Jeep grand cherokee overland v6-test-matter antico

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland V6 Test Matias Antico

To be tested, the TV program is full of the Grand Cherokee suion full, just arrived in the country. Engine of 286 hp, automatic transmission of five …

Arturo colturi cambso – The aid is not 20 inches of 18.

Mario nava – 30 years to Spin Doctors

Yoel hernandez – I have the 2012 # 128077; # 128076; # 129300;

Thiago stigarribia – LOVES me the big cherokee jeep

Thiago stigarribia – Enamored me the Grand Cherokee Geep

Sadil Fernando Garcia Alfonso – It’s a tremendous bus! The Argentines who can buy it !! No doubt it is a good investment better than the autographs that sells to the people!!

Richard Reyes Bike – Much good Asians test as if they do. Already ready understood me after seeing this test

Bernat Carbó – Video of Volkswagen Touareg please!

Mary mary – Jeep renegade

Veronica ribibe – Hello, I’m thinking of the Grand Cherokee V8 old lady. If not at 5.2L 97/98 you will need the line and fetch to 2000, that there are 4.7L. What suggest me?

Blackcloud11 – No doubt you can resist the moose, you’re super insecure…

Yanina rodriguez – Uk.

Pablo A. Rossi – Answerl

José Miguel Garcia Torrico – In the future with 8 steps?

Megaowner – 86000 Dollars for an intermediate version? The HEMI V8 version (360 hp) 4×4 there automatic box of 8 speeds with a 65000 dollars. For the cost is high in Argentina?

Viturro100 – Good angles of attack ????, look at the front bumper, the distance with the floor, with grills not much discard, love the jeep brand, but are only for ruta and clay well

Walter mangione – Cosa of rich, millionaire, packs, glasses rotosss .. would cost me saving money and all the ball 10 years of my life buymela, working honorably, I understand grimaces, caretones … he who can buy asian day to day, because that’s Ricachon, it costs around $ 560,000 pesos, and cool me … soundssss of re thousand putasssssss….. 

Bratzo reyes albarracin – Hello scribe from Arequipa, there is the new suspension, the opinion of the truck is excellent, very imposing and comfortable in the world, but in the creas that is a senorita ypra … me the island al Dakar oh the hills and dunes and Sincerely to be a truck of mine … When the Cherokee went like nothing, Regards.

Kenzo201093 – But does yours not hold the suspension of area? That’s the weight. I am from Peru, same. From what part are you writing? What do you think of the trick? I’m interested in this one.!

Bratzo reyes albarracin – Greetings from Peru and I have a 2012 here I like it 59000 in limited version and 0 to 100 km in 7 seconds timed by same and in the video say that in 10 seconds? Will there be anything to see in the country? Good explanation regards.

Valentino Luka – A week ago, a couple of times ago in the new jeep 2013, so on !!! beautiful!

Juan berton – As the changed the number to the channel?

Juan berton – Go see that silver !! xd you recommend the volkswagen touareg that is a maquinon though i am between this jeep cherokee overland and the touareg

Andres martinez – It is possible to understand a premium SUV.
Between this and you go to explore which I recommended.
THANK YOU excellent program

Kenzo201093 – Now it will have a box of 8 steps. You heard Matthias! already

Kenzo201093 – I miss you to try the lavafaros. in Peru the version laredo costs 45, there are ready tending one, worries the angle of crests that is somewhat limited in this version (19 grads), in the overland up to 23.1 in its maximum height, But its almost 70mil, and I don do not have them. 🙁 LOOK!

German cordoba – This is practically what differentiates it from the facts that you have to pay for being self-imported (for mercosur). all (or all) imported at least 50% impuest for those imported

Khalil Veronessi – The amoooooooooo !! that beautiful cataaaaaaa!!

Khalil Veronessi – I have a mod 1996 !!, you are not really agile, but you are a cruise road, you are not going to hang jama!.

Carlos Rojas Paredes – Than expensive in Argentina, here in Chile, costs approx 56,000 dollars

Matiasantico – We are indestructible, we are no longer the same. looks.

German j – If it can be, but for you, it also weighs a lot of money in this segment. I have a meadow 2004 and a nose that changes, for a new one or a jeep.
Sorry that only naphtha eats

Spinous psi – Very good test! ! I’m really interested in the thing and my consultation by the next video
Can it be possible that is so unstable ??

From already thank you very much!!

German j – What are your direct competitors of this great cherokee? in relationship price product in argentina? you mention the vw but it’s very expensive

Matiasantico – You can search the channel and you will find various models of both brands..

Matiasantico – Regrettably no, the Durango does not sell in Argentina. looks.

Sandqwert – Interested I hurt this test too !!! To all of them we are waiting for your mouth water … Do you have the idea of ​​the price of 1.4 nafteros? Thank you!

Matiasantico – I have requested it. You have no time when you get it for the magazine. Seek to get to naftero.

