Jeep grand cherokee 2004 2.7d test with spanish background

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004 2.7D Test with Spanish background

A video of a petrolist, a jeep, the great cherokee. We see different points of the afber because we could have tried several days. As we always inform …

Thioloco23 – The weather all over the water of the pond in the house, which makes head!

AMG 8 – Are you looking for a Mercedes diesel engine? From 270 cdi I guess

Hector Muñoz – Hi, that’s all about this jeep.
In addition to thanks for being in spanish
Héctor of Talca.chile

Cesar tahur – Dear .. this video is very good for me from a jeeep 4×2 would be better than a year 2004 .. would be less problematic .. goal economics in fuel … in maintenance???

Landmark road – Jajj the flies

Martin lagarda – Good video to see that I ask to grab one only convincing Mexico greetings and I have won!

Eduardo alvarez – Where can I buy the 2.7 D engine for big Cherokee 2004 in Spain? If facilitated by phone #? Thank you .

Pablo cadaillon – You do not have a fucking idea .. When you do not clear the trunk you see the video …

Mario mendo – The only channel that spends spending clearly on the defects. Hat !!!! The rest of the probes do not open the peak by the middle of the marks

Black panther – His the best trucketas !!

Alex r – Already a good sound from the mosquitoes background!

Pedro hb – Make a video with the wind leader in this segment II

Uncle valley – When shelters and the hood, thought that rose Dracula … The grease well at the caería nothing badly has these resorts, huh?

Gexhange – What is the consumption does anyone know?

Eduardo alvarez – I have one in 2004 and I am not aware of you .

Carlos the. – I have one model 1999 in 4.7 4×4 is an animal for the arena and the sludge I am looking for a design in color mate looking for an honor the punisher

Charles – This auto does not include 2x?


Aryan ch – How much does this change of life change?

Andrew zhuk – Many grace

Jose Javier Zuniga Boggiano – I understand that the version that shows is European edition. The American version of this GC engine is 4.0L with 6 cylinders in line. Very different and with different solmas to those that you accomplish. I am a fanatic of this year (2004) Here In the USA, considered them a "donkey" for the power and efficiency of this engine. Why Daimler engine spaces, but here in EUSU are net Jeep. The electric problems that describe it are the ones that are most likely to be considered as the Version that is most likely to vary. The American version Has 20 gallons that wields the autonomy of 360 miles (576Kms). The variable autonomy of use has more accelerator. I really liked you video. A big hug and success!

Manuel Andres Manuel Jesus Colonel Leguizamón – How do I put in 4×2??

Solitude – These well hang in the open window of the past with the coaches mucho of jeep

Arturo guerrero – The very american headlights is an american car for what I understand.


Jose luis – This coach is enrolled on 07/07/2003

Big rhonda – Awesome twat captions. It’s 2018

Brandon cellars – The Windmill of the Maletero Back supports a button by the top of the plates or abbrev

Juan Carlos Frias Davalos – It’s a pity that here in this diesel engine 2.7, because it has the representative that it has always been great. Class of combination that only in Europe has the economic engine near the high.

Ismael branches – His painful your uncle videos, you should think in the world of the test of vehicles, and I thought it would not be me alone, there is nothing but that will Halt tonterias and sin ning of the former coach, who is already serious in the World, is the one I want and I do not have the same idea, and the dynamic but the same

Jose Francisco Father Mother – It is safe to say that the button is pressed in the license plate to see if we read the user manual of the vehicle. It would give me my shame to present the vehicle.
You are deceiving yourself as a commissary of the jeep but I prefer you to watch the video by you and correct your mistakes.

Raul n – At the most pure american style!!

Andres bondar – Good good! Greetings from Cañuelas, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Luis leaño – Hello, I’m at the great cherokee to buy and overhaul me from loser account to rare It’s a 2.7 crd laredo and drips by the radiator. You like me so much that you care about the pros and cons of the model. I would like to help you in this guide.

I believe it can be the acceptance of the automatic box of the directional liquid (the color is the green color)

Alberto garcia garcia – Good video.

Marlo aguirre – Good video from

The hater – I have the same UwU but Black: 3

Yessica gomez – Gustan to acquire one of these is not easily found

Cuvier Dominguez – And if I see them hahahaha

Felipe Andres Zúñiga Gamboa – What is the meaning of the story?

Alejandro corpus – Nothing like you are a wey muy mamon

Eduardo martin – Of course that noted the 4low, is the reductora xD

Luiss Osorioo – All wrong in what you say Have you ever been in love with the world?

