Best $ 300 car ever? 1998 jeep cherokee 4×4 with 360k miles

Best $ 300 Car Ever? 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 with 360k miles


Jebusm86 – They are good vehicles but they are not mechanically inclined. It takes your dirty hands to keep a 30 year old jeep on the road.

Ofc. Roll out – OK Mr. dealer can not do that, but you can not wait to see what you are doing. Oh yeah, let your mech handle it, it could be interrupted

Jmorris023 – Who the hell is "Dave"?

Lucas harris – That? !!! No no wtf are doing that precious little jeepeee

Lucas harris – The jeep 4.0 gives me a huge chubby

Smugly smug – 300 easy clams from the sucker of the world.

Zachary sims – Tyler original funds the wizards.

Mike vasquez – I just want to crack you right in your jaw. You do not want to find that.

James bond – Car wizard looks so weird

Pierre Eugene Blondiau – My own 1990 Cherokee Liter Liter / 220,000km (blue w / white leather power seats) 500 euros a year ago near Bordeaux, France.

Phillip coffman – I’m currently looking at a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee we’re going to test drive the lady who owns it so it’s a death wobble which means it’s probably going to cost me at least a thousand bucks keep Jeep owner thanks again

Stevie jeff – It was probably the immobilizer. Low battery voltage will set it off. It will be crank and run for a few seconds.
Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery will reset it.
As the battery would have been disconnected to change the starter motor it probably reset itself. But we will never know

Max customers – Lots died for cash for clunkers

Lofthousehh – Looks like the wizard comes a long way since early 2017 # 128517;

Dingus mccringeblerry – I got a red one for $ 3,900 with 92,658 miles on it, only problems were the tailoring of the exhaust pipe. This cost around $ 52 to fix. These cars are invincible and are steal to buy

Dave jr – This dude just has idiot fuckn.

Im so wide – Besides that the headliner is new on the inside

WILLIAM NAGEL – Where do we get 1.5hrs from a professional garage?

Gene z – Loom it up dumbass

Jim pierce – Just scored a 2000 Cherokee sport 5 speed for $ 200

Stocksj – Seals and gaskets.

Teacher 666 – I was shock this video made in 2017.

Cuz the quality camera look like in 2011

Fahmi ahmed – This dude is a mechanic jiggle # 128514;

Ali bayati over there – The pigs (animal) discasting and agly I hate it so much

Yulius wibowo – Wow … soo cheap .. here in Indonesia that kind of XJ will cost me around $ 25,000 …

Petey pon – LOOKING THAT GOOD AND RUNNING THAT FAR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Raydhanes – One of the best SUV ever made.

Jen vegas – I have this Jeep Cherokee sport 275k paid $ 1,500 4 yrs ago. Still going strong # 128170; # 127996; # 128170; # 127996; # 128170; # 127996; # 128170; # 127996; Best Jeep / car I EVER HAD.

David Gutierrez – A horse is a horse of course. Wtf is that!? Lol

Briannas dad – Man that was a clean ass jeep, I only find them all beat to hell or rusted out

William Malouhos – Man that lift looks a little scetchy to me

Hermannthegreat – Garbage vehicles, ugly interior, bad electronics, uncomfortable ride.

Linus eson nilsson – You are funny and shit, and you’re good at it.

But you are running a show restore show and cant change a startmotor? dude what the current fuck…

TheJenyffer01 – What a steal for the Cherokee. Its super clean

Captainleee – I wish I found a $ 300 cherokee that clean. I got one for $ 500 but it was a little dinged / scratched up.

Jonyboiljr jonyboiljr – He is by Chicago i noticed that location before

TMJF114 – I just bought a 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 with 134,000 miles for $ 600. Can I wait to get it running

Mud roost – Snowflake manlet can not change a starter? Should stay playing Minecraft.

Eda bean – You know that if you did any of that field-ripping in California, the Sierra Club would be
Suing your butt to endangering the habitat of some weird thing. Be happy, be very
Happy that you are in Kansas. And your little dog should too.

