Buying a jeep grand cherokee wj

Buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

Http:// My experience in finding and buying the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. If not …

Rahat myrzabek – Toyota 4runner was better

Neo kefal – You do not look like Alexander, especially not Zakharov

Andrey Ivanov – Shave eyebrows

Vasya Savchuk – What you can say about the diesel version with the engine 2.7?

Stupid matvey – Dear viewers of the channel, including Alexander himself. thinking about buying a WJ. Fell in love with this brand as a whole, but inexperience I do not know all the nuances and pitfalls. the machine that I looked after is in St. Petersburg. Who could come with me and see the technical condition, I will be extremely happy and grateful to the experts. I need help and advice. Thank you in advance! Good luck with the car

Tolya errolsh – Hi can you help me find a live whack in St. Louis Louis petersburg?

Alex mailus – And in vain diesel exclude many. 2.7 quite afford .. unpretentious, economical and high-torque. In the Russian Federation, a worthy option to find cheaper than 500 is unrealistic. And now to spend such an amount on the acquisition loses all practicality

Alex melkov – To buy such a garbage can when there are gorgeous specimens (Guys, have you really become impoverished in St. Petersburg? 500 rubles and there will be space!

Alexx78 – I wonder how you can talk about the legacy, and buy a gas jeep.

Ikram rakhmedov – Great

Sergey Ivanov – Engine taps gidrik on the right head

Sergey Ivanov – Do not take a teal very old-a year and a half, then you ride a hemorrhage of money 100,000 a year n.z.

Haly gally – The guy is really optimistic … Respect…

Skalubovich – What consumption 3.1d?

Dmitrii Panov – Write a video! Improving waiting, improving under repair. I can share what I can.

Anatoly Khersun – a very successful jeep for 10 years 13 _15 liters consumption

Vladimir Vladimirovich – Which is better?

Aidana naizabekoaa – Hello, tell me please, you want to buy such a car, you can take a diesel engine with a volume of 2.7

Trust garage – I understand, improving the catch in the agroindustrial complex and the Republic of Kazakhstan? THEIR general repair or replacement will come out in 100k, maybe a little less. From which it was not immediately possible to take a known-good machine?
Goal overall the review is interesting. Going Thinking Transit Changing My Pickup Truck to a SUV in a regular body, because it’s very close to my wife and child in a pickup truck.
Overview of the four sweaters. So like and good luck to you!

Dennis newsky – Thanks for the great review.!

Papa read – And what condition will cherokee kj (liberty) have at this price?

Pavel kuneev – Why buy 4.0 when there is 4.7?

Sergey Nikolaevich – I have clearly said so! I just understand people who take such a At the very 5.9, we gasoline 95!!

Altai uul_04 – Hello sell me your car!

IVAN IVANOV – How much did you take this trash?! Sorry mea, but it’s an Indian-ushatted into a trash ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((.

Roman lavris – In the exchange ZJ 5.2 96r. box 44RE. So, they’ve been repairing me, and they’ve been repairing, too, they’re starting to marvelously switch, but only from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1. As I see, it turns out if the tape is wrong .

Mikhalych Mikhalych – Glushak from the lawn

Den lll – A good ZJ costs 400-500K.
See the remains of Whack for 300K, well, I knew…
Except, of course, off-road cramps, etc., when everything is digested and redone. Otherwise, it is not advisable, since it is a time of effort.
Currently that’s why WJ / WK are not very popular, Kruzak.
Kruzak goal, despite all his undoubtedly advantages, is sad, the Jeep is charismatic and brutal.
Well, actually buying a Jeep in St. John’s John’s is not a good idea, it is necessary to go to the middle of the road, where are the most well-preserved vehicles. For example, in the Samara region.

Anatoly Khersun – My table limited 2000 115,000 ran a good technical

Alibaba verblyudovich – Trash bought. I’m 1,000,000 times better !

Fly babai company – Greetings! In vain 4.7 did not look! The wife of zj 4.0, I have wj 4.7 eat the same, but the draft in 4.7 is much more pleasant. For servicing, 4.7 does not have problems if the right place. V8 only at first Glance seems more hemorrhagic, but everything is forgiven for its craving. To be honest, despite the fact that you are selling in Russia, tears welling up. ZJ spouses of the 93rd year in the best condition. In offense Good luck tidying up your teal!

V8AmericanMuscleCar – It’s great off road vehicle straight from the factory, especially with Quadra-Drive.
I have 2 lift kit with 245/70/17 and sometimes I can not believe how rough.
Greetings from croatia!

Themastersib – No wonder they say: Peter is the capital of Jeeps!) Congratulations on your purchase! Will need spare parts for restoration-contact!

Batya oleg – The author as Kaa says. Mesmerizing.

Ivan Petrov – Good luck and good luck … Good luck

Denis haukka – Good day.
I am from St. John’s John’s Petersburg and fired up buying WJ 4.7 V8….
You can say something about your own experience.?

Denis lukin – Third jeep?!

Denis maksimov – Cool! Thought is not lost, clearly, clearly, clearly!!

Buying a jeep grand cherokee wj

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