2019 Cherokee jeep first drive review-in 4k!

2019 Jeep Cherokee First Drive Review-in 4K!

For 2019 Jeep updated their compact utility vehicle with a new exterior, a new engine and the latest uConnect infotainment systems. The new 2.0L turbo engine …

BOZZY 123 – Use the proper picture for your videos!!!!!

Made in laconia – Present4 presentation

Trespasser – FUEL ECONOMY ?? Give me a break, the car CONSUMES gas.

Nam68 – A very good in depth review. Thanks.

Goodcat – My opinion, each version of Jeep Cherokee is great and has a wide variety of options depending on the driver’s needs. What bothers me is the tuned exhaust, when accelerating into traffic the exhaust says look at me "I am noisy". Too much noise In rural areas, my wife enjoys her Cherokee Elite anyway.

Waldemar ishibashi – 1.What are other alternatives with lockable axles in this segment (mostly size)? Are there any at all?
2.How reliable is the 2.0T engine?

The Ch Trailh seems to be one of the rare SUV that is actually utilitarian. I do not want to buy my Prado due to size. RAV4 and Forester are uncomfortable for me, CR-V is out of the game for lack of visibility, high Price, CVT and small engine. CX-5 / CX-8 is good but not lock / LSD. Mazda did excellent job with CX-8 for Japanese market-it is 4.8m long "narrow" purpose which is more comfortable for me and Easily to park and drive.
I am on japanese market.

Derrick mcdougall – Is there a block heater? I just bought one (not an elite) and forgot to check for that

Lucas lippert – Can you review the 2019 Jeep Cherokee limited where you normally do the reviews

Delmus dugan – Just purchased at 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus. Has the 4×4 badge on the back.but on the button …

This is the 4×4


Guess – Ugly Cherokee. They need to go back to 1997.

Mark atchison – She is very chatty !

Catarina student – Beautiful car … good job JEEP.

Keeleb – I bought one

Cieloalto a340 – Ugly

Michael cordell – 40k # 128405;

Clint s – Fyi the 2019 leather seats look even better in person. It’s perfect inside and the seats are amazing, they feel so nice on a cold day. Fyi, pleanty of the room in the back. More than you room in the back. More than you Mighty think. Headlights are fantastic too.

Ggolds5 – I have a new 19 Wrangler Sahara, and taking delivery of our wife’s new 19 Cherokee Limited on Saturday. I’ve had Jeeps, Toyota’s, Honda’s, Land Rovers, Kia’s. Fords, Chevy’s, you name it I’ve had it. Always My Toyota Tundra electrical system was horrible. Honda Ridgeline I loved it. VW Tiquan was excellent even though it had a terrible reliability history with Consumer Reports. My Ford I can go on and on. Jeeps have a spotty reliability history, but I’ve Had a lot of luck with them, I’ve had a few people I know. This new Cherokee is really nice !!! If you feel like complaining about something you do not own.

Kyle phillips – Got 70 miles on my 19 Cherokee no transmission issues still. Lol It shifts really smooth even if it’s shifting most of the time. I also drive at 12 Jeep automatic speed shifts way better.

Asian performing arts – Take it back and just saw the tach jump

Asian performing arts – So why is the speedometer and tach both at zero while driving???????

Darryl blakey – I love my Jeep 2019

Trail hunter – I bought 2019 Cherokee TH and at 5000 miles it was at the dealer with manufacturer’s best engineers trying to fix it. Day 15 at time of post. Beware Of The Bells And Whistles And Transmission

HeyThatsMySong ! – Great video, you are very knowledgeable and it shows. Impressive, it was effortless for you to speak about the reality of a real deal. Great job.

Jorge – As always amazingly detailed and comprehensive review. I love the small details

Gillick heart – Where’s the week-long review?