Ian micheal – I thought i was a fool .. i have foreign wife to shes from north carolina

Jose dejesus – Yes you always buy in my friend

Buff barnaby – Looks to be a 2WD Not 4.

s blagg – Wait a sec-you call a "garage" channel but you had to have a mechanic??

Blake richards – The music sucks

Its-Me Anthony – 98-99 best year for Cherokee in my opinion.

Jai deepak ahluwaliaAsks pig Are you a pig?
Pig grunts
Definitely a pig

Seadav018 – I wish I knew what the state of this is. It’s really pretty there

Harrison edgar – 4.0 L Strait 6 Cylinders. They can run forever … but be easy on the transmission and rear end. They are weak and tend to break often!


Matthew Mr Sus God – My uncle had one year ago but it was tomato red

Bigots bigots – I can not get mine started: (changed the starter, alternator, fuel pump, all relays

Adam wallace – Rebuild dat bish and make it a 4.7 stroker

Kyle gorowski – Wow … 360k miles just for you to treat it like crap? It did not get that way by someone driving it like an asshat … smh

Bully056 – Jeep Cherokee Sport 4×4, One of the Best Trucks Edit: Bear is Gunmetal Blue and we bought it in Indiana just before we drove to California.

Jacob hicks – I love the big 2004

Ben mast – Bugs on the front bumper then they

Jamie mcguire – I got one for free

Unik xj – No where are they "300" # 128514; # 128514;

Matthew marcum – I want that lift so bad

Clive nyathi – Jiggling

Colton doyle – It’s funny I have the exact same Cherokee. Mines at 98 classic with an overhead console and same color. I drive daily. 228,000 miles and still going. I was a little things and it was a pretty reliable vehicle.

Potatochobit – Wait, his name is dave?

Potatochobit – 1980’s isuzu trooper II, most iconic suv I remember

Se7ensnakes – Hey i like your videos

Floyd laduke – GREAT buy for less than $ 800 you have a very nice JEEP

Devious – Nice

Kaden m – I paid $ 100 for Chrysler

Lc davidson – Need Jeep comes out $ 300?

OSDCrusher – "jiggling my phone out of my pants" yeah I bet you did buddy # 128514;

Jcllings – @ 4: 07 Jesus. I know how tall my Jeep is. You’re a giant mf!

Jcllings – That color is a problem. 😉

Dennis martens – Jeep Cherokee sport 4 l never found in a scrap yard

Joseph atnip – I do not know how you got a starter for $ 50 I would like to know that I would like to buy $ 65 bucks

Joseph atnip – I used to have a red one to 99 just like that one my girlfriend knocked off the front end of it off

Nick nichols – I have $ 600 for my XJ with 204k miles

Carlos Clara – i used to own a 2001 it is a beast!!!

TheCardinal365 – Did piggy have a zapper collar on? xD

Joracer1 – I think you are behind times, they’ve been collectible since 07-08, now nice examples of a 98 go for 5k +, a nice xtra 96 ​​just sold for 12k plus one ebay …. consider yourself extremely lucky to Get one given to you like you…

Mitchell edmonson – I’ve got the same exact jeep, I bought it for $ 1,000 because it had a cracked head

Ryan lester – Should have had a juice box while he worked on your car

Wayne sanders – Do not keep it for too long or the mod-bug will get you and turn it into a $ 20,000 investment. But more seriously, how do you keep finding these perfect finds for under $ 500? It’s like you’re on another planet.

Pumpii cross – Sell ​​me the bumpers

Nawid afg – How mache

David edwards – I also have a 1998 Cherokee jeep sport. I got it for 1700 with about the same mileage on it. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. I love my jeep

Pervy wise – Waiting for your mechanic to change the engine for less than a hundred bucks? Man you must get the wholesale

Irving Raymond Sings Rivers – New subscribe here .. how do you get these cars so cheap

Tsitoulis tsitas – How much did you pay for an hour?

NaTosha Evinrude – Niceeeeeee

Clarence maggazz – You also have raw pork chops

Carl Darlington – Two for two Chrysler headliners falling down.

