5 Things i hate about my 2000 jeep cherokee xj


After many years of ownership and many builds, I made a quick list of things I hate most about Jeep Cherokee XJs. This was actually a difficult list …

Jason haur – I hate the rear spring sag. Yes my xj is doing it now

Dr. Leave lojnsirisilp – Exactly man

Antonio Saavedra – The same shit with my Xj

The GaG3M3R – I have a couple questions if you can answer then maybe … I have a 2001 XJ with serious rust holes in the fenders / bumper (no big deal it’s my fault from salt water lol) and a small one in the hood, any idea We have a good fix for the good one? And last things is this gorgeous truck yourself? If so how and what did you use?!?!?!?!

Jamal walker – Hi dan. Thank you for this video. I have a 2001 XJ that I just bought. When I turn on the road idles funny and then shuts off. Is that the AC compressor? I have a light gauges check that comes on the cluster often I noticed that the oil pressure is low. Just little things here and there to go out. I am very happy with my XJ.

Organized overland – You have my kind of OCD

Andrew Wright – I have a ’98 XJ for 21 yrs. Over 300,000 miles and still going. The only thing I hate about it is that I do not have the $$$ to get back to showroom condition !!! Great video!

Rhec boyz – Mine has the lift gate problems too lol but also I just got it to say it and got it 5% tint on the windows so yea punched # 128514;

John mantey – Yup the door clicks for sure. Can’t wait to see your fix on that.

Jesus of sanchez – I was really watching my time by watching this pure bs video

Ken luke – Talk to me about these rear seats. You heard it mention agate or a-gate (or however you spell it) and can not find the way through the googles. Can you post a link? Thanks!

Hookstreet.com – Love your rig !!! Come check out my 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ … your comments and feedback are welcome! https://youtu.be/xD_R7ER8-Sk

Savage22 bolt – # 5-After almost 10 yrs of that night click noise, I finally fixed it today. It only took 5 mins. All I was knocked out of the hinge, and hit the front door hinge. QUIET AT LAST!

Hello there – Phantom sounds and trying to find remedies. I know how to make time, clicks, pops and squeaks. The worst thing in the world is to conquer the worst noise in your rig, get driving happily down the road, then it happens … Jiggle jiggle click squeak, squeak squeak squeak. It will truly drive a man over the edge.

Randy anderson – The hate that door sound tune was … LOL! Loved it.

Pretty boy jeep – I have a black beauty too!

Jonathan duncan – Where did you get the spoiler for the hatch?

Joseph hudgins – Trade me: 2011 wk 2 5.7 for Black Beauty # 128514;

THE BOSS BOY – When he said everything about Jeep Cherokee

Mikey jones – The door # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Dank plushes201 – They are not cheap in Houston. Stock XJs go for like $ 10,000- $ 12,000! Some of them believed even in good condition

Julia good – What about:
– Cooling system.
– Sensor of the crankshaft.
Those are the real things I hate about XJ

Rengineer 18 -old channel- – My squeak noises were coming out of my tailgate latch, I just sprayed a bit of PB blaster on it and voila, silence.

Greg – Hi May I know where did you buy this spoiler ?

Joshua betz – Door handles !!! In particular the buttons!!!

Noah smith – I think that spoiler looks much worse than the light brake

uStillSuk – I just bought a 98 Cherokee Classic and could not get away from it. Now I know it’s back seat. Thanks for the video …. I enjoyed it.

Jeep cherokee – The rear squeak is usually the glass in the back of the road. The rear squeak is usually the glass in the back of the road. As you drive the rubber rubs against the annoying annoying annoying annoying Annoying squeak. I spayed a lube like WD-40 and the laughing went away. Your spare tire if loose can also be part of the tire.

Justahighguy – That spoiler makes it look like a 4 Runner rear end

Alexander Peresunko – Great job Also recovered Jeep Cherokee so useful video.

Jared jeneseky – That XJ life. Feel ya man.

Reaper xj – What is that fleshlight holder????

Trevor mengon – You forgot smacking your head.

Lord flash – Well balls now my third light brake bothers me.

Jeep things outdoors – Great video!

Yaki mondo – What a crybaby

Aaron huff – How you like that 0331 head

Detroit crossfire – Nice video, now go take those stupid wheels off

Ujjc001 – I don’t know what I’m saying WHAT IS THST SOUND?!?!?!??!!!

Seth barrett – The rims that are too big

Ǝ Ǝᮄ Ǝ ꧂ Ǝ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂ Ǝ Ǝ – Rocker panels and floorboards rusting out to the point of non-existence.