Matiasantico – I have requested it. You have no time when you get it for the magazine. Seek to get to naftero.

Fran1244 – When the Fiat Fiat Bravo?

Fran1244 – But Argentina does not have a deal with the USA. Connected with Mercosur and Mexico, it has been cut.

Sergio rodriguez – I follow a Colombia. I have a woretud in Colombia sells many hyundai and kia brands. In Argentina only such. Please note that our program is with tags. Departures from Colombia

Sandqwert – When dirty test Fiat Bravo?
Thank you!

Gabriel caffaratti – Hello there, there are no new features of the crd version of this new model of the Grand Cherokee ??
Thank you

Matiasantico – Now do not fear the ridiculous, already

Matiasantico – Arrives at the end of Argentina. If we pay it, we prove it. hug

Capeoutoutuve – Very good test! congratulations!
Jeep grand cherokee overland v6-test-matter antico
a well saladito the price it costs the half that a porsche cayane …. if so you see, it is on offer.

Matías cuitiño – Friends taking the test of WRANGLER RUBICON? They’ve always been to Chile. hug !!

Mayta pepe – You are right with the theme of the box, this one but for the sake of speed and speed, it is very important Box of the previous generation WK, and I have a Laredo 3.7 that has 16 liters in the city and 11 in the highway , certainly the qualitative leap is remarkable with this new generation, with 400 kg. less greetings from Peru.

Marcos agote-robertson – 85 profit? but … it costs the same as a caravan … are but technically sophisticated in the caravan, one is very expensive or the other is very expensive..

Marcos agote-robertson – The gesture if, only with the help !!! You go to earn another meme…

Steal steal – That’s good !! I hope to get them done. There are many questions about the Evoque, according to the winds, in the goal of 20 happy poses. And I do not think that any of these give way to beauty. Regards! Your not The CC, right? eh eh

Matiasantico – I’m here with you, but Chrysler Argentina declares them in CV.

Matiasantico – Well, in short I have to travel to DF with some channel. I got the department and a permanent residence, hehe.

Nicolas rough – Hahahahaha epic answer!

Matiasantico – If you want to know more about this, please contact the director of the import, and what we want to "damage"…

Steal steal – Oops that’s good, but it’s late from home. We have thought to test the Evoque .. only for the same price. Very good them all test! Thanks!!

CHRISTInN TRUJILLO – Hello friends, I have a question: Argentina has free trades with the USA? it’s not costing you 3 times but this SUV, here in Mexico version V6 Pentastar 3.6 L. of 290 Hp costs 34000 Us, the league version V8 HEMI of 5.7 L Of 360 hp in 46000 Us and last rabid SRT8 HEMI V8 of 6.4 L. of 465 hp in 65000 Us. The V8 HEMI is able to disconnect 4 cylinders when not needed and its facts in Coahuila- Mexico.

Maycol vergara – What’s wrong with the treats! thanks knew 4×4 system !!

Jorge ramirez – Great video, do not doubt this type test is missing in Mexico!!!

German j – Matias, I have a toyota land cruiser meadow 2004, I am big truth means satisfaction, but I want to change, I am among a meadow it is the great cherokee, that you recommend?

Bitch slaper! – The true antico …. hat !!! You are the greatest admirer of the world, and you are the greatest admirer of the world. I will kill you approval

An honest citizen – Comfort as always, but do not fall for me. Mid referents are the 5.7 of 356 hp.
This with 286 hp plus 200kg permanent light armor is about to convert in an aloe.

Juan Estévez Jáuregui – Excellent informs! and impressive the trucketa!

Matiasantico – Probably But I do not have 86 millet dollars to buy it, nor me the ham, hehe.

Walter – If it was your stuff the jeep, no embarrassment asi nor in pedo.

Matiasantico – Gino, I’ll take care of you and I will 30 minutes and then the editor has to reduce it. We are trying to show you everything that is important and important. If you want that in the test I’m in my corner, I’m in my room. I give myself to it, I give myself to it … hug.

Ginob96 – Very good test! Why do you have to test wide? I prefer to test 30 minutes and whatever I want to do, and I will not be the only one…

Duck24 – What good things, the previous versions were pretty bad…

Duck24 – The new issue is a new generation of turbocharged engines….

Juan Carlos Pangulio – Just like the little embarrassment, hahahahaha very good test, the best lion programs, GREETINGS!

MrLeandroDA – I love the GC, his best paragon of Jeep, enchants me but this design, comfort and the system of suspense. The point is that the V6 and the V8 are not excessive. Impeccable the test, greetings

Roast duck – Impressive antico test! and I from the Eld of 10!

Sandqwert – Very good video! … very good review, have our accustomed! … I look forward to the Bravo test =)

Jose gauna – Decide that no entertainer Antico, with toy !! Impeccable jeep !

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