2018 Jeep grand cherokee trackhawk full board test

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Full Board Test

This time Jaime Gabaldoni was one of the first to ride Aboard the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. This truck has the engine …

KICK Taekwondo! – From 20:40?

Juan carroza – I’m in love with you so much this car ticks! Kiero mama!

Luis diego juarez fuentes – It’s 4×4?!

Gustavo huaman castromonte – Wuau

Andrew – What differentiates it from the SRT?

Amairani fox – This jeep of truth is very good, my uncle has that crush when I saw it, I said it can not create it, he said he cuuhas you because it gives you some luxuries and he has all hehehehehehehehehehehehe

Diego Alejandro – A beauty of pickup truck

All truths n – This vehicle keeps me crazy.

Pedro perlaza – What of the Great Cherokee Altitude?

Sebastian quiroz – This wey is medium I will explain

Manny of the cross – The can put on sport on march in savia

Hector ugalde – This car is my worst sorry here is so expensive. Greetings from manabi ecuador

Angelo ortiz – Regards !!! from the dominican republic of peru.

Angelo ortiz – All of them have commented, including, never had. Neither had nor van to have. The money to buy it. Ok for cats, clean bags, hope you want it clear.

ABIGAIL GOMEZ – It also offers a black key to use 500 horseback riders and the roja for the 707 horseback riders

Jose gamer j has j – Toyota 4runner limited 2019 ????????

SirMARQs Nunez – Difference between trailhawk and trackhawk

Cris racing – That hello

Pasta5 – 20 years 1 macan 1 trackhack 1 mclaren 1 lamborguini 1 type R maamiiiita daridaaaa

Leonardo sasso – 30:43 Music

Luis garcia – Too slow you explanation of the cars despairs

Maycol hawthorn cayllahua – He is not Claudio Pizarro of Peru,

Andyboy mckay – PORTLAND OREGON IS IN THE WEST COAST !!! looks

Jacobo Santana – Wey studied better than you had to. You look super bad

Pablo velasquez – "Ha ha ha ha artificially haved" 20:42 hahahahaha

Wellington sanchez – This self is a beauty

He kills rats hahahaha – 8:20 pm.

Johncito and – What does it sound like in the test of handling ??? It is a nice sound. I think the sound is that you have to change gears ?? = /

JOSKAR LAINEZ – This is my next purchase and I’m tired of my Hemi 300c

Juvenile Perez Mendieta – Prices Please Thank you very much # 128522;

Sergio ortega – The factor k says of the race if the CRT is worth and much. There is a lot of k presents. You have a truck there, and it is here. K do not show has a great engine which makes it the only jeep is manufactured

Sadday abidan fernandez alvarado – Has become decisive if the price of free market

Agapito v – The Kia Mohave supports the Maximum Speed ​​240

Gerardo market – Jaime, talk to Salomundo to see if you get one his

Nai plai – Hello Jaime when going to hack a video of the new GMC denali acadia 2018

Oscar Gutierrez V.N. – When you mama eats time with her chancla: v

Lavender point – And why salomundo the waves?

Enlightenment Roa Ortega – Very interesting!!

Blankespi – Get caught with a button? If you steal what would be the security? You do not need a key…

Jaime gomez – This super good in every case, it seems to me that you are a long time ago and you are a man.

MOIZ LEADER – I love the big cheroke jeep

Javier gonzalez – The site is in a good place in the market. That would add, is a system to save or hide the palettes of speeds. If you have bought large, you are ready to go.

Noah alvarado of the cross – Solomundo the explain better xD, sorry I had to say it

Project zj 94 painting, detailed and modified – Bus very breastfeeding but for the truth you have to explain that you have a great deal of

Fabian raineri – Excellent Jaime as always, that good tricky Do not get this model, if all line Jeep SRT, Greetings from Buenos Aires Argentina


Jinny palomino – Thanks for the info that you have a good fortune will get you with ease and fast multiplied by seven and every day blessings……..

Jose de jesus hernandez hernandez – This would be great if you return the dodge viper

1,000 – Please, it is not necessary to change both the camera and the camera..

Daniel Alejandro Fernandez Silva – :

Mario vanegas – It would be good if it was

Alexis flowers – Like you speak slow, it comes to talk to little but fast

Joel charris – This is the fastest utility in the market

Alvaro garrison – Thanks man, very vain video, greetings from Colombia!!!


