Follow up 1991 jeep grand wagoneer restoration

Follow up 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer restoration

Quick look at 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoner after its restoration. Take a look at the video of it.

Alex garcia – Hey man any good place I can not see anything outside my 1990 wagoneer limited. Chic there

The pig 2.0 – Large wagoneer are stret car

Johnny turbo – Looks great … but wheres the wood trim?

KsKaylor – Colorado Red looks amazing

Craig burkey – Beautiful rig!!

Dan zeman – This is magnificent

Miguel marlowe – Who did the restoration on this jeep? I have a ’77 Wagoner that could use some of this type of work.

Saxon gift – Hey, when are you going to do the other videos on this? How are those General Grabbers holding up? I’m thinking of getting them there.

Big waep jeep – It would be done to see it

Michael simpson – Stuffed rear tires, well. Any flex or body roll while off road …. this is a street jeep

Thewallyjp – Man that things sweet !!! love those old woodys

Follow up 1991 jeep grand wagoneer restoration

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