4wd some – My purchase was better, 1996 Isuzu trooper with 3 months MoT just under 500,000 miles on the clock with a headunit for £ 80, the headunit was only 3 years old and I bought it up inside, new injectors and cam shaft, clutch, turbo weler For £ 2000 3 weeks later with a new 12mo MoT made £ 1500

James david walley – "… definitely a pig …"

Mackie k – Id rather that Celica I see beside it 🙂

JXPEEJ – Some sucker traded the most reliable jeep ever made for the most unreliable jeep ever made.

Sean johnstone – That is not jeep.

Killian santiago – Milage is only a number. a $ 60 replacement part can make a world of difference 4×4’s like these.

My myron – This video makes me want to traded my game console.

Chris looney – Hesitate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 300 bucks is cheap! That jeep will run forever do not fuck it up

Abel cerrillo – Awww ur down with the headliner dude ….. i bought a jeep cherokee 2door 5 speed for 300 also…

Random user – Where do you find this cheap

Darrick cato – I would like to have a lot of money. I would probably. I like a spotlight on a regular but great overlooked vehicles. maybe we both just like mediocrity. I loved your cheap buick video! I always tell people any Car with a 3800 is The best car for the money. XJ’s, and ZJ’s are most excellent 4×4’s for the price too (FSJ’s are my favorite though). S-10 Blazers are usually pretty cheap, and more reliable (I prefer the square ones or ZR2 round ones).
However, I have a complaint about your videos. Can you ask if you can buy such and such for this super low price ??? Well the truth is where I am … you can not. In Missouri you have to be a real dealer to go to these auctions where you can get such super awesome deals. Around here that Jeep of yours would have been bought for $ 300, flipped for another $ 200, and get it on with a $ 3000 price tag, and sold for $ 2300, and it looks like that would not be a bad deal..

TheTechCguy – My family’s blue ’98 was better running than this thing. Aim my dad to go to the beach. While we were in Hawaii.

Richard Flynn – $ 300 gift horse? Rev the snot out of it after it’s dormant for months on end-then donuts. Yer special….

-[NRg] -Mandrake – What lift was wizard using?

Mikosch2 – Wow that starter. Was it parked right next to the Titanic or was happened to it?

TatersUnited – I’d pay more than $ 300 for an XJ that clean! Worst case scenario the engine is no good you could buy it.

BRD – Oink, I’m cheaper than a car! Lol

Rhshel – Wow, I bought one of these when I retired 5.2 Lv8 and it got 45000 miles.

Todd hayslett – Gotta love that straight 6 … 360k miles and still sounds and runs good. Hmm Jeep excutive in the early 2000’s …. Dammit guys that engine will not die .. we can not sell anymore Jeeps …. He gets a Reply … Sir, how about we got that crappy mini van engine in the next jeep? Excutive eyes JK dirty and dirty JK dirty … Somebody Promote that boy.

Nihl hinz – Is the mechanic his dad? Because shop time would still be more. More up, brake pads, battery + other parts. just min Were talking at 700 dollar jeep. With a full tank it’s 739.98

Ray r – Yah, and I got a new Lamborghini for a buck fifty!

AZIZ The Ruler – i like your videos you should watch mine

Mohamed belaid – I heard this song before I forgot where

Miss tiacht – 3:04 Knock knock. Who’s there? I can not believe it is not one of the cylinders. Did anyone else shit bricks when he revved immediately?

Edwin salazar – What floor is your mechanic using?

The master tanker – Damn i like these jeeps

Outdoor kid127 Lol – How do you find these thimgs

Slw2vftw – Really made me cringe when you said "I even jiggled the relays and fuses".

Jeep cherokee – Have a 1996 Cherokee 2 door. Bought it in 1999 at the US Government auction for $ 5000. There were 60,000. I now have about 450,000. My poor Jeep is ill. The tranny is slipping at highway speed and the engine is still rolling. Going to replace both at the same time in the future. Jeeps are fun but once they get old be prepared to open the wallet.

