat and Apple Carplay / Android Auto Availability.

Do not give – 1:12 the 2018 has Android Auto and Apple Carplay

Semoff – Some constructive criticism: I don’t know the details, but you guys should try to know the models so late in the year. It’s less exciting, knowing I could buy a newer vehicle.


Gary matthews – Kijji is where we were 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Edition

Gary matthews – YES to your question in my Overland Edition

2017 Jeep grand cherokee summit review - the american range rover

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