Brodi wheeler – What about reliability, service & maintenance of the 2.0L Turbo over the 3.2L V6? Are they both Direct Injected? Oil change & lubrication intervals the same? Alex really does not really care about 4×4 systems … really solid review Alex! Always Enjoy! Aloha! oven

Gašper ajdnik – I love it anzhng ho edventeded most bi faimes I giv that prsen 1,000,000 # 128142; # 128526; # 128526; # 128526; # 128526; # 129297; 1280 # 128081;

Minisloth21 – Just test drove the 4 cylinder and the 6, love them both, in between and the subaru forester right now, only thing stopping me is the transmission, which is just about infamous for failing early from what I’ve read. No point in Buying a new vehicle if the transmission blows every 30k miles.

Ket lim – Most reviewers miss the key mission of this Jeep being a go anywhere vehicle. I’m looking for cars like the Audi Jeep offers a lot of value and capability. It’s a truly capable off-road, luxurious, and relatively affordable @ ~ $ 36K I personally think the Cherokee competes more with Land Rover ie Sport Discovery and less with the mainstream SUVs. My wife has the CRV EXL and a good car, it does not have the ride & NVH refinement, solidity, and capability of The Cherokee esp Trailhawk V6 I drove test. Entry models aside, the Cherokee drives and feels more like a mainstream SUVs mentioned in this video. Let’s hope Jeep / FCA has overcome some of the old reliability issues.

Bad – i will give you a thumbs up for good video.

_ski2live_ – Good stuff man!

Ian tolerated – Excellent review!

Kyle aguilar – How tall is this dude?!

Gangster bandini – Here is the level of reviews! Not that our Pontoviks and Petrosyans!

Alan iverson – I have the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. I love the vehicle and absolutely hate the stop / start technology. My friend told me that it’s now on his Ford and I see the 2019 GMC / Chevy Silverado will also have it. I had the 2013 It varies your driving habits and you will learn how to change your car. You will be taking your foot off the road at the intersection of the road and the road..

I want to go back to Europe or back to Toyota as they mastered this. I hate this feature!

Edysin simon – Maybe … In the next revised version of the Cherokee it will have all the engineering "bugs" worked out. Otherwise "I" do not care for the "test" buyer of / for this SUV.

MarcellusTheGreen – You guys are reviewing a brand new vehicle! All well and good, how will it operate when it’s five years old and has 60k miles on it?

MarcellusTheGreen – Back in the 1990s, Jeeps got a bad rep (especially among law enforcement types) for being unreliable. Encumbered, rather than hurt, with technology, it would just be up, and for little or no reason. Took forever to figure out what was Wrong with them and you could get it fixed within a month or two. Now I see Jeeps all over the road and being able to believe that their reliability and technology is better than that of previous models. Any comments? (I’m preferred buying My first AWD or 4WD in my 50 years of driving experience.) Maybe they’ll give me an "old-fart" discount!)

Thokozani gabela – Now it’s much better,

Ben haze – The steering wheel turning ratio seems awful on this video

Ted nuget – Attacking stick with a 4.0L I6

Joey garcia – I love the upgraded look and the size is perfect for my tastes !!! I love the 2.0 Turbo, I’ve had this engine in my last two cars (SUV and Coupe) and it was perfect In it’s speed for my needs. I was seriously considering the Volvo XC40 but this one may be my next car. Safety features are important, you can not miss it too much.

Paul guess – The only thing I’m surprised about that the Cherokee when equipped with Active Drive II can be towed flat with all four wheels down. This makes it the best TOAD for any motorhome traveler.

Jay sway – No thanks. Attacking stick to my 4.0L Straight 6, 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.

Sassy welder – The 2016 lights way it better. The day lights made it unique. Now it looks like every other copy.

Rob c – Did they fix the 9 speed transmission yet ????? I have a 2018 Great Cherokee laredo and more car for the same money.

Carlos Eduardo Le Roy – The best reviews.

Jake has. – This one has the worst reliability of all the jeeps right? Have the 4x system at all.

Python man – It is not compact .. It’s midsized

Denis just – Wow, this is refreshingly awesome, detailed and meaningful review !!! Thanks! That’s a rarity these days!