Trevor c – Lol nice goal I did some hard digging and got myself a 95 two door 2wd with 140k miles for 700 but hell can not beat 300 bucks!!

Jacob franklin – Does Doug Demuro And Hoovy Work Together?

Organized chaos – Considerably sell that for 2500 up here in ct. mean miles mean shit on those motors. Want to sell it?


Jake gully – I bought a running 1998 Jaguar XJ8 with 100,000 teeth, good paint, and No worn leather for $ 500.

Dan buchner – Very cool!

Tall toot – It’s a wonder someone else didnt replace the starter and keep on going. However, from all the grease and oil on the starter … you may have other problems to deal with.

NoahBones 12 – At 98 for $ 300 is a stale MASSIVE!

Randy lahey – Gay

Ho chi squad – Your theme music is awesome…..

Nick – I want to Cherokee like that…

Pit dawg – So you get it for $ 300 and all it needs a starter … then you start dogging the shit out of it. How to STUPID and RETARDED can you … smh

Hyper trophy winner – $ 300 and a new starter you lucky fuck.

Pirate staz – I paid $ 600 for my Comanche and have not had anything to do

James shelnutt – That was one uuuuuuuuuuugly starter at 02:36

Mark f. – I paid $ 300 for my ’98 XJ with a bit over 100K on the meter. Two owner and very clean but would not start and the AC did not work.

Salandfindles – Dat slight voice crack @ 1:03. oven

GETTIN IT TV – Jeeep are awesome i love mudddin in mine check it out

Mudddin in alabama xj jeeep

Jacob Patterson – In Missouri this jeep would have been around 5-7 big and need jesus….

I wish cars were not so expensive.

Uniroyal mish – The tacky musical theme suits the channel

Dfs54 – Why is that pig being hurt with a tight leash?

Fred ahrens – Got my 98 jeep grand cherokee for 130 bucks. All mine needed was a battery. Great condition!

HansensUniverse – There is a guy here in Norway who has 600K on his, still runs and looks great, because of these vehicles is such,.

Ian clinthorne – That’s the cleanest Cherokee I’ve never seen in my life but I’m from Michigan so ❄

Hugh mungus – Some one was selling at $ 300 one down the street from me

Wowjenny zbrodniarz – These are not insane miles, even in Europe you can find a lot of cars over 1,000,000 miles. Those are the ones without reversing the clock. In my country most cars have over 400,000 miles. The clock is set to 120,000; that’s all.

Lester young – That’s CLEAN Cherokee. It looks immaculate / no rust. What part of the States did it live? Has it held up mechanically for the last 10 months? Great buy.

Fred flintstone – This auction was in akron it was?

Second gen dan – i got my 98 xj for 600 with 200k miles

Leland harper – "Next highly collectible suv" * makes donuts in a field

Anthony barbuto’s vids – Hi

Alex Hernandez – A horse is racing A horse of course

Trevor groves – I bought a 94 Jeep Cherokee Country with 180k miles, 4×4 worked, everything was solid besides the floor plans. 350 bucks

Maria ortega – Change the oil too …. let the car warm up before you rev ​​your engine dummy

Hitesh mishra – You did not try to start by just pushing it when you start it ?

Troy hamilton – Talk about luck!

Jon shelness – Why do you spend a few bucks and have new ceiling cloth installed. It really classes up a car

THE DUDE – Have you sold this?

Sean stewart – I changed the starter on my sisters 93 Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Boyko matthew – I understand your in the states but here in Canada to buy a miracle. I swear some people do not know what they have when they have it. Be thankful you do not live with 2 feet of snow for the season. To be buying that jeep Were I’m going to be looking closer too

Michael anderson – I think that jeep ran over the monster tar

Todd kirbh – Looks like a kid in a candy store. Great buy What is the name of your mechanics lift in the garage? pretty cool

Eyclipse – The car wizards name is Dave *? * DAVE

Jeep man – With the AMC 4.0 this was the best SUV for the money ever made. Wish they still made them, I’d buy another one.

