Jeep grand cherokee srt-a muscle car for the whole family.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-A muscle car for the family.

Price range: $ 719900- $ 1174900 MXN Model price in video: $ 1174900 MXN Gabo Salazar introduces you to the car in Mexico and the world.

CHRISTIAN TOP – If it does not go to the bottle

You are going to – See me have a compass for presuming

Richard Jimenez – I think we are the muscle of the United States for the United States or the countries where the gasoline costs 3 dollars was worth the gallon 1 dollar with 25 liters, or as I have seen some comments are worth the price in your country orical Politicians Here In my country Dominican Republic his favorite sights of the drug dealers and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

J cerna – That price has one of these?

JAVIER ALVERTO – This is the difference between a track and a track.?

ARTURO MONTES – The chabelo of the cars is just missing the catapult jajajajaja

Irvin solis – I want a goal with friends say that is for girls # 129300; question would be true esaen is also for

Alberto abreguth – When to play the Jaguar F-pace SVR 2019?

Josefina Alarcon – How much is the trucketa in mexico?

Jorge flowers – I’m 16 years old and I’ve thought of buying this great stuff when end put studios

Raul garcia – You are a beast !!! It’s for someone that dig … LO WHAT CUEST …. MVM

NENE BAD tamariz – The GPS that treats an asco !!!!

PUNCTURE z – Whore Tetotas Of This Vato

Waldemar krzychowiec – Fantastyczny prezent at Dzień Ojca: 0)

Eden d – No mames gabo, all of them have exchanges with palettes

Charles lives – I like your videos gaboo excels the true and my guide of cars how you were passionate about the cars

Esau starve – I am poor but if I had money I would understand Mercedez or Volvo. You have the gringo car. Los Mexicans We should do the same to buy gringo cars. To give the trumpet.

Sheras castle – All the cherokee his beautifulness of trucketas excellent video # 128077;

Miguel oramas – What class of dodge is this xd

Alfredo castillo andrade – If you want to buy whiskey for the ice…

Frank saravia – This beautiful of Jeep, Monday, 2017, sells in $ 22000.

George27484 – At Rick’s place, it looks like a dodge durango

Sergio Vargas Gonzalez – I have targeted some other programs of the same theme, and without the best rey; There is a wonderful panorama of both the interior and the exterior. Also, good data and tips, in a relaxed atmosphere are sometimes fun. In the case of Water, the test of the solo bar seems to make me graceful. Cheers king! It’s the best.

Eduardo perez – At minus protection bar?

Edrel lopez – Is I sounds like a Durango? gold

Sica 47 anthrax – To see the armed nissan

Seed corp – This page is translated from French. Versier of Jeep Cherokee but no price that supports MEXICO in dollars and as a suggestion if you should decide the prices in dollars and the country of paori

Mrbugs –

xXRodXx -_- – In summary is a dodge challenger trucketa

JOHOSAHU – Gabo with long sleeve and the heat you see in the video: v

Jose Carlos – Gordito we have to put the price in dollars we are not all of Mexico City Mexico do not forget FORD EXPEDITION 2019

Gregory rosy – I held the grand cherokee limited 5.7lt. Hemi and the cage for one of these only in the power and consumption 13 liters in 100 km .. is a beast.

Rufino avina – Buying this ship

Raaser rm – I have that thing and I don’t think it’s a good thing..

Brandon sunday – X your engineering position Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram # 128526; # 128525; # 128525; # 128077;

Fredy frank – Gabo for when to record the new sports of jeep ocea the trackhook

Freddy rafael – You never saw the engine, excellent way to lose 30 minutes.

ALBERTO GONZALEZ RUBALCAVA – Good presentation, very objective!

Edgar romero dominguez – This is my favorite priest, but it’s the 2014 srt

Ireland carranza – The Grand Cherokee, do not compete for the best.

Ireland carranza – The big cherokee jeep, my favorite bus and I have one .

Arturo Enrique H.V – Brother do you think that you can make a video of Cherokee limited model kk since 2011 or 2012? 3.7L v6? Not so common in Latin America. Greetings from Peru. Jeep stamina!

Capable chiricano – Gabo greetings from panama.