Ǝ Ǝᮄ Ǝ ꧂ Ǝ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂ Ǝ Ǝ – The plastic molding on the tailgate was fine until I broke it lol. Yea, the plastic molding there, and by the bottom of the door frames is so cheap and badly placed. I accidentally broke the mold of the head of my head.

Mike carr – And remove the door stopper bar, I did not care about the wind. Do not fling it open in the wind you will not have a door anymore.

Mike carr – Heavy duty trucks and Peter built type trucks. All those big trucks with cargo trailers and fuel trucks. .drum brakes. .what does that tell you. Class a license trucks ..drum brakes. They work better, safer. Yes more difficult to service.

Mike carr – Oh, it’s hard to keep up with all that whining. Lol But drum brakes last 10 times longer. That’s why they used them. Now they are all around the world Seriously. Newer cars are only getting 20,000 miles in the brakes ..because I I have to work at the mechanics at shops. I wish they still used the drum in the rear. Mine drums lasted 80,000 miles. My front disk ceramic only lasted 25,000. Drum brakes work better but they are more complicated, I love them and can do It blindfolded. But yes most hate drum because you can not just pad slap them.
All I. Saying .. disk brakes suck ass in the rear. Yes they brake easier to your foot. But it does not matter the way you go..

Max adams – In regards to my previous comment, I’m still a big fan of keeping it stock. Best of luck to your build (s) in the future!

Ethan davis – Take my damn like and sub. That door click + heart and soul!

Fields and friends – What about the fact it’s unibody lol

502 Misfit Garage – Have yet to break my tailgate plastic

Cameron tolman – The only thing to do is hideous rims and stupid street tires. It’s meant for offroad.

Chris leyva – That spoiler is even uglier lol or is it just me

Kyle yoder – Where did you find that beautiful tail light / spoiler??

Amy rosiewski – How did you find a cherokee with such a clean body ??? I’m so amazed looking at it!!!

Dennis kang – Damn nice shit

Funky skunk – Haha love the video and all are so true!

Andres Eduardo Soto Alcazar – The 2 problems that I have with my 99 are the tailgate and some times the electric door locks … and the sunroof….

IDU – Awesome clip buddy and tbh, they were great off roaders I had 2 in Chile and I really liked this road.

Azdrtdog – 5 things I hate about my xj
2.No locking hubs drive shaft spins full time unless you get the shitty center disconnect.
3.Dana 35 because it has hassle locks, Dana 44 with locker
4.Cooling system on 4.0 sucks so bad
5.Reminds me of a Volvo when I look at it
Going other things that catch my attention, alternators to low and packs with mud, no cup holders in most of the years, seat tracks ….. love my xj

Fre0n x – I did the big Cherokee disc swap. Lucky enough have have a 8.25 on my rear already. But I’m jealous of that hatch spoiler looks nice

Elskrat88 – Soooooo that’s fucking squeak I keep hearing

Superserial – I have a 96 with none of these problems. Maybe it was a smart move to buy a new 96 instead of a 97 (they were both available at the time). I wanted to stay with the classic look.

Kevin spacey – Its the same thing on the tailgate brake lights are the light bulbs .. the tailgate latch sucks and it is always easier to get to grips with it for the sake of getting rid of it. the time.

As for the cover for the bottom of the world you know what’s going on?.

As for disk brakes. The ZJ weighs up on your more then the xj .. thats problem why they got disks later on the xj.

So, doing so is all the work for me in my life. If you want better braking get bigger disks for the front That will fix any lack of braking distance .. a hell of alot more then any disks in the rear.

I hate the xj all together. It too small looking at the newer ones. I hate that boxy look its just boxy TOO .. no leg room just meh. I dont like the newer rounded up the wj and up but the xj is me to Douchbags myself lol. Not saying you are personally most of the owners

I prefer my 98 5.9 ZJ or my 90 Grand Wagoneer…

Brad popwell – Hey dan,
Where’d you get that flashlight holder from? Or did it just come with it

Nauj azem – Lol you nailed it! Im currently looking for a two door xj to make a mountain # 128016;

7 7 7 – Lmao door music. I have the same issue. oven

Randy sparks – I do not get it. What’s with these videos now days?
5 reasons why I hate this or that .. Why do we give a shit?
What is this some reverse bragging? The new hip thing to do?
Stupid fuckin

Ryan mcwilliams – That field is the most off roading.

Jacob smith – How do I find that 3rd brake light? Is it online?

BRB Adventurer – Maybe take a Toyota for a test drive

Liam s – Disc brakes are expensive. A lot of low cost cars Also new Tacoma’s still have after drums. Trums tend to be ideal rear brakes for light truck towing. Why? I learned know lol.

