Jeep big wagoner “she’s a lady”

Jeep Grand Wagoner "She’s a Lady"

The most beautiful, luxury, attractive, sexy, grace, and perfect Jeep of ever! A tribute to her being! Jeep Grand Wagoneer: the first and last real SUV.

Michael pummer – What a cool video, well done! For me the most beautiful car-comb: Jeep, Elegance, Shape, Classic, 4×4!!!

Kevin spacey – Love the video man, a smile on my face .. I have a 90 Grand Wagoneer, mines black

Sixten3 – Love those wagoneers! Nicely photographed and edited.

Jacob frontiersman – I would like to see Willys or CJ.
Watching this video for 5 time and still enjoying.

Alex speed shop – This video is not available for the moment?

Jacob frontiersman – Cool vid i love it

Jeep big wagoner

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