Davis autosports jeep cherokee xj for sale / lifted and modded / stage 3 / fully serviced

Davis AutoSports Jeep Cherokee XJ For Sale / Lifted and Modded / Stage 3 / Fully Serviced


DavisAutoSports – TO view all pics and Info visit http://davisautosports.com/jeep-cherokee-xj-for-sale-gray

Anthony slagle – Two teeth driver side side rear side, top left of lift gate. That being said that is gorgeous # 128525;

Kamron hulverson – All over?

Adventures in Little Trucking – I thought these were the best of the best jeeps? Im kinda disappointed at that price i was not expecting to see a cheap $ 400 rough country lift. Stock axles, stock steering, stock drivelines, i mean a few bolt ons.

Dominic delaurentis – Where u location at

Tauriel beorn – Cool i hope i like this

Guadeloupe rodriguez – Love it looks sexy asf

Peter brook – You lift the body from the frame

Motoman 714 – What size tires?! 33s?

Corey jerrod – Thumbs for a drive by F14 Tomcat at 0:45 mark !! Sick xj too!!!

Piseth loek – Hi pro?

Octobarra – Creepy vid / music for a Jeep. Peeping Tom 1:35 … Lol. But great build.

Skidge – Where did you get the smoked light lenses?

Bubble hub – Very nice

Sean anon – I know this is old dude kept this in his garage? What a dumb ass, and waste of cash … people like that should not be allowed to own a Jeep. Like people who blow all that money on a rubicon, then just drive It to work.

Svetoslav kostadinov – Wow, an excellent rig.
How much do you sell it for?

James herbst – Thing is mint.

Kolya Podtyn – Oven

Theude lebowski – Th’fuck is this music?

Siib Saam 13 – # 128558; Look solemn, nice to watch

WeKnowTheTruth2012 – Shouldve puts some death metal gold or some heavy shit this song is for a prius C commercial fuck me backwards!

Sam woodcock – .Jeep patriot accessorĺes

Ben mason – I love the music

Emilero – Why this drive offroad?

John lumpkin – I wanted to see & hear this.

Naman namanovich – With such characteristics, the consumption of benzyl would be interesting to know

Deepal kandage – Beautiful jeep

Jedslather – Nice jeep, horrible music.

T T – You guys do great work. One home run away for flying out of your rigs.

Josh harvey – Monie dads

MetalDeathXterra – What’s the point then??

Mak 6 – I’m great buy how much is this?

Red7 – Good mary and joseph that music is horrendous!

Good luck – It’s very nice

Seni old style – Oven

Andy condoy – My wrangler is nice but this car … oh man it’s beautiful

Joseph latarte – Actually I hate to repeat it’s obvious that I would like to see you guys from an LS swapped XJ

Joseph latarte – Gorgeous XJ goal "Performance header"? XJ is known to be fast and easy unless you are an LS in it

Truenorican – Drooling looks real nice..but why the music

Abdualaziz albousafi – Oven

Marty abernathy – What headlights are those?

Manny yea – Oven

Emilio perez – Love the tires on this thing

Bud white – Has it been off road? it looks to clean.

Paolo serebryakova – Name of the music?

Blue bullet – Nice music background and great video job.

Connor K – Can i have one for free

Tony north las vegas – Clean af

John whiteman – Where do you buy new black


Eddy tebe – Net Harga ?, Dikirim Ke Indonesia Apakah Bisa

Brayden mullet – #mallcrawler

Scott duffy – What the fuck is that music you’re a douchebag

Oven – You’ve been transformed nicely…
I’m curious about the price ^^

Crackerjacka – Perfect little setup on that jeep!

Already – Will they fit XJ? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0752CRHMB?m=AQ4ORGTHPCHHDref_=v_sp_detail_page

Trevor odom – Stupid question What’s up with black stripes on hood? Seeing a lot of those on xj’s

Stephen anderson – I want to work there!

DavisAutoSports – Jeep is sold

Svborek 1975 – What head light conversion are you running. led but what kind

Daniel Zarzoza – How much is this jeep worth

Daniel Zarzoza – How much is this jeep worth

Netsuj yenrav – My 2001 has 93,000 on it. anniversary edition

Adedeale adhesive – Why was a spring used in the back instead of the coils in front?
I would also suggest a tire carrier at the rear bