Review: 2019 grand cherokee overland jeep (5.7l) – the last hurray

Review: 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (5.7L) – The Last Hurray

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Melissa kendrick – Have the 2015 version of this exact Jeep, white and everything. I love my jeep

Patrick jackson – The hole you said is a lamp that shines down on the console is false. Attacking an infrared sensor for the dual climate control.

Mke dan – We got a 19 Limited with the Hemi and other than the BS FCA sales experience, love it. We got 24 mpg on a 3,000 mile round trip to Florida, A / C running and 4 people and luggage packed up to the max. For a 360 HP beast.

Martin milata – Just make electronic emergency brake

Yael rii14 – I’d like Crysler to add:
1.courtesy lights on the door

Yael rii14 – Agreed, this is just beautiful, good looking…
I just can’t find anything to change my oh my oh my … just great SUV

Matthew gubitosi – You mentioned the Jeep could go into a lower hydraulic setting when in park. How do you set that?

Bryan camp – Great review!

Sundogtune – (FREE UPGRADE) and this is an awesome suv !! Kinda of makes me want to buy one. only had 40 miles on it when picked up. after driving it had 700 miles. (driving in Cali, down the pch and elsewhere). We even took it out on pismo beach. I had never heard of the overland before. but i think this thing could do a whole lot!!

Brjha – FCA’s best cam products from the Daimler-Chrysler merger. It would be a good idea to go for a ride on the road..

White ranger tiger power – Going so glad I can have something I can call a baby very nice shiny as hell on the road;)

Balakishi aliyev – I thought that 5.7 engine is not existing in this model of GC

My kingdom canada – Very elegant car, love it!

Kckrol85 – What kind of highway mileage on the 5.7?

Theillogicalparadox – The 5.7L w / Tassel exhaust would be excellent.

Jesus quezada – I like the rims

Mke dan – Very nice job, but here is my problem with FCA (and I’m an employee). I would only consider the Hemi V8 which puts me at a limited or higher trim option. we went shopping at the end of 2018. I could get a new 2018 limited ($ 42k msrp) for $ 32K with all the discounts, not bad, but V6, the only Hemi they could find at 2019 Overland at around $ 48K. We keep our vehicles until they are so important I’m not going to spend over $ 15,000 to get to Hemi, sorry FCA…

Austin aubinoe – The wheels were also available in 2018, and are called the Heritage Wheel. The were to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Grand Cherokee. The 1993 Grand Cherokee limited has a similar 15 "snowflake wheel to celebrate 80 years of family business, my dad bought a 2018 trackhawk and I bought his 2013 5.7L overland.As an XJ and SJ chassis jeep pureist, I was hesitant when the went for a long time, but they were good for the price, they are easy to work on and you can fit a 32 "pull stock. The air suspension has also given me no issues with 106k miles, and I think it is at $ 50k. It’s pretty much nothing made in its class with a V8. I agree that it can go sooner than later. Just installed a Mopar intake, which looks way cool. REALLY want to find a set of wheels next.

Jazzy xo – Beautiful suv

Jaimee bridges – He said this will be the last year for the overland? Heartbroken i love my hemi!!

Leonardo sasso – Why are the front lights flickering?

Trqmj – I have the 5.7L Hemi on my Chrysler 300c. It is a beast.

J p – I like the video, I have a question does the engine shut down when you come back? And if so how can you by-pass this feature? Thanks JP

Stephen beaton – Improving a Landcruiser, but this was a great video. Good content and very informative…

m P – I’ve never seen a car

Theresa gallagher – Did you own two of ’em? Lol

John bauernfeind – More on hemi. The added 200 lbs give Jeep a different ride and handling. Worth the $

John bauernfeind – Adding to the mix….
They must use different spray the trim pieces are not flush.

John bauernfeind – 12 in city

Krishna – Good review! What is the typical mileage in the city on 5.7 Hemi

Thomas maresh – The last year of a generation is usually the best. They have fixed all of the problems they can and just make it as bad as possible. That’s the one to get you in the market for a used vehicle. Now, in this case, because We know this is the last year for the WK2, a good buy if you are in the market for a new vehicle…

Also, make sure it is a "Thursday" car. 🙂

Vincenzo g – @ Apex Reviews-Being an "Overland" trim level, the "soft touch" materials are top of the door cards are actually "Leather", all over the top level trims that have the upgraded leather (Overland / Summit) the dashboard, Front Door trims at the top & rear doors.

