1994 Grand cherokee jeep limited wagoner 103k orig mi awd suv

1994 JEEP Grand Cherokee Limited Wagoner 103k Orig Mi AWD SUV

This is a Very Clean 1994 JEEP Grand Cherokee Limited. It is super clean and is a great runner. This jeep has leather …

Savagejesusj j – I have a 94 zj limited 5.2 Check it out @jeeplifejesus I love it

Neil brown – Wonder where this one is now?

Imran abbasi – I love jeep grand cherokee limited 1994

James griffiths – She is a beauty not uncommon to get 500 thousand on these theses

Jean lucas – WHAT KEY VOICE

Jessie – Cool

STINGER MANPAD – Get Euro lights and it will be twice nicer

Mario table – I FUCKING LOVE YOUR CAR!!!!

Jason cape – ZJ models were from 93 to 98 i just picked up an almost mint 95 ZJ light gray in gold trip V8 5.2 liter limited

Kevin feliciano – There was a chip in the windshield on the drivers side

Kevin feliciano – The Early 90s Jeep Cherokee were the bombshell they should be classics by now.

Anthony 95 jeep – Man I miss my 94 zj so bad. If I ever found it again I’d buy it back in a heartbeat.

Kevin feliciano – I always like these mid 90s jeeps

Ezzat fathy – Nice because

Cube computer channel – 2:14 Gold just buy a new set of headlamps for ~ $ 40.

Heartline flatline – Sexy I would say.Only problem with used cars cleaned up (especially under / over engine). Best to look at when it is not raining. I prefer to be used inside the engine. NOT engine and under. But she is nice. V8 make it sweeter.

Regigigagod – That’s such a clean Jeep. A spitting image of mine, just one year before mine.

Ryan howell – Best suv ever

Cesur akan – Alalıştırsana be malll sesini duyalım 

NEETHERREALM1 Silver – I like this suv

CORDELL JUWON LEWIS – 1st Generation of Grand Cherokee 1993-1998

CORDELL JUWON LEWIS – 1993-1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Theoffroadguy – I would not mind one like this

James dwyer – Man the ’97 refresh did wonders for the ZJ …. that thing looks extremely 90’s. Also glade mine has the 4-Lo on the Quadratrac Transfer box. Clean jeep though.  

Soulfiree88 – I have the exact same one ^ _ ^ in perfect condition

Midnightclublalady89 – I got to 96

Joseph Sanchez – I’m getting sick of being sick

M HS – It, nice but i have 1993 limited full factory off road 5.2 with only 71k mile on it, i am a second owner and first owner was an old guy and he never took it off the road or any.
Mine is like brand new.

Midnightclublalady89 – Nice looking Jeep to be 19 years old. They really took care of it.

Theoffroadguy – Do you have the 1998 5.9 grand cherokee on there

Michael – Transmissions are awful on this jeep

Anthony jones – Have any pictures of it or videos?

Anthony jones – Do you happen to have any part for this truck?

88elbron88 – I’m just sorry to add more km on it! So i just drive it sometimes on weekends. And thanks for answering my question 🙂

88elbron88 – Nice video! We have the exact same Jeep and it just haves 72’000 km on it. The sound of the 5.2 V8 is just amazing! From me you have a sub + like + favorite! 🙂 I also have a question. Do you know if this type of Jeep is imported from the USA? Are they also built in other continent’s like Europe? Thanks!

Greetings from switzerland

Mike artel – Beauty I have the exact same vehicle currently. 260,000 kms and running strong.

Daniel afejuku – Are the parts for 1994 limited edition?

Carlos tovar – $ ?

Joeker – I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo with the 4.0 straight 6 … has 282,000 on it and it runs great still!

Michael – I just sold mine. It had 184,000 miles and it had been 16 years, it was very dependent, but it had major transmission problems. Jeep Grand Cherokees are very nice cars!

Mopar man – What you mean that noise while turning the brake booster you say?

John lowe – Wow great job! Really clean jeep

Drew b – Is it clean?

Cody taraboletti – You said anything to anyone who missed it, and noticed it on the rockerpanel on the drivers side. also 1993 was the first year for the GC and they had limited editions like that.

STREETRACEN4U – @ Taldude123 OHH !! WOW i answered the question of lol xD its 4 AM havent gone too much sleep yet. lol im tired! hahahaha

STREETRACEN4U – @ talldude123 whose that?

STREETRACEN4U – @ talldude123 nice jeep, i have a question. are those windows that brownish color? and would u get to know the VLT% of the window tint in the rear? i can be one of those people.

Jasnogt – Beautiful Classic !!
1994 Grand cherokee jeep limited wagoner 103k orig mi awd suv
When I was 16 I wanted one of these sooooo bad! They were new on the streets and a status symbol (along with the 2door yukon / k5 blazer) All the rich kids at my school got them.
But Im now a proud owner of the 2004 WJ 4×4 laredo. It still has the soul of a ZJ!

Celso vera – Do you think you could put the factory back in the truck

Vincent d – 1993 was actually the first year.

Tjc450 – Nice interior for its age.

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