F. German – Minute 1. 40 …. when you were 15 minutes from being alone kissing with your girlfriend, # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Jorge cruz z. – Should not draw comparative between the srt and the trakhawk

Ramon vazquez – Make a video of the UAZ cars.

Gift v – In the picture of a big tits

Cherokee XXX – Small Butt At The Arrives At Hyundai Accent, Solo With The Rugs Smashes The Poor Jeep

Emiliano ortiz – That after this dick

Frank guillermo – Lifejones for this price buy a Volvo XC90 that fits in the rear plates and even a hybrid BMW X5.

Samuel trujil – If I can work I can buy one in 15 years

Jorge luis ruvalcaba – 13:35 the best 100% real fake reaction

THE GÜERO – 9:31

Miguel bravo – The best jeep, according to my perspective

Jose Ayala m. – Good job with your reviews, always very attentive, best wishes. But take care of your wardrobe, Man boobs? Nooo you! Already eat dairy and haz gaboooo…

Andrés Gerardo Peña Bladé – Personally, did you include the Grand Cherokee or the X5, GLE, Range Rover Sport, Porshe Cayenne? Assuming that the price is no problem.

Pepe martinez garcia – Potential water.

Kevin Eduardo Diaz Padilla – Gabo I’m here

Angel hidalgo – Which is better between Durango and Grand Cherokee and why? What are you waiting for? Both model 2019

Alvaro Castillo Zarate – Hahaha For 200 thousand apples, one macan. Much but viable to macan.

Tre i lov3r x – How much is pampering my by esa srt???

Royer Quinde Soto – How much are in dollars and those millions of pesos! Greetings from peru.

Setting up idarraga hincpie – What good gabo, greetings from Bogota Colombia

Charly garage garage – What it’s the cherokee summit 2014?

Isac ivera – What lashes, gabo!!

Luis felipe villarreal – For the BMW X5 Sport test?

The viliyin – The best self for less than a million and average
But the pinch trailer saves more gas v:


Julian Vargas – Hello I would like to worm a bmw x6

Eigan92 – This thing spits naphtha parked, just like her beautiful!

Mayra carrillo – I have a big cherokee 2009

Pepeyito play – Pimp of white corn………………..

Ricardo torres – For when the trackhawk??

Jj rr – Texaco the taste is

Juan _ – If you want to go slower, do not you understand a srt…

Kike quintanilla – Price in Spain? From the used model in the video?

B’enja Mixx Cars Vlogs – How many kilometers by liter?

Fernando castillo palaces – Very good review

Sadil Fernando Garcia Alfonso – Great bus !!! A fascinated me!!

Abel manicles – And the when trackhawk!?

Luis taboada – 7:58 below ground # 128514; # 128514;

Luis taboada – Unboxin from the ranger rover please

Manuel parraga – Explode!

Manuel parraga – Explode!

Super cars rd – Porsche Cayenne Competence

Jhon garcia – Uuuuuuuu mieeeechii that soj maj talk that sorcerer trout jaaajajajaaa # 128515;

Lalo gomez – In general, you would see it very well, but it would be nice to see the quality of the audio of the vehicles in particular seems to me an important point.

Hector mosquera – Toyota Lc 200 Speaks

Buuu video – Gabo excellent your videos # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; 10. Dog we would like that when I think about it I would also like it I think that it is easier than the right wing. 4 God bless It

Chubby lush – Not the same as in United States, a disappointment for this cost … greetings!!!

Phoenix the cat – How much would it cost in chilean weight??

Gucci, naaa: v – Gabo is a rare bit since a little old model of the brand jeep but please the best videos of the jeep grand cherokee 2004., please have a look at this video, you can not get away from it, I’m in the mood for You You are important to know that you have a good one, but if you want to know that you need to know that..

Gustavo henriquez – Price in dollars ??

Jgth – Music shit of melody shit you speaking fast and the music behind the exploding head



Jairo sanchez – Tremendous

Ivan Navarrete – That’s my awesome car

Carlos Rivas – There were so many "so" in so well minutes already

Junior Marine taken – Gabon Price in Dollars Please

Luis ernesto garcia rivas – What is your price in dolars

Dogy equalizer – Only American cars have a great career, the only thing that European cars and the rest of the world have with boys!?