MultiSkyman1 – Thanks for explaining the manual shift mode positions. I have heard people bitch the +/- should face the other way. Your explanation makes sense.

Young simba – Outdated look

Stephen zancheez – I have the trailhawk version, it has the swayed seats and are super comfortable, just wish it had the LED HEADLAMPS

HahasoNotorious 327 – Not far from me, I live in Saginaw

YAMI REYES – You were saying that this is the last year of this outside look. Going going to happen with the 2020 models? We are enjoying a different body style 2020s?

Paul kevin – How did you get to 2019 JGC when they were not even?

Qugie – Yea I have the flash light in my Jeep and I use it a lot to show off the fact I never really used it..

Clay spillman – Thanks for all the V8 folks commenting that you love the engine. I have a 2015 V6 Summit … best car What is your real-world gas mileage with the cylinder deactivation? Do the 2018’s have altitude display. I LOVE that option. Lastly, any diesel owners? I found it interesting that if you build a 2019 GC on the jeep site. They have too many 2018’s left over?

Urban urban man – Be ready for your Leather Dash to start peeling back. I have a 2013 overland, they’ve replaced it twice. Both times it peeled back. They’ve had 1000s and 1000s claims on it. I would have opted for a Trailhawk or other As the 19s being the last year, that’s not true. They are going to run this platform through at least 2021.The leather seats lasted just fine. I have 156K miles on mine..they look new Here’s a link to the Jeep Road map To future builds. You will see no change for Great until 2022 Jeep-2018-2022-roadmap-revealed /

Omar b – What are the common problems? Are they been fixed over the years?

Karson fenton – I have a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited. YUMMY I love it. Good in winter good in summer.

Brisoup1 – I Have a 2014 JGC and I use the flashlight often. It’s got me out of a couple’s legs. I’m trying to save a few bucks…

BRIZLOVESPINK – I have a 2018 altitude in white and I love it, i get too many compliments on it and some hate

Josh witt – Love the video but I was really excited about the jeep around.

Ralph martin – Towing package / Towing Mode? Trailer braking controller?

Oscar Bardari – Cherokee on the side cherokee on the side

Armando sturzenegger – People should really take a serious crash in this expensive suv for the safety of your loved ones. Go check and search this 2019 model.

Savage salad – 5.7 is the only engine that belongs to a grand cherokee

Harpoon2therescue – Jeep Cherokee. Still more Cherokee than Elizabeth Warren.

Mc8888 – I have this exact SUV since 2014, can not believe it has changed a bit!

Oliver ceberg – Good review-thanks! Greetings from a Swiss Gr. Cherokee Owner # 127464; # 127469;

Nhseacoast – Nice # 128077; Review! Is the 2019 Grand Cherokee the last model year before a major model change ?

Manny acosta – Same old shit!

Quick dubbs – From this video the only difference I am the wheel wells. Looks like they are slightly revised. Great jeep, and the 1 I’ll go 4 if I don’t go with this F150!

Carlos herrera – Greetings, i would like to know if we will have the trailhawk 2019 version, thanks.

LAST COWBOY – Good review

PAPPY 40 – Great job 1.What model would you like to do? Grand Cherokee ru disappointed in lack of storage space behind the rear seat? I have a regular Cherokee and it’s a tight diagonal squeeze for golf clubs.

Edward bliffin – No such thing as too much Bass lol

Brian rosy – It looks good. It’s starting to show its age tho

John bauernfeind – I had two X 5’s prior to the Jeep. I had 22 seating positions in them but could not find a comfortable setting. I had it all the way We have long drive …. never with Jeep. Only complaint White Pearl paint. The Trim around the tires is not the same color as the rest of car; Different kind. I think the pieces are painted with a different spray.