Terran UFO – My 96 XJ has none of these issues. I personally like the drum brake.

Jim quinn – The biggest thing I hate about my XJ? The Dana 30/35 axles on it.

Derrick lytle – The door thing KILLS me

Phill miller – Call me crazy, but I personally love the door clicks. I think they add to the personality of the truck.

Brunette isidor – It’s meant to be laughing, it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be up,

Mike greek – The squeak, yes, I HATE that on my 99 XJ. Luckily I bump my guy R 12’s half the time so I can not hear it…

Justin bevier – Drum brakes? really?

They’re cheap to replace, they work good, whats the problem?

Jeremy cokeley – I forgot about the squeek lol I always put my seat down in the back and also drove my doorless xj loud exhaust lol. But i remember that squeek

Mark treleaven – Good call on the squeeky rear seat. But you forgot the worst thing. That first and second gear are in the same shifter position on the automatic.

Deluted republic – Minor stuff

Logan adden – Ball joint fixed grease that rear seat sqeek. Once every other year of riding on doors and fjording rivers

The ghost of the flying dutchman – Been around xj’s for a long time but doesn’t know how easy it is to fix hatch.

Boss gonzalez – Hard for me to take you seriously with that hat on.

Kenneth lindahl – Something must be wrong with my x ….. no squeaking, thuds, or klunks
My 2 door 94 xj that was owned by a lil old lady that did not know it was a 5 speed and never drove it out of the city of spokane wa….
It has 104k on the odometer, no rust and 4.11 gears in a 8.25 with lsd
Ok now I am just bragging

Daniejw – I found thicker rubber cushions / inserts for back seat latches online somewhere. It solved the squeak.

IGOTAJOP America – Looks nice. The only complaint that you have princess tires on it.

The nomad daily – Great video! I have some Cherokee videos myself

Mike palfreyman – 4 out of the 5 things should be those rims.

Dandandatreeman – Nice good laugh this morning # 128514;

Jeremy smith – Holy fuck, you are an idiot! CJ’s never had brakes # 128405; # 127995;

Jon kern – Was wondering what was damn noise was, nice Jeep man. I own a silver 01 that’s lifted.

Rahul shrestha – Need rough estimate for GC 1999 limited edition @ restoration .. !! Recommend any location near LA

Darryl b – Hiss 6 fkn minutes ill never back!!


Ted nuget – I have owned multiple cherokes but called them trucks, served station wagons

Andrew Cheatle – Thank you for tracking the source of one pesky annoying rattle!

Luis barraza – Where did you get that spoiler? I have a 99 and would like to add it.

MARCH1911 – Holy shit, you solved the squeak …. had no clue where the f #% k that was comming from .. # 129335; 129 # 129305; # 128077;

Nik dombrowsk – What in yoga pants with a side of camel toe? Yes I said it. You know who I’m talking about!

Kjames jr – You forgot the window regulator. It’ll never work the same after you replace it either.

Aurora Z, Goddess – Heated leather seats? Jeez I’m 96 has power locks. They dont work … But it has the switch … Kinda … That shattered too…

Charlie – The only advantage for discs, size to size, heat shedding and let’s admit it-nobody takes their xj to the track. Well, that one guy does, but nobody else.

WeBePwning – Damm my girls is a 1990 with heads, cams, bored out 9 inch fox 4 link lift, 4: 1 cast iron transfer, Ax15 swap and dana 44 supers from a TLJ Ruby. It’s about 25 MPG + and has over 350 Foot LBs. Personally i have 1 your willys nice jeep man

Central coast climber – If you have never had a good time and are asking yourselves, ‘Why did he just nitpick so many little issues instead of the bigger issues that the vehicles are known for? Because this jeep, more than the 1997-1999 imo, were built that Would just require some more maintenance and would still be worthwhile. The vehicles are amazing to say the least.

Chad – Love the attitude of lmao exactly how I feel about everything

Brad distler – I’ve had bad tps, map, idle control valve, shift solenoid in trans, no heat shield between I take and head only gas boils and will not start, fully rebuilt cooling system with high speed pump and holes in hood, speed sensor, Neutral safety switch, o2 sensor, trans rebuild, lifter noise, FYI 170,000 miles. Transfer case went bad so rebuilt it, driveshafts, ignition switch, starter wire was just bad, ground track bar bolts broke off going down street killing me, long arm Crossmember bolts, continuous. Heater core I’m doing a better job. Honestly never again I love it to death.

Jose pichardo – Oh shit that’s where that squeak is coming from! Thanks bro

Gary button – Put some 75 series all terrain on it and go wheeling on a 4×4 trail. All you need to do with a brood smile!