Charlie what – See this video and broken me to see my cherokee 2003

Eat eat – When driving in a car, it would be easier to access car.

Juan Luis O.I – Asked me to take a look at the euro 6 this machine?

ERICK SERRANO – And the cheating engine of hell is out

Jesus Yeferson Remigio Cisneros – Jeep holds autos of 3 rows??

German uribe – The cagaron with this bumper is pretty pretty pretty of the srt

Nicolas Donato Annicchiarico Daza – You say only if, you say that no. To the end that?

Israel Lopez – When the charge

Polite – The lot of money
Too my dream
Working hard to achieve

Victor lara – AWESOME !! SUV all well except if you think

Carlos Valle – Does anyone know why the superautos take "water" so that it is liquid by the exhaust when accelerating?

Mario gamma – Do not know how to change

John restricted – Hello gaby and what’s the iconic but of the brand thanks to a lot since colombia

Gorak bmx – It’s like the copy of the Durango, but in Jeep

Martin martinez – V8!

Errick garcia – 1:28 The Tale The Beast That You Hide The Pants XD

Adrian deer flowers – That chingadera spends gas chingo to the best tricks give you more km Pinche van ugly

Emmanuel gomez – Good that josh, where did you get the drake.

At face – The big cherokee and the iconic of the jeep that the wrangler??

Gerardo road – Ford edge

Julio Jose Peña – In the minute 9:02, what if this engine vene 6.4L? I say that is me.

Mr. Vargas – I want one

Count patula – Taste did it to me in tenderness:

BRAYAN HDZ – And I feel that I had to see myself in the expedition of my dad

Sergio n – 5:55 "And you are out of the way," hahahaha

Luis vlogs – Is 6.4l not? In the datasheet says 6.7l

Carlos Gutierrez – HE’S TOTALLY UNSTABLE


Luis martinez gonzalez – Is that something with her already like like that? Why gringo millionaires buy it as hot bread

Moses perez – Brazier we bridge

Yecid Jaime Ramos – Hi For when you rediw the NISSAN Murano

Cable77500 – Min 8:48 cum passes Min passes Min Min Min Min Min Min Min Min Min Min

Oviedo shama – Dodge durango srt

Payamps 17 – There is that the cost of money

Alan campelo – Hello gabriel
I am Brazilian and here from Colombia where I live …. with the information of the ford edge!!!!

YVAHU Gta – The Dodge Durango Srt And The Great Cheeroke Is The Same!!!

ART ROD – Why in has 3 row should

Alexander 31 – What is the Durango RT or the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT?

Manel tunas – That such! I think that is an imposing thing there is ve phenomenal, just that it was a test where an obstacle and the trick in this test box flips, enchants me this tricky goal that video make me you will recommend it is safe to buy?


Juan perez – FOR WHEN THE LADA NIVA…???

Ranch lamiseria – Very cool cars like I would like to buy $$$$ so I can buy the car

Juan Carlos Rodriguez – I saw in the cheroky srt

Luis martinez gonzalez – There are already turbos that do not make lag
Still tastes me this natural aspirated supermotor # 128518; # 128526;

Jsjsjsjsjs – Very good design like me

Israel will – All of them (a Cherokee) His High Chingoneria, he is the one who wants to bring him daily, the fuel is no problem, the security of what he wants to be, he will do, the price and the truth is worth every penny , In Europe he is buying this season, is the best product of all FCA, he says.

GREKO H-S – 2017 Dodge Durango for my faira more competition…

Luis martinez gonzalez – If you are interested in this, you need to know more about it..!

Eduardo hdez – You are useless making videos on these superbly beloved ones

Siddharta senpai – Like if in the minute 3:39 look that said gaby I’m here

DM AR – Dona durango is a copy of the Dodge durango, which has been used for the sound of the engine, there is the lantern hidden in the back part .. enchants me this jeep, also the ford explores for me.