Mariano murolo – Could I be in a better state? If I read the instruction manual, at 4:40 pm, how do you get on with your speeds on D, with the transfer box having a break in N with the detained vehicle? The !! .. It is possible that in Europe from where the vehicle is manufactured, do not know that the procedure to go from 4 ALL to 4 LO. ?! …

Andres rocamontes salazar – Jajajajja you video gave inspiration

Bait m – To open the trunk that holds the bidrio

Xwre xwre – The engine of the cherokee jeep say that is not good????.

Daniel abood – The button to open the trunk

Arturo trouro – Whence puts the reductant, in the block of 4×4 and it is not bad nor the electric fault, that with the reducer consumes much more. In this regard, we are told that at the moment, when

Vladimir Putin – The window of behind a button

Antoniorpm – I have the Rsnge Rover P38 2.5 bmw engine, they are the manual model, there is a cubic as you say my uncle has the porch callen and you go through bumpy roads, my mouse is all 4 × 4 the village and there is a bus Stop There are 7 bus stops and a bus stop, and there is also a bus stop for children and children. Considering find it # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

The king of the sepia – A lady kiss and you climb all over … good video

Paul baptist – My daddy loves one

Jesus torralba – I would like to try the 4.7 v8

Staystrong davila – Is a very nice model, but I did not know that diesel engine will carry because they are very economical … Greetings!

Max berlnga – This mercedes engine is awesome but its not the best that the american

Josep-Francesc Balari – I like.
Thanks for the video.
In the emptied will be me by the head restoring the welds.
What to see in the Internet.

Bram hellmann – Here in Mexico I have a Grand Cherokee 2004 4.7 V8 Supercharged and I feel very happy with it. Owner only # 129335; four

Hector Antonio Prayers – It is rare to see a jeep with a motorhome very rare but a beautiful machine, a super trustworthy and a jeep in the has anyone, this is only to Spain, my mother likes the gringa gringa she

Ibrahim naanaua – I have 2 great jeep Cherokee a how is this limited and other 2009 with the engine 4.7 and my besties charm me and never fallback the case and the are 200,000 km away

Frank stein – One remark: 4 LO Traction to 4 Ruins WITH REDUCING. It has 4-stroke constant pull, without reduction, for your normal.

Del brio team – I have no problem in this field, and it is possible that the theme of transmission is in place. field

Jose Ignacio Prieto – Mucha Straw For The Final At Say Nothing

Turzo – Attempted to tread the wrangler

Borja vazquez – Where are you from crack ?? Much more spring the places where you always record

Omar borja – Very well those 6000 when you get your motorcycles on the 600cc and you drive amazing: D

ALBERT VOLCOM – Hahaha about the pond you killed me

Angel gonzalez gallardo – Perfect the truth in the guild in Spain that the bags

Hahahahahahahahaha – Make a video of a mercedes c200kompressor class

Rubend5000 – Small hue 4:12 "Full Team" is not limited if it is Overland.

Don pijote the garcha – Whereupon I live a lot of suitcase

Maxi lopez – Best wishes for the 6K, I would like to try the Audi s3 2008/2010. Greetings from argentina.

Santi – What you do not understand is why you analyze coaches that you have 15 years ago and that its more than known. The best would be to analyze new coaches, which bring novelties and things that we do not know.

Manuel garcia – More than ever, let me know that I am going to leave the country behind the world of the bushes. I’m sorry that I don’t know how to do it.

Manuel garcia – Y o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall O Wall.

Fon g.p. – A bullied tractor ticked … They are not for me….

Marian – Hahahaha has sprung water just outside the house of the side of the pond.

Kristian worth walnuts – That’s the bad videos in a row. … we know that you are doing our work

Edh – Excellent video friends! in peace we have a version with engine 4.7 v8, it is a very powerful and powerful tool. if you know how much better, or something is complicated, the currency exchange uses accepted atf 4? If you don’t think It’s a good idea to make sure you’re okay, that you’re okay with I don’t like it!

Ruben Bouquets Ruiz – Best wishes for the 6,000.

Brave leonardoCheers for 6k, hopefully upload videos Pd: very good part of the pond JAJAJA

ULTRAnumb – Just to buy for my house there is € 3000 I think

Hugo_boss – First cheers for the 6000, and the second, it seems very good that you are critical of your family’s carriage

Angel romero – Hello machines, best wishes for the 6000 subscribers.

Carabiner 012 – As always in cheats good video Watching if you can do a rewiew of the m5 e60 pre re-styling

Jeep grand cherokee 2004 2.7d test with spanish background

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