Cherokee jeep 4.0 water pump replace and repairs

Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Water Pump Replace and Repairs

What it took to get my 96 XJ Cherokee won at auction back on the road. Replacing a water pump and see what else I can break the way.

Chris bridges – We used want Zachary handless….

Shawn farris – Thank you so much !!! My jeep is doing the exact same thing yours was! Now I know how to fix it. Thank you!!!

Will kelly – For anyone watching the same problem with the heater control valve, it’s much easier to bypass it on the XJ. It does not really do much, and can cause a lot of headache.

Jeffrey swift – What is that socket wrench?

Tom highsmith – My 95 jeep cherokee has the same problems. It had been sitting for 3 years had no key. but where does it all go?.

Beardman pinney – Great stuff !! Going about to replace my water pump, thermostat and belt on my XJ

Charlie stanley – This makes the second video .no fan blade removal.whats up with that????

Harrygatto – Usually best to disconnect the earth lead battery first to save any shortening problems.
I’m just about to change my RHD ’96 XJ water pump and thermostat so have looked for a few of these videos and it should be straightforward.
I did not know about the heater control valve.

TO THE GUNTER – I mark my bolts with a paint marker. Very easy to do great video

Albatr0ss222 – Thanks for the video. Bus tubs or dish wash tubs.

Gort400 – Where do you buy the indian shellac?

L B – Haven single laughed this hard in ALONG TIME this guy is hilarious Hahahaha

James looney – Horrible videos! But it is a Redneck based video…

James flowers – Thanks for the upload! made it easy!

IndieArtsMidwest – Lol my shroud is broken exactly the same way.

SEB SmallEngineBuilds – Funny My Jeep Is Leaking Cooling From The Water Pump.

Yilo quinones – Excellent tutorial! I’ll try…

Nultari – I can not get the nuts off the fan because they are on really tight and it just spins the pulley when i turn the wrench

Red wolf – Big help! Thanks!

Rocco liace – I just subscribe to your channel. I’ve been following Jerry from BS Korner for a few years and your comments so I took atlook at your vids. Excellent Job brother thanks for all the Jeep videos and tutorials have a great weekend!

Lauri butt – Look like you got everything covered just missing a budweiser bud.

Zane mooneyhan – Got sunburnt, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting

Steve d – What is this tool you are using?

Dan madden – What a waste of time

Newgunzsociety – Surprised you did not replace the clutch fan ….. everyone knows you should replace that with a water pump.

Mack morgenweck – You skipped a bunch of steps. why do you have a tutorial if you’re skipping stuff

Jtip82 – No valve rattle ….. I’m jealous

T sisco – Too bad it isnt 4×4 🙁

Melodichdreamer72 – It seems like the deal you get this Jeep offsets the deal on the TJ from Jersey. That 4.0 does not sound like that, it has really good pickup. Wouldn’t it be great in a Wrangler, especially considering the HP ratio? Sounds Like a good project. 🙂

Undergroundtrev – I’ve been using that Indian Head stuff for years. Great stuff. Just do not get it on anything you want to keep clean!

Bob castillon – Dave, I’m a Toyota man myself when you’re ready to sell your pickup. Give me a heads up. . . . . that is if you have not already.

Wyattoneable – I like that you mentioned the tools of the work area. When I was working for a shop we were not allowed to put tools anywhere on the engine we forgot one thing. Nice job there on that 4.0.

Pra3t0rian – Great vid keep it up!

KingEdward64 – I wonder how many more Jeeps you can fit in your driveway.

Evgeny Snetkov – I have to record the pump soon too. Antifreeze from a mating ring of an axis of the pump.

RUS Thank you! You recorded this video very timely. I also need to change the pump soon. Antifreeze drip from the o-ring axle pump.

OhYeahAboutThat – I think that stuff on your right fender apron is Cosmoline. Paint thinner should remove it.

Driveshaft drew – Simple like pie right on

Frank c – Speaking of thermo being in backwards my grandparents 97 t bird radiator blew up and then replacing that I did not know what to do. Nice tho Dave score on the XJ TJ at all?

Chris fuscooo – I wish I lived near u or Jerry: – /

Chris fuscooo – I need to add coolant to my ’06 TJ. But the coolant I bought from the dealer is a different color. Is that an issue? Thanks…

Dave – I do not know what I would have done before

Dave – Nice find Dave. might want to flush the cooling system it may have metal shavings in it? With that thing wobbling that bad. You’d be surprised what you get out of a new engine let alone a 96.

Internetdude – No no no! Do not put the heater control valve back in there, I’m looking for your way Crown. Just get some 97-01 XJ hoses and bypass it, much cleaner and simpler installation. Block the vacuum line and you’re Done. I did that on my mj.

Kevin cook – Great video dave looks good

WeLiveJeep – Hey, you should just delete the heater control valve, the factory removed them anyways. Most people take them out because they can be problematic and leaky. Also, it will not affect the AC and air wind weather. In 1997 the company stopped using the Water heater.

Alex deagle – 96 is a tricky year, can not wait to see it. (probably will haha!)

I’m working on the cooling system and I’m doing it. thermostat and the hose are a year old and at operating time, i can pinch the hose shut. i don’t feel coolant and / or.

I’ll replace the radiator cap, but i suspect it’s air in the system, did you have to burp it in any way?

Boatcaptin14 – I’m surprised that it does not have that classic 4.0 cold engine knock!

Stoneyburke – Did they put a clutch fan, and an electric fan?

STEVE ROB REVIEWS – Nice job as always Dave. Ok Indian head long, buddy up here the word Indian day long, hey I do not mind at all. Cheers buddy.

Hunter test – Hey David I have a 2003 jeep tj and I’m getting a loud squealing noise when I am coasting between 15-35 mph. I’ve checked all the seals and that’s not it. Any idea on what it could be??

Bigscreen bird – Not surprised people think it’s a pos and it’s just one problem. Seems like a great buy!

Rusty glovebox – Nice water pump RR, those 4.0L are good old engines and do not give much trouble .. Have a good week

Cherokee jeep 4.0 water pump replace and repairs

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