Nacho bga – #GUAPURA

Willbarq b. – Ga is Gy # 129300;

Rodrigo Borjas – Where is the challenger

Immanuel guerrero garcia – Like me your videos but I must decide the price of the veyculos in dollars

Ms – I just know that you are the love!!!

Efren herrera – Following you numbered English Cherokee and srt says in Spanish

Hanna irabuengoitia – No one can be honest with the other person who is pampered in contact with each other.

Marcelo huarachi – Single

Marcelo huarachi – Excellent

Marcelo huarachi – Buenazo

Jeans – Punch shit fat # 128514;

Wild mebund – The many times are there, if you want to go to this place, you will have a good time.

IQ JOMAR ROGUE TARGET – If I will be able to understand an american truck R / T durango

Harry molto – I insist on the black kidneys degrading the sight and devaluation of the autos, the impression that the Robaron the Ruins, well saying Gabo, the low profile, the other Super!

Norcam21 – Thinking to sell my kid to get this MACHINE ✌ # 128513;

Luis Narváez Gómez – Management position in the second row of Asians: ‘V

Christian rabay – What’s wrong with me. Beautiful so so trucker.

Oscar Garcia – Is your crossover? oven

Jc4 – 5.7km per night = 1km per night in the periphery, good luck

Gustavo mendez – We must try the LAREDO the majority of them we see these channels in the search for the super self

Osvaldo1108 branch – If you do not know how to use gasoline

Uriel jimenez – Show the tahoe 2017 !!

MOIC DESIGN AND COMFORT – Hehehehe There’s going to the crossfit … hehehe very good. Good review regards.

Emiliano xocoyotzin – Hey my Gabo of the questions: Did you have videos of Land Rover? and other Did you have videos of Izusu cars? Congratulate you on the way by the vehicles.!!!

Helen gastaldi – Thai you can have aaaaaa Va very import that is’a side by side a bmw or a mercedes, many say I won’t buy that garbage for a lot of people, if, I don’t know how to buy that kind of stuff , do you think it’s a golden mercedes? What is the import of are there better? This is the tip of the truck and its for people that in the duel cash out of the wallet.

Marked army – Do you prefer that an Audi rs3 the BMW m2 the cla amg and because ?

Nasim – In particular, please inquire?

Miguel Alejandro Cardona – Much priest the model, but very expensive, and I say that better common goal models, for Mexicans of a pie. Lately I’ve seen many of your videos and so on the ground of 1000,000, greetings. Your videos are very good.

Christian alcala – Very good design
No kmo the Jeep Cherokee
From 2014 I made a substitute for trash and terrific design

Anibal cervantes – Dear Gabon, understands that it keeps a thousand wonders you have trucked for the market fucked with the wage of poor, this is the one that buys the house of infonavit has 30 years already lol and if "damn poverty" but thanks for doing we are Delicious for soos.

Oskar thiele – Because it trauma to the plastics late the whole time will give trash

Jaime here and am – But and how much it costs

Juan rodelo – The people who have these deomatics should take the baches better than many suv….

Javier tinoco – 12:15 pm the traffic arrives

Cucumber fluttering – I want this stuffed enchants me to chingo # 128525; # 128076; # 128170;

Luigi Petroccione – Grand Cherokee vs Toyota Fortuner?

Pedro arm – SRT Super Sedan Gasoline Daily Me.

Sergio vazquez – Imbecile first that see that says it would be so slow this jeep.

Jesus valdez – In the pure test it was spoiled one of the tanks of gasoline..

Jeffrey muffica – With full tank, how many kilometers can you do? … in normal sport

Julyv2k00 – Brother is 4×4?

Alan reyes – I enchants that abrupt sea the trucketa echa to run

Ulysses humberto acevedo – And grab them for those clings when you’re thrilled daddy! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Leo count – Greetings always with excellent videos I would like to talk about the Acadia there sober the Escalade ext!!

Christian G.S. – Like if vinist by esa home of gabo and her breasts

Harlee palaces – I prefer Jeep before that any other Maca of auto…

Harlee palaces – As noted that much in the knowledge of these cars and engines is not in the slightest idea
When gets fucked all hot jeep is one of the best a lot of strength

Jeep grand cherokee srt-a muscle car for the whole family.

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