Cheap amazon led headlight review and install jeep cherokee xj

Cheap Amazon LED Headlight Review and Install Jeep Cherokee XJ

Reviewing and installing some 5×7 inch CREE LED smoked headlights off Amazon. Link for the headlights below …

Pangsbricks – Are these lights ok in the snow? Great video!

Robert soto – Just a heads up, I did this upgrade and if you have a 1990 xj like myself, the constant power wire will be the blue / green wire. NOT the brown wire. Great video tho helped a lot.

Benjamin madrid – Would these fit a Nissan d21 1988?

Jeffrey miller – Have the same lights love them

Zay deleon – I have white powder in one of the glasses ?

Justin nickols – $ 90 lights now

Troy – When I have a light go out I’ll be replacing them with these LEDs. Thanks for the review, enjoy it.

Legacy 4×4 and Off Road – Cheap doesnt always mean bad, they look sweet!

Walk lester – Have the same ones and they are bright with running lights blink whith the turn signals

Alex Rodriguez – They are light enough that I don’t have to use my led cubes???

L3arrett82 – Having been thinking maybe just some some Fog light and goofy for sure.

MrGochiefs1 – I’m watching this 12/12/2019, are the lights still holding up? No complaints? Great video, thanks.

THESUPERMAN9050 – Correct me if im wrong. But you would not want to tie the daytime running light to a source that turns on the ignition. You shouldn’t have a turn on your carpark.

Likes – My Xj’s has 93 ‘, does it have the same adapter for me to just plug in?

Josh b – I got these couple years ago, as soon as they came out. I’ve never had a single problem out of them.

Tony cruz – Nice I have to get some, do you have the link? Another question where did you get that front bumper??

Jay luna – You totally answer my question with your video

Scorpion717 E – I just installed some of them on my 99XJ and they turn it on when I start the jeep with the switch off … Anybody else have this.?

William horton – Put a light bar on the top of the cab

Rogelio Cerrillo – So there’s a way to get the lights to blink with the turn signals too?

MARCH1911 – Bought my xj with the led heads already installed ….. deff guy wired to green lol … now i know why drl’s flash on and off with the turn signal … thanks for that mystery for me.

Tim on – What bumper are you running? I know that’s irrelevant lol

Randy hogrefe – Buy them off DHgate website they are a lot cheaper

John you have – Thanks for sharing, I’m still looking for replacements for my TJ but here in Holland, you’re forced to buy the ridiculously expensive Truck-lite or even JW Speaker. I wish you all the best for 2019 😉

Mike greek – I have the same lights on my 99 XJ. I drove 600 miles from state to state and they are working really well. Visibility is worlds better at night vrs stock.

Jeepn n creepn – Love in
I used to run hid’s 10k’s
Got pulled over and told to be "too blue" lol

Bill baby – What kind of wire did you use for DRLs?

Sarah nicole – They look great I ordered mine, thanks for the review 🙂

Atlee wise – Did you post these on the xj Facebook group

MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life – They just really good. I just upgraded some of my friends to somebody and they are a lot better than the stock ones.

Rob dallas – Great job, thanks for the review!

Michael-Michael Motorcycle – Great vid now it’s time to fix the light on the side of the garage door-ha.

Baldwin sanders – I just installed 85 watt creed LED headlights on my 1990 XJ living in the mountains of Virginia I am very pleased with the performance of the headlights .

Dan hunger – A lot of people complain about not doing enough down the road. Sounds like a lot of gun fire in the background … lol…

The bearded jeeper – Great review see how long they hold up. A lot of the cheapest lights will get water behind them

2J_MacRae_Z – Good video, just ordered myself a set! Thanks

Chas gordon – I’ve got the same headlights in my XJ. I installed them about 3 months ago. They are brighter than the old, standard headlamps. Though they do not go down the road very far in the low beam setting. High beam is amazing.

The only difference I did not have the power to run a DRL. Meaning that when the Jeep is on, that circuit gets power all the time. So my side markers or running light. socks they are a current DRL, always on.
I drive my XJ on the road so I wanted the added visibility. Not that it’s a big, lifted, black jeep, but some people are just idiots. 😉

Cheap amazon led headlight review and install jeep cherokee xj

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