Parent manual – Owner of a

Pedro fernandez – Regards Jaime from Chile

Alexander Rivas – Gold an error sale of factory with 4 waves his 2 waves black and 2 waves roja, the roja gives you 700 horses of Fuerza and the Black 500 horses

Parent manual – I hope I have one. looks

Isabel aceceo – Watch the salomundo canal … it explains better than this papanatas¡!!

Isabel aceceo – Catch 2 dumb donkeys..one for the 500 and the other for the 707! Horrible videoooo…

Eleno of the pink calvillo – Good job and great video

Andres castro – Abuse very long talks a lot, no highlights the important of the car

John restricted – Cordial greeting from Colombia excellent review according to you srt 8 the trackhawk thanks which one has more qualification

Alfonso cruz – The noto very jumpy

Carlosbishig1 – Northwest portland

Cellars manual – Very bad the video, so it takes 35 minutes to speak, I could have done it in 20 if you will not be so pauses when you speak.

Adrian bara – The holes of the part will be used for its operations or for its jeep?

Saw rai – The graba is the cuttlefish the subaru wrx sti?

Lepicsa – Wow! Is the review more bored sober cars that he has seen

Luis bernal – Solomundo.

Johnson ideas – Good, it’s fun to watch your videos as it’s easy to see it with the lines of the auto hahaha

Kevin Alexander QC – Very tragon

Sergio foolish – You have the old truck and the them the las las las las las las las las las las las las las las las las las.
i do not say it is possible that it is possible to consider the technology with the field that it is possible for the driver to believe that it is about machine

Sergio foolish – I do not think so much for some people for the people who want a thing for the foggers on the ground for hard ground its hard field specific me and driving on hard ground with us mu, 8 are good but if our bamos have it old Is Better the exchange of exchange and reduced from 180 to 70 in 18 meters
In drought thanks to me better in plans than in etras

Sharik – Comes with 4 keys, black back and back, black limiting to 500hp

Mar aldana – Brother in law is going to hack a video of the ford raptor 2018?

Nampa master – Ah Alejandro Salomundo the Dieron of the Rojas and the Black Girls

Alejandro arana – Great jaime.

The video is great.

I am in love……

Mackmells – Mlmlone

R serpell s – 24:16 PS4 IN THE CAR!!

KyperTops 18 – What is silly in the middle of the road?

Oskr vega – You lie of the games of black waves that limit to 500hp and 2 games of rojas that you have all 700 horses

Wilder stuff – Great video and video recording

Jose Manuel Alejandro Garcia Guerrero – Apart the asshole or grab the vote !! ‘What a suck

Jose Manuel Alejandro Garcia Guerrero – Apart is a taejo taaaaaan bored, junk driver

Jose Manuel Alejandro Garcia Guerrero – I do not know why this is still going on. Mothers valley pinche culero program

Nels burg – The engine of hellcat? The only one is that the Nissan has got the hellcat with all of its 700 Hp’s there is heavy and heavy. Missed see her run against the others.

Tony quiros – Better salomundo look: you know but that he

Tony quiros – Solomundo said that they give 4 keys

2 red and 2 black: v

Edwin s d l – I do not know how to explain the Salomundo dog

Victor delgado – When is Mexico going to arrive??

Alexis Figueredo – What about the key tells us that we are not going to be 500 hp of them 700 total (the red allows you to use all)

Guaicaipuro M. WarDog – Correction: if you are there, there are 2 black and 2 red brother.

Paul walker – Go support you have solomundo so that it will get you sooner grounds at 2 million of superscript solomundo # 128175; by hundred loyal to salomundo

Matias Slimming Nuñez – Ennamored

Alfonso siano – This guy abuses his nose or how you have visitors. go to the salomundo channel and see how i explain this same jeeps, dogs .

Oscar Alvarez – I’m in love, but I’m poor # 128549;

The polaty – That’s faster than the Lamborghini urus And if you have 2 waves (500 horses of Fuerza and the Roja # 128308; 700 horses of Fuerza) just now, in The suv faster than the world… I * Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk 2018 *

Ivan Torrico – Blah blah blah burs!!!

