87 Large waep jeep

87 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

87 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Here’s a look at a prize win, and a look at the 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. This Jeep Grand Wagoneer looks …

Carolina man jr – Those wagoneers are great and ride great

Mike – Nice old jeep! Owner is a little goofy though!

Harvey spooner – Hey Terri, great old jeep, they’ll climb every hill, will go thru…

Geargriden19 – Awesome ol ‘Jeep !! The real jeeps hehe!!
Have a good’nnn

Keith on the gap – Question … is it for sale ??? I have an ’88 wagoneer, compact.

Maggotcheesecake – Memories My dad used to have a big wagoner. Do not remember which year though.

Jerry’s This and That – Nice price Terry, I think you will get good of those.

Vortec67 – Great tuber my just picked up 89 xj

Zippovarga – It trailers and a will tent tent tent tenth and 13 leaf spring packs on a solid axle, but it’s just 4.5’x 6 ‘. I’ve hauled over you. Never know it’s back there with a heavy load when cruising down the road. Cheers my Friend !! Zip ~

TheWreckingYard – Cool

Scott best – Congratulations Terry-useful little tool kit, I like the look of the Jeep, I was a trainee mechanic-makes me feel old! Haha

The tree tree – Cool winning terry.

Rusty glovebox – Those are some cool Jeep. They have a style all their own.

Manicmechanic007 – An endangered species. Very cool.

MidwestMotoRider – Gratz on your win and that is one solid wagoner!

RagaMuffyn Garage – Very cool …. I’m looking for one!

Timetotinker – Don’t see many wagonqueers anymore ……………. tony

Wyattoneable – Poor old jeep. Rust is so mean to cars but I like those old Wagons. Cool win with something you can really use.

Cheftush – That was the bomb when it was new!

Mbyr31 – I love those old jeep wagoneers!
Great Vine Bud Congrats on winning the contest too!

Stuzman – Yep, those drill bits can come in handy Terry and the Jeep just need a little tender loving care. It seems to be still pretty solid after all those years 🙂

Ozzstar – Your a winner dude!

Yourbeekeeper – Nice Dewalt set … They are quite useful.

Jevchance – Congrats on the tools that’s a nice set! Large wagoneers.

Zx8401ztv – Smashing that you were feeling something usefull :-).
I think I would saturate the rust patches with old oil, should slow down the rust 😀

TheEZGZ – Congratulations! I like that little trailer

Buzzsah – A friend has a 87 that I bought in 88>? with way over 300k and he keeps driving it still to date.

T.O.A.G – LOL, I like it. This one is in surprisingly good shape overall especially the interior. Yep, mine has the Selec-Trac. Thanks for posting this Terry.

Velvethamma – Cool truck

Mr Mach 1 – Open Air Garage will love this video! Thanks for sharing.

Txsviking – One smooth riding 4X4. Nice.

ShawnMrFixitlee – Those are great ole trucks man !!

Finpainter1 – Painted one 25 years ago

87 Large waep jeep

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