K dunham – Well, I have always wanted to own a Jeep, Jeep brands. Even now I am looking for Jeep but knowing what I know and I think I can pull the trigger and buy a Jeep.

Isai ramirez – 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Roadwarrior 280 – Did they fix the poor small overlap?

Troy v – If you have that 9-speed transmission expect problems. FCA is desperate to sell them, you should be able to negotiate $ 10K MSRP on these vehicles. I guarantee, your vehicle will be in the shop most of the time because of the transmission.

Teddy – All I want to know

Vruizify – & another year goes without upgrading the trunk privacy cover. What’s the point of this option with NO PRIVACY?

Curtis 23 – Is this worth buying? Will it last 160k + miles

Ryu ken – The interior is already looking out dated .

Hell sysop – Etimates? What is that?

Gary and – $ 42,000 LoL

MEDiAgamer – Crossfade those transitions. That block transition makes this video very amateur.

Chris harris – Face like Pinocchio! FAIL! FIRE THE DESIGNERS! I’m gonna whoop someone’s ass, snowflakes, I’m gonna whoop someone’s ass.

Go clunker – This NEEDED to happen. No more hideous front

Randy pullman – Mangina reviews

Ap4709pk – At 20:45, you look like a giant in front of it.

Thiago demo – Pro’s spent

Normandy – I own a 2015 one. so many problems, Jeep is crap, bought my first and only one, quality of build is rubbish! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Sam @ L E – So ….. jeep will start to square shape those jeeps again ha ?
Bring back the liberty !

Keytothegate k – I get dizzy watching 4 way split screen and trying to focus on what he is saying

Oleg Tsiridis – I love it! Maybe it’s my next car !

Tastyorange – The real answer will be more…

Jayden w.Yaw

Moon storm – It’s not that the transmission is different, it’s about the number of failures and it’s been tested on us. Here’s how bad it looks:
I have to change my transmission at 5000 miles. They have almost gone out of their second gear in their software, but they do not stop it anyway. Horrible experience.

Guilherme cabral freire – Great demo in the end of the jeep crawling and off-roading…

J high – This Cherokee is a much better looking Jeep.

Baylor58 duncan – I asked my Jeep dealer about the 19 Cherokee. He advised I keep my Patriot until they drop the 9 speed! true.

Sajad is touring – I went over Patreon, $ 108 a month? 192k x 10 = reasonable start. We help you find your way to help us..

SKG1985 – I’m looking for depth. But you always go too much into the boring deep details in drive systems and such. Can I just get a quick summary?.

Allen you have – i like this because cant tell how big the boot is though
Thats originally called the bedroom for somebody my age
Wish someone would actually just say the dimensions instead of stupid metrics like

ItsJamal – The older model!

John – Looks like the 2019 are arriving at the 2.0L turbo marketers.

Alijah and daddy – # 128665; # 128186; O # 128477;

Potato potato – Downgraded outside. Definitely not buying it.

Car girl – It Very Good Frind .. I vERY lIKE IT

Serkan ister – Still ugly and good review

Johnny – Front end looks so much better now

Ramonahumada4 – I know more than 10 people who love them Them! I’m going to buy one this year. Nice review It’s all that I want it to do!!

Jamie – Ugly

Scott Mitcheltree – I will not be driving that road if I can help it :). Good video!

Paul fun – What percentage of owners take this vehicle offroad? That was very impressive going on the rocks but I can not see.

Clarence 007 – You are the best at what u do sir # 128077; # 127998; # 128099; # 128077; # 127998;

Chronodiver300 – They took the Cherokee and made it a common, everyday Mommy Mobile.

ÖNDER ÇAY – Jeep saying that we are so brand new So we are going to be compared to RR Velar 🙂 They need to work a lot of way to change my 2015 GC with new GC 2019 but I need to see it again

Espony charge – US Tesla Style Vertical HD Screen Android 6.0 Car Smart GPS Navigation For JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2014 2015 2016 2017 https://www.espony-cargo.com/104-tesla-style-vertical-hd-screen-android-60-car- Smart-navigation-smart-for-jeep grand cherokee 2014-.html

Phil the – No v8 on thanx.

Carguy11 – Just because rough shifting is a trait of 9sp considered mean it’s acceptable. So they improved the shifts at all in refresh?

Retro – Good review I drove jeeps for over 20 years. Unfortunately we had very bad luck in terms of reliability. Last one was a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sold it a few weeks ago. My daily driver is a Tesla Model S. Hopefully Jeep will get Some day! Loved what things other than reliability!

Spartan j – Read, do not buy it. The best all wheel system in this size, Suburu PERIOD.

Gregs – Good review

Rebecca jasmine – You are amazing. Best reviews ever.

Jerel roger – I have 6k on it and had had no mechanical focus. I am 6’3 "290 lb. and have no problems in the jeep two weeks ago I have an overland ride with a local club My stock Trailhawk Easily kept up with several large 35 -38 range https://www.youtube.com v = tkt46i35qYYt = 60s

Divedeep – I know Jeep vehicles, which are several people, have not had any issues. Who have Wranglers and GC’s who are 5 years old and no issues. I really want a GC but knowing my luck??

Palebeachbum – Very nice Cherokee. Unfortunately, Jeep = poor reliability.

Dfuller81 – Does anyone know when the 2019 will be released?

Batmanxgr – You may have it bad to have a compact spare tire! Maybe it did not mean that way. But it’s great that jeep is still putting a compact spare tire in the vehicle. I wish they would engineer the vehicle to support a full size spare tire.

I think it should be noted that with the exception of.

Jb – The huge gap between the hood and the front bumper is a total failure designvise! And the color reflection of the color bump, due to the different angles. What a mess! No attention to detail what so ever. Shame.

Wade harrison – Thanks, this is one of the best reviews out there!

Drrew yager – It looks like you’re reaching out too far to the Jeep

James the diaz – Many improvements … I like that they went up to tow capacity of the 2,000 to now 4,500 … Can’t wait to see it in the market and take it for a test ride. And looks transmission issues are now fixed (something that stopped me from buying on 2018).

Thank you for this review. Well done.

Troy smith – Sees really good
Too bad they are not reliable

Markus menezes – But you can make music on it?

Laksito sanji – Monocoque chassis
Ladder frame, ALex?

P. stephen w – Great as always. Not sure what to do? I hope you will be back using decibels, as it’s more accurate.

Norm t – Finally a 2.0T with a proper AWD system. I knew it would be good and priced right. Hoping the transmission bugs are worked out.

Russ freed – Consider the link for speed 9?

Laurent cambon – Special request for Americans: Could you, PLEASE, adopt the metric system? Just put your ego aside and join the rest of the world.

Blake swan – I could say everything else about the vehicle was amazing. I will say everything else about the vehicle was amazing. Uconnect is the best and the interior of the trims is pure luxury in my opinion

Chris is loud – I do not like those 9 speed transmissions, I own 2015 I’m on 2nd transmission my replacement feels like it’s about to go. I will not buy any vehicle that has this trans. As always nice review!

JDMHero47 – I think the problem is not reliable, not driving feeling. I was going to get an acura mdx until I learned the 6 spd was gone … Turns out 1/2 9spds will fail catastrophically under warranty before you reach 30k Miles. That’s garbage, and Honda is shoving it’s new 10spd in everything they can wash the 9spd out of their business model.

Vijeet sharma – I see why Jeep changed and in my opinion it still looks better than most other crossovers

Daeamon93it – At the end you said Cherokee Trackhawk instead of Trailhawk (minute 23:00). Other than this mishap it’s a great review!

Edysin simon – At least FCA made it look better than the last model year!

Best of the best – 2019 jeep cherokee? fgs !!! we are in january 2018

IN 1 – Besides rocks, Jeeps biggest obstacles are reliability. They seriously need to hire Toyota engineers to work out Jeep circuity issues. If that was done Jeep would triple in value.

B b – I owned at Cherokee Trailhawk for 2.5 Years. It was the worst machine I have ever owned and I am glad to be rid of it. With the most significant problems, the headlights (which have been poorly adapted to the time and lack of experience).

Richard Crouse – Does the Auto Start Stop System get started every time? I do not want to have the engine every time. to from Texas-RB

234 pny – I like this way of road testing the cars need and concise, so make your conclusion, please keep up the good work

Mclellan duncan – If it was your money, would you go for the 2019 Cherokee Overland or take a heavily discounted (up to $ 9,000 here in beautiful Ankeny, Iowa) 2018 Cherokee Overland? Asking for a friend…

Damear still – Will you be doing the 2018 Lincoln navigator black label L?

John and – Did they add a height adjustment to the rear hatch so you can open the hatch in the garage?

David berg – We have the 17 trailhawk the most edition and love it. Been very reliable and luxurious. Use it for commuting and off road. If you pay 42k you are nuts! Work the deal….

Mtmiller1210 – I like the looks of the Cherokee Jeep, the Grand Cherokee and Compass, but they continue to be reliable..

Halwg51 – That road was making me sick, just watching you drive it.

Halwg51 – The problem with these 4 cylinders is they just do not sound good. I’m driving a 2.3L turbo in an explore. Good power, great gas mileage, lousy sound! 4 bangers are just not that smooth.

Christopher kibler – I still prefer it to v6. More durable than a four cylinder. Turbo receiving

Jeff kubel – Any chance you can get your hands on a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for a full review?

Wudger – Four-wheel motivation …. Really.

Canonlybeme4life – Great video I am aware that this is a refresh. However, I hope they have updated the crash protection. Glad to see a new engine option. Wish the 8 spd from the GC worked with this vehicle

Future62 – Impressive features, but man FCA needs to put this platform on a diet.

David martins – Very professional review.

Sunil datla – They need to get better.

10tenman10 – If you are driving in a snowy environment (eg Colorado mountain) this is a great car. In the east coast the robust 4WD is probably unnecessary, making this vehicle less attractive.

Bgtx – If it was so, it would be a decent choice for most folks. But they are still expected and likely never will be reliable. Which is too bad.

Smovol – Please make a review on Maserati Levante.

Brent miller – $ 42 is Gold Pilot Atlas Gold Pilot or even Grand Cherokee Territory.

Hw2800 – $ 42K pretty pricey for a compact SUV!

T3h only – You spelled "estimate" wrong in the blue box with your mpg guesses.

Chaster legend – Great reviews !!!! Please do a review on 2018 BMW X3….!!!!

Mountainhobo – Alex, it looks like you’re going to turn that steering wheel a lot in turns and changing your hand position. What was your impression of the steering ratio?

Justin – Thanks for this great, detailed review. That white leather interior looks really nice!

Highway cruiser – OK, but still OK to purchase. Jeep is one of the leaders

Don denis – To bad the cherokee.

Killacamfoo O.G. – Much better looking than the last model, which looks like a dinosaur had sat on its front end.

Protector of the republic – Here in Europe you can get it with a proper 6 speed manual transmission and a 2.0 diesel with 170 HP that gets 35 mpg.

Jason little – In the future, we would like to know the heat, how to reduce the heat, how to reduce the temperature, and the final straw was a stack of smoke for the exhaust of a cold start ounce. Never had any issues with jsps, but it’s a long way to go..

William d – Cheep Cherokee will keep you busy with repairs, that transmission is a disgusting invention

WeAreInTheMatrix – Alex, you look like pronounced towering over that Jeep! 4.improving looks like a toy car!

Andre Miller – I think it looks older

Novice mtber – There is no way I’m paying $ 42K for that.

Jauffins – Hey Alex-You may want to post here to your Patreon here, on your Facebook or on your website. I was unable to find such a link in any of these places.

Kaskade atb – Any suggestions on why I should get a new car. I’m between the wrangler and cherokee. I will most likely read it. I want something fun and reliable.
I have owned 3 grand cherokees between the model years 1999-2004. I’m just tired of used cars.

Calvin hikes – At least the old version was interesting. Now it’s just like every other SUV. Yaw.

Bruno tata – I was thinking about a Trailhawk version but when I saw an old guy, I thought about it. Without the wheels and lift and such you realize it’s just a $ 23,000 compact, based on a car, and it’s probably not built that well.

Phil the – Alec with those bungalows look like Alan Arkin in the movie Wait until Dark. Great review as usual, but did not mention.

Fallingtitan – This would be a good buy if it had a good transmission. the 9at from zf is terrible and not reliable.

OJDUDE – I am a Jeep fan, but this looks better than most of the competition inside and outside. Good job jeep!

Leon chen – The Intro is so bad bro.

SS S – Fuel grade for the turbo 4?

Zraupp10 – @ 23:01 hawk track ??

Tyler fouch – Looks much better than the previous model

Mgoblagulkablong – It is the only truly truly capable off-road capable compact compact crossover in America., The Subarus are truly off-road capable as well.

Bren rob – Great review They did a good job on the shortcomings, but the optional 2.0 turbo is not cheap. And why bother with 3 different motors? Also the area is puny compared to Rav4 / CR-V..

Terry l – Pro Wife and I found the disadvantages of an AWD system that sends power to all 4 wheels..

Kevin chung – New turbo engine "is a distant cousin from Alfa Romeo" …. That does not sound like a good thing to me.

NOWitsOKto – OK Alex, there is one thing I’ve been wondering for decades now. Perhaps you can enlighten me on why this can be.
How to get to know a company with a vehicle EARLY IN THE CALENDAR YEAR, and call it the FOLLOW YEAR model?
This takes me back to the early 90s when I bought a brand new fully redesigned 1993 Trans Am (they came out around July) while a co-worker had been driving around for a 1994 Chevy Lumina. I mean my Trans Am has been completely overhauled since 1992?
Could you shed some light on this? I’ve been scratching my head for decades.

Brian ochs – Found this about the 4 cylinder turbocharged Wrangler so even if the turbocharged gets better mileage may cost more per mile if premium gas is required
(Fuel Requirement Minimum unleaded regular, 87 octane (R + M) / 2, 91 octane or higher recommended for optimum fuel economy and performance)

Dave in canada – Not bad, I’d like one.

And and – Looks like a Ford Edge in the rear. Swap the badge, and possibly never notice.

Preston akridge – Excellent review

IceColdKilax – Question @ 10:21 Was the Video Sped Up? And edited to hide how slow is the infotainment system to respond? Are we being manipulated?

Wasabi9111 – Did Jeep improve the iihs small overlap crash scores?

Drew croft – Still a shiny turd.

IceColdKilax – Just buy the best in class Nissan Roque. Jeep Cherokee has the worst in class reliability..

Ruad hussein – You forgot to mention the plastic hood and tailgate .

Brian ochs – Thanks for another great review. On the 6 cylinder that has auto stop start can you deactivate it?

Santiago Villalba – The thumbnail made me think this was someone else’s video

Michael rafael – This refresh is beyond amazing!

Thekingkingg – Awesome review alex

Look at my – So, this is not the case.

Th – What a massive improvement, well done Jeep! This is how a Jeep should look….

Srt xxx – You are the best in business when it comes to reviews! Love the new look and 2.0 turbo great job JEEP !

Paul wicklund – You forgot to mention that the turbo engine requires premium gas, and the driver’s door has an umbrella…

Nuhan hidayat – I think this is the first Jeep Cherokee that really got my attention, Kudos to Jeep for fixing their hideous front & back facia of the previous Cherokee, but the interior is little bit dated for 2018/2019 market

Jimmy jeanpaul – How the mighty jeep has fallen off

Korvan1993 – Whats with the 360p

Markus b – 360p

Yamamoto Isoroku – 4 am

Dangerousdan – Sees to be a very good mid cycle refresh. Handsome looking and finally they give us a capable 4 cylinder!

2019 Cherokee jeep first drive review-in 4k!

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