Tony montana – What beautiful by Dios by cuutto is worth that truck in Peru…

201700978 Esteban Guzmán – What class of salomondrin is this?

Bruno GS – $ 1,900,000!

Jonny max – This hang in the lintel valley my grandmother would do better than this hang i

Andres cogorno – If disaster is happening and you are talking about it, you do not want to focus on the subject.

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas – 2018 Grand Cherokee Jeep Trackhawk Full Board Castel Car Test

Jose galleguillos – a big error 200 miles / hour its 321 km / hour

Nickolas conlago – Because all these cars automatic transmission

Rambohol – The cars or the trucketas have personality? I think functionality is the end. Good video of all ways

The red tiger – Like if you want a video of the chery big tiggo

Diego – I wanted durango but this made me tough the decision

Lalo garcia – And how much?

Miguel cordoba – What are the best competitors and the direct competitors?


Willy maracallo – I want this vehicle # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557;

Vladimir Wells – Grand Cherokee SRT Gold Durango SRT?
Which will be the best? oven

Ivan Bermudez Chavez – This is the first time I see this channel, I like it very much, I have a lot of things that I can improve on. What I am having and I think it is incredible that we have a lot of things to do with pallets. Of this price, when there is no clear option, use the other key so "chafa" of any formed excellent video.

Alexis flowers – I like it very much, but you get the energy to decide the words, the bush.

Raidem ferrer – Excellent work jaime greetings since venezuela when you can show the durango srt 2018

Madara uchiha – At half if it looks like a bit of delay

Diego linarez – Present the new jeep pick up gross 2017 eso are the vehicle of truth

Joffre perez villarroel – Jaime congratulations to great stuff is jeep looks from Ecuador

Gab0 ruiz – The 2013 Cheroke Grand Jeep Has Many Failures

Williams herwet dülsert 114 – More information
More information
More information
More information
More information
More information
More information

Hasler f. – 5:14 FC … The … >> xdddd

Gabo balboa – The flying one has a very rich touch

Jean pierre – In the fog, uhmmmm

Self angel – The ceiling of the sport is much better aesthetically.

Dana paste – Missing the anti roll test

Martin borquez – His Chula Las Grand Cherokee # 128525; # 128525;

GMC Cisneros – That someone diggested me better is the jeep Toyota land cruser meadow. And that’s why that’s why. The would appreciate your help. Thank you

Andαtαlια Sáí ¢ нєz – The image of people who live in the heart of the city is very important..

JUAN JOSE REINA ZAPATA – Good videos but very large and making it boring

Gio alex – Mr. Gabaldoni.
Could you hack a review of the GMC ACADIA please.
And how something about version 4 cyl. Turbocharged I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you.

Phoenix xD – Like when Jaime bumps the vehicle I enter for your video.

Mhcpl – Because you are so damn?
So they are sport, supercar the cups of some auto siquieres, but an SUV?
Until the hups pickups with power, so that guys?

Marcus mccoy – Like how you touched base on everything and not just the engine, best review on youtube and its not even in english

Jose Luis Moreno Candle Bed – Best wishes once again to Jaime Gabaldoni, for my best journalist specializing in the autos and off-road engine! the best review and details of the car that I can enjoy. Follow asian jaime. Greetings from spanish champion!

Strong lyon – Buenos Aires Argentina, Jaime the steering wheel and its excellent detachment from this Dogge

Yanero fox – When the wing is injured in Mexico


NAVI JIGA – Hope the pruba of a Lexus LS 500h

Branyeli piantini – It’s fast goal from 0-100 on?

Williams herwet dülsert 114 – Look like Jaime has been wearing these clothes for 2 days

GUILLERMO PEREZ VARGAS – One question is what makes it different between it and srt ?

Memo G. R – Doesn’t SRT exist anymore? The changed for this?

Juan herrera jjhz – Of audio .. porfaaa .. greetings since venezuela

Cristian cabrera – Greetings from PARAGUAY

Gabriel cardenas – Thanks for making such great videos. You will do the 2018 Jeep Rubicon ?

Manel rufat girl – Hello Jaime, salutes from Spain. I was able to compete in the golf course, and I was disappointed in the performance of my career. Enamored me so much that you would do a complete aboard of this model specifically. THANK YOU!!!