Strider – I’ve owned 3 of these and the only issue. They’re brilliant cars

Victor montano – I had an 87 4 × 4 jeep cherokee limited it was last year amc built it, so technically it was not a Chrysler product now a Fiat product, i miss it though, it was built like a tank, got hit a few times By other Cars, but those inline 6ers can run forever, really good engines!.

Tropicsen gaming – A jeep comes to life

Vingo – It’s not going to be long with you doing donuts in it and driving like a fool

The superior golem – I like porkchops and bacon but pigs can be adorable

Mr. Christopher – In the beginning those stickers on the windshield. Those look to be.

Mr. D – Those 4.0L motors are indestructible. It’s probably got another 360,000 miles in it before you need to rebuild it.

Superminer XL – Waiting for the hell is there a pig standing on the side of the road

Kd1s – Solenoid perhaps? And 300K miles on it is probably a bit worn too. And I believe you’re in a state of affairs.

Buba msxiladze – Kjswuyerklsyr]

Ronnie hurst – Man, I would like to see you on my jeep, no wonder your shit breaks down, the way you abuse it. The jeep has been run by you and has been cranked. Hell no, you will not get near mine.

Rajan sr – 1000 of labor CASE TRANSFER CASE GOAL NICE

Graham medlock – By the looks of that starter there is a long term.

The89shee – That would be a $ 4000 Cherokee here in Michigan where these things things rusted thru rockers and floorboards. No matter if it had a million miles or 100, that thing is clean.

Classic287 – And you do not deserve that Jeep…

Luke mitchley – Is that a starter or a sea crustacean?

Tomaltach oafearghail – You want to know why it had 360,000 miles on it? The owner did not have dirt burn or took it to the first day he got it and it was jerked it around.

Crazy bastrd – Well done!

Craftsmansteve – Now arriving some real Horsepower! Sorry i just had to say it

Bobby bass – He’s gone full OJ folks

S. blaze – If the military has been taught me anything, Supervision is the most important step…

Frenk vortice – 3:08 $ 300 smile. its worth it.

S44e6 – Please STOP mentioning Doug DeMuro in every video. He is an obnoxious boob with gaping holes in his automotive knowledge and an extremely annoying voice and delivery…

Edward garix – Love that pet pig. Freakin AAA of So Cal. I did this same thing, and they (AAA assholes) banned me and my membership (I was paying premium membership for everyone, so it’s like $ 800.) They’re not that easy They’re shady and burry you in a paperwork if you go against them….

Thomas strickland – I thought I would get loads of these old old Eps. Consider the real Jeep at that. 2006 was when Jeep went to crap. You just helped beat that 4.0 inline. You can do loads and loads and loads of miles.

Pay way – Lots of giggling. Good deal. Clean body and interior is great. Body work is more expensive than replacing a trans and engine.

Jackbn – I’ve actually been in Halstead. Was married in hesston, skip & jump away.
So, people still live in flyover country?

Settripsbunch – 1st maintenance job on a jeep; coolant flush and reverse flush!

Mason methot – I paid $ 500 for a ’94 Jeep Cherokee 4dr 4×4. Runs like an absolute dream. Brakes a little meh. Has rust down but up above is fine. And crack in the windshield. Could not be happier.

Gonotime – Horse is a horse of course

Robert – Fuck you hovis.

Shechshire – That’s usually the crank shaft positioning sensor that does that. Very easy to replace that sensor.

Chris john michael – 300k on a piece of shit Jeep? It’s impressive

Eric Fortune Jr. – Better make sure there’s no more oil leaks or Dave’ll be replacing that starter again.

Mooch buster – Anyone elae if he showed the mustang that he was gonna tell something about it or at least drive it without going "hey piggy piggy"

Glenn thug life quagmire – Those jeeps are notoriously know to turn gay owners.

BicycleLovesNekos – Aww this makes me so sad I eat bacon sometimes.

Best $ 300 car ever? 1998 jeep cherokee 4x4 with 360k miles

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