Jeep grand cherokee 4×4 pickup truck what but do you want?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Glove Family 4×4 Truck What But Want?

Price in this Version: $ 789,900 Pesos $ 44,308 Dollars (At the close of publication, prices may vary from time to time) …

Gonzalo Mi Gusto is: Driving! – All constructive comments are welcome without abuse, machismo or misogyny….
If you have a car / truck, please note that at least do not visit the channel at sea of ​​the year, you whatsapp and 6 photos of the vehicle at mail Press only, any other theme, all in Item.

Jorge garcia guzman – Very beautiful truck

Drdevil78 – That yields you to 6 cylinders!?!

Nidia fernanda caicedo caceres – Like if you. Would like. To have. Unite from those

Miguel cruz – Interested in the Review of the Jeep Cherokee Grand Limited Luxury Advance v8 4×4 2019

Pedro perlaza – Which model of all is the best now in 2019?

Ivanosky fredag – Enamored me the big cherokee jeep. A beautiful girl of a machine that tender very ready.

Bianca cithlali – Bus shocked, I’m handling one of these

Sam ramirez – I have an overland 3.6 2016 and great management and I have 20mil kms and all good. Let’s go to off road 1 and see how the other girls get you and the lift kit haha.

Rind me 21km by gallon with mixed management. I live up to 2800 masl

N s – I really like your videos because they speak a lot of rudeness the heavy words, the words that other Latin American people do not understand, so these videos look like meibeó car, and our help to decide I understand This time of day, I am looking For Grand Cherokee to buy and I want to know if it is the vehicle of high quality. This video has served me a lot to take care of desections. Thank you very much

Christian fernandez – Gonzalo excellent video I would like to know your opinion how would you like it for your tastes and your needs the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the 2017 Mazda CX-9…?

Diego gonzalez – What is the reliability of the truck? Good presentation

Luis crack – Excellent video Greetings from ECUADOR Gonzalo … a query because you want to spades with a ford escape A query is Jeep the mazda CX9 ?? Thanks and success..

Polite – How much is it in Colombian weight.?

Jose Cruz Carvajal – I do not understand you carnal, I do not see the criticism as the purpose of presenting the vehicle. Repression of things that we know and the pones a bit more ego.

Crystal skating onice – The 2017 the 2018

Andres ramirez – i have a cherokee 4.0 model 90 and i have 4 years with eya creo i will never sell it because i never created it i never got it into the engine but i want to sweat it

Yenifer camarillo rodriguez – I seek a transmission for a 99

Romyul avimar – My next acquisition firstly # 128526;

The arabic reigns – They say that spends a lot of gas the most stingy will be

Juan bandit – When the gmc sierra the toyota tacoma

Migrate calderon – Gonzalo issue betrays his shot ?

Tefi cat – The jepp is when it was my handling care law safe charm i am waiting for my delivery jepp great cherokee limited deluxe 2018 with sunroof # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525;

Israel Ramses Maple Barrier – If I am not mistaken, there are no more than 6 cars at the end of the year.

Jaime zuñiga – Would have been ideal for a good time off road, off road.

Eri the – Holo Gonzalo what version with V6 engine ?? oven
Do you know about the yield of fuel ⛽️ in v6 version?
Thanks Carnal # 128537; ✨haha

Alhuol huol – The transmission is a zf of 8 exchange no 6

Miguel peralta – Now if gonzo likes me the video !!!

EDGAR TEJEDA – It does not have 6 speeds the box … it’s of 8 … the famous zf8 made in Germany … the same as the Touareg … diver!

Ibrahim naanaua – I have 2 jeep grand cherokee one wk and one wj and I am the best that I have

Ramiro garcia – Hey yokiero cash out gustabo kerrekusitos nesesito to cash out jeep 2017 contests ready

Ramiro garcia – If megusta

Jorge sanchez – Gonzalo should also try the dodge durango

Daniel Talero – Gonzalo would be possible to pike between the Cherokee and the Ford Escape?

Beatriz ramirez – For when the jeep renegade # 128420;

Beto garcia h – Daddies have one and the truth is very good, very economical in fuel despite it is a very comfortable dresser

Fernando castillo – Where are you recording?

Claudia Leticia Ramírez Rojas – Hello Gonzalo, I would love you to stay in the Baic D20 in the upper part of the world, you will be able to stay with your discriminators towards Chinese cars, you will experience my honesty to the time of handling. The cars thrill see me "from 0 to 100"
Thank you! Greetings! oven

Alejandro Paco Meraza – Take it out to the terrace

Jose Eduardo Esquivel Castillo – They are having a great time with their 2015 GrandCherokee v6.

Alexuin – Beautiful Motor Definitely Something Is Doing Badly With The Moderns.

Tarango iron – I have a big jeep cherokee limited 2000 v8 4.7 lts 4×4 all time and no one road detains me and in speed at any car already behind me # 128156; # 128668;

Juan Hector Perez Hernandez – I consider it a misunderstanding that this SUV, Grand Cherokee, is one of the 2 or 3 vehicles with the best handling, which has been available on the market today. Unfortunately, the consumption of fuel scratched in the Insane is too sinful. I have 2 friends who have been here, managing the quietest possible farm, quite the 4 km / liter. Don’t saucer strong because the tank vacated you.

Zohar beltran – Hi Gonzalo, excellent as always Bro, I would have been super muddy in the field and the Sorento and probing offroad capabilities. But models of Jeep please. What jeep do you have?.

Cesar Daniel Montes De Oca – For when GMC Land Denali AWD.

Carlos Roses – Saay prices

Carlos Gabriel Flores Gomez – Good video gonzalo such….

Diego paulin – A shocked one

Enrique martinez – The best trick of jeep luxury # 128151;

Its brayton1281 YT – Review of pole and lion
Please gonzalo

Alejandro Zamora – My esteemed, be a fan of the channel since its beginning … Excellent review as always

Jose Reyes – It was super excited by the vehicle, and since you made a speech and see the tongues that would tell you logic and objectivity and the specs you just had to stop the video. You will have a good time with a good time and enjoy your time Together if you are interested in it. have to be OBJECTIVE and IMPARCIAL.

Lalo rodriguez – Wave Gonzalo excellent reviews, I would love to make a decision about these Mazda 6 vs. cars. Kia Optima and Mazda cx9 vs. Ford Explorer Limited The use of a couple of times a year, from one of those to Mazatlan 7 there is an Average self….


JKOLIVARES – 6 speed in the old automatic box .

Jesus ld jmz – 3:39 the best part of the video is nothing like motor roaring

Christian warrior – I want to ask you for an opinion, I’m trading in my X-Trail 16 for another brand, for which I mention my best option, In brand care Strong HB SX, Mazda 3 S Wide Touring HB Golf Highline. It is worth I mentioning that I have never had a car with a turbo, and I do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to handle it, and if I have better handling than an aspirated engine….

Luis galindo – Great bro videos!!!

SEBASTIAN G – What reaches with 50,000 pesos

Aleks GZ – Very good review …. but if it is very expensive but that is excellent nor to doubt it

Antonio ramos – This is slow. But for the SRT

Daniel Morelly – Test the honda agreement 2017

Jorge perez – Ideally, it is equipped with fuel for $ 1,522 per liter

Aldhair zsniper – Excellent video Gonzalo should hacking a video of a Subaru WRX STI on it’s a lot of information on these types of cars..

Dieter schuler ortiz – This model of Jeep in the middle of the river 8.2 km / L

Jeep grand cherokee 4x4 pickup truck what but do you want?

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