Anthony barbuto’s vids – 5:03 yuup

Adam kalman – The thing i hate the most is the 4.0l engine that has 10hp and gets 10 MPG i can deal with poor fuel economy if its in exchange for some horsepower LS swap and the XJ is a totally different vehicle.

Kelly h – i found a good fix to that squeeky back seat ….. out of WA WA W WA WA WA WA WA WA IT IT IT IT IT IT

Kelly h – I’ve seen some cherokees refused to die …. mine ran under water for 5 hours and ran fine after …. ………..

The car wreck hunter – Things I hate about XJs
1 over heating on hot days
2 over heating on hot days again
Replacing the Bloody Crank Position Sensor
4 new wobble
5 they like to drink
But still love them

Max adams – The Jeep is pretty, I just feel the wheel and pull up

Michael chrisman – What year xj do you think is best

Joel william – Hahahahah! I own a 2000 xj and the squeaky seat latch is so funny. I’ve had my Cherokee for a little over a year and I’m just now understanding what noise is !!! Thanks.

Steven kings – I’m interested in this video conversion.

Uniroyal mish – I got a 2000 and improved NEVER PARTIG WITH IT. Hahaha unless it gets rear-ended or t-boned Jeep gets tough trucked at some summer festival hahah

Sarah – THAT’S where that noise is coming from !! Excellent mods, lots of hard work done right ❤❤❤

Hole – Great video!

Ivera – My 01 xj sport has parasitic draw. Its not the alternator or the battery .. any ideas? Mechanic said it was the body control module but it was not able to identify which one.!

Luis reason – My 00’xj’s rear trunk is not broken bro

Allen López Baltodano – Only drum brakes

Phil libasci – Hey I noticed you are Jeep club starting up up called smithpoint4wheelers there is a lot of killer in your shorts

CeJhay Johnson – Hey bud Love your videos. Black beauty is fabulous. Can you tell me what you are doing? Thank you. Keep up the great work

Keith lea – Do you have an extra 4.0?

Austin powers – Just arriving the squeaking noise coming out of the back of my car

From in the garage – Damn Danno … You have triggered me with that title! Awesome video haha. Love it!

artardFTW – Do yourself a solid and get rid of the Dana 35 and get a 97+ Chrysler 8.25. and the disc brakes from a liberty will swap over

1993 Cherokee – You shut your mouth Dan ,,, lol
Forgot anything to hate an xj !
Great video brother!

Patrick pat – You need a 2 door

Jacob h – You’re really important, just cosmetic issues aside the drums….

Vic rivers – Dan getting ready to withdraw in about 2 years. I then plan to go out and visit many national park I can. Going looking to get used to me XJ to my trip. Any recommendation on which xj to look for?

Smitty4699 – I can help you with my disc conversion!

Jim pierce – Actually on ABS Cherokee have the Chrysler 8.25

Dan hunger – Good one Dan The Man! I cant wait for that door to check fix, that one sure is annoying….

Alex billian – I just realized your brother lives around the corner from me

Dylan rhoads – Hey man, I’m really happy, I got an 89 xj that I take camping and wheeling and I love it

1ManManyCars – Dude, the squeak. I was wondering what the hell that was, ive only had mine for 6 months.

Alan brandywine – Rear shocks upper mounts .you complain on cosmetics..

Eric black – HEAT SOAK!!!

Ginger hammack – The squeak sounds like Chip Monks # 128514; # 128514;

John dorflinger – The agent I hate about my XJ the most it’s been stuck in a snowbank for 2 weeks. The dealer should have that door check, do not forget to get in touch with the pillar.

Nicholas tortortllo – You’ll make great videos, I guarantee your channel, especially within the Jeep community. Keep it up dan !!!

Dayoon – Wd40 the doors lol

The bearded jeeper – Haha great video! What squeak … * turns music # 127926; up louder

Major weakness – The door check musical piano was brilliant!

Sean macdonald – Lol I’ll have to make my top 5 list but there is still a lot I have not explored yet. Number one right now would probably be in the stock tcase linkage … Excited to see Dan!

Jbwrang91 – I love my xj with all the squeaks and doors and rattling it makes you feel like you’re driving a junker. So annoying.

21Cabbage – i can finally silence it #grateful

Consider Bug’s Life – Yes, I hate the door check sound. It makes it old and crappy. I will look out for your video. And now I hate my jolly rancher too !!!! It has to go!

Ruben oak – My tailgate trim looks like new: D

Wash machine – New door check arm does the trick! Did it right away with mine. Nails on a chalk board!!

Furness prime – So clean,

5 Things i hate about my 2000 jeep cherokee xj

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