Jeffery baxter – Good overall review for the 2019 Grand Cherokee Jeep with the Overland trim. It’s agreeable that it has aged model year 2019 model year. Technically based on Jeep’s history, they usually have a generation of 5 or 6 years before. That was not the case this Time, but it’s ok. The vehicle still looks attractive, rugged and is dominating sales. I think the reason why they are heated / ventilated seats. A different setup than the seats that are only heated. It was during the 2018 model I think they Have kicked the flashlight to the curb for the reason mentioned in the video and one of the other reasons that we are looking for. Like what was mentioned in the video, the infotainment system is one of the best in the market. Based on information The 579 liter HEMI V8 engine is great. Last year I test drove the Grand Cherokee with the Limited Kidney that has the same HEMI V8 engine and it moves. Excellent acceleration I currently have the last generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2005 model with The 4.7 liter V8 engine. The WK body style, which lasted from 2005 to 2010. What do you think about it? The shifting in the current generation Grand Cherokee vehicles is a lot faster, smoother and has more continuous motion than mine. Basically, Jeep Grand Cherokee. I think it will be introduced next year in 2019 for the 2020 model year. It should be great. Jeep Grand Cherokee will finally get 3rd row seating. In general, the 3rd row seat was originally Rumored for the body style WK (2005 to 2010) Grand Cherokees and did not become a reality. The 3rd Row Seater was rumored for the current generation Grand Cherokees, but it did not become a reality. Having the 3rd row seating appears in the 5th Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is well overdue and should be good.

C-wow – And yet another dumb reviewer. Right at the beginning …. High Altitude is simply a trimmed-out. The HA does not have some features overhead, dual exhaust, etc……

Brian iley – I have owned 12 Grand Cherokees over twenty years. For the money and service they are the best that money can buy. The reason for the front seats is that they have a cooling fan in the Overland, SRT, and Trackhawk trim levels. The cheaper Models do not have.

John moore – Definitely go to the market for the first time I’ve done it right now Only reason why I had such bad luck with a car.

Sho942000 – So …. I also have a ’15 HEMI Overland. Absolutely love it but it is there (19 audio speaker, QD-II, lane keep assist, etc.) with the changes that they made over the year, major uConnect upgrades, etc. would you say there is enough to make it worth upgrading?

Lynn nabors – Does it have the 360 ​​surround view cam ?

Crypto maniacs – Wow, I love the new changes for 2019.!

Dhanvi achanta – I love the sterling edition wheels # 128525; # 128525; # 128525;

They would him – B4 the srt and trackhawk there was the Cherokee with the v8 i have a 4.7 in my jeep

Dr. o – Does this Jeep run about 80-90k?

David badgett – I was hoping you would have opened the hood ….. maybe the next video?

Glen jackson – How in the hell …. do you review this Jeep …. and do not talk about the ONE SINGLE BIGGEST BREAD IN THE ASS THAT APPEARS TO BE MISSING THIS YEAR???

You know what i speak.

Can you just do not turn it off anymore??

John donate – Very well done review overall. Your overall knowledge and previous ownership of these Jeeps comes through in the review. Looking to get a 2019 SRT myself, and was curious to see the new UConnect system looks. I like it. Would wait for the new WL Next year goal I was buying a first model year run from FCA. Hopefully after ~ 8 years ago got the WK2 squared away. Lol

Pink kim – Very thorough review. Thanks

Broken medic – The 5.7 is an amazing engine that is close to bullet proof. Had 3 of these thru the years.

Mark bryant – Does the Jeep tow package?

Steeltimberwolf – I just wish it would be the option to be on all trims or led headlight option. Halogen headlights have always been horrible.

Simon strother – How would you compare this to a 2017ish Range rover sport

Fitness revenge – I have a 2018 Laredo E 4×4 and I love it best for the money

Mizzou192003 – When did these go on the market? August? Thanks for the review!

Jon hettrick – Can you go off-road with it?

Savagecanucks – I sell these for a living. It’s a disappointment that FCA used the Sterling Edition as left-overs for 19MY. Phenomenal vehicle overall! Hence the # 1 awarded SUV of ALL time!!

Review: 2019 grand cherokee overland jeep (5.7l) - the last hurray

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