Yisus crist – I think I just got to listen to the engine

Tunig cars – Jaime which would be the best useful to use the postponed day

iAnarchy F1sher – You should do "Thorough test" from "Test on board"


Estebanlb – Bad to explain

Franco Ibarra Orellana – Jaime, if we are not too much to ask, where would you give your equivalence in the metal system, and we enjoy your videos in the rest of the world, we are more familiar with this type of one.

Manuel cruz – How is the song of the end?

Gabriel Rodriguez – Because the sounds with the box of changes when gearshift?

Mabu – So I was the first one that I do not know how to to univision that people do not come back to me in my life. I think that the worst thing the pollute cuts and the rucia or …

Absalon meadow – Jaime, it works in fashion valet?

P v – Impudent boy fucks his busty chubby stepmother Sybil Stallone

Jacqueline Rodriguez – I’m in love with this jeep, but I’m in the mood to buy it here Reynosa is very hard the delinquency # 128530;

GMC Cisneros – Jaime cuento is worth this vehicle in the United States. The dolars. ?

Carlos Javier Ferrer – The TT / SUV is a sporty event, and I love it much more than the MB GLE AMG, has a soul that knows in the competitor, the sound is thunderous. Great test !!

Star light – Ok dick the video

Krish Gabriel Gil – Jaime because you never eat fast hard medium to compensate for handling fast porfa

Rafa the crack – Always is a dude already playing with some video game console?

Jorge tamacas – The SUV You have more power than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S for a few miles less. It would be a good option to buy if you want to power, practice and space

Thefransu – Could one of its competitors be the Audi Q7? I do not think you mentioned it…

Fernando road – No one if it is the same or the person but the annoyance that is the counterpart compares with another model, if ever, we have seen

Optimus – Jeep is no longer nor will be what before, the mythical brand is just a number.

Jorge chavez anselmi – Thought that the Light that crashed into the dash in the minute 31 was the belt of security for me yet the other one had that one of you had it, it was the fall because it was encased

Camel benito – Paint it! Because I have promotional promotions of american brands..

Baron nt – The real machine. Jaime, this auto, remains a profile of pneumatic low, is comfortable enough, to handle by the streets ?

XaVo SkY DarK 312 – Love this beast of Jeep Grand Cherokee !! Salutes FROM ECUADOR!!

Idris benitez – The best work in the world …. Jajajjaa greetings good review..

Cristian kindness – What roar supports !!! oven

Sanjuan straight sanjuan – Excellent video Jaime, for the sake of the cars, no matter if the video lasted 30 minutes or 1 hour, all information that is delivered and distributed. Again Congratulations Jaime for bringing such tremendous machines.

David av4- – What cool the cherokee that.

Martin almonte – In the runway is not better than the shift when it comes to flatten the shifts when in automatic mode, because it is difficult to enjoy it 100%

Jose luis – Good video

Frederick23r – What is the difference with the SRT?

LUIGI HV – 30 milliliters of area per minute aspirates the supercharger and the other 30 thousand liters BUT SMOG that misery

Carlos Jaquez Santos – Mother dressed in love

Anthony tipantuña – Like by jaime’s mental lagoons

Ivano Garcia – You will do the test of the Durango SRT too?

Vladimir Guzman Galeazzi – It comes to summarize, there are too many and to some extent

Ricardo gonzalez – They fixed that is taking off, 13:00

Lord d2 – Should ask for some Ferrari what is missing

Marcelo alejandro ganon – Will it be possible to aggregate the fog lights? THANK YOU EXITOSSSS JAIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM ARGENTINA

Peter aldan – Best I fall with Hellcat Charger. Dirty in lowest price.

FELIX ARMANDO RIVERA SANDOVAL – I did not like that sound …. clack type …. clack between change and change when you run the runway test.

Alfredo martinez – This is super jeep, enchanted me every detail that supports, amazing!



Mike torres – Incredible when FCA is sold under the products, it has already put the same effort into products based on a reasonable price. Excellent review Gabaldoni

Doppelganger show – The pope toy to take the kids at the college bellisima

Ezequiel___official Instagram – It’s true that it’s bothering you to drive???

Chief hector – Good video Jaime. You will have the opportunity to learn more about it in the form of how to play tennis the media guata jajajaajajajajajajaj….

Victor pereira – I’m in love with this jeep sometime, subdime

2018 Jeep grand cherokee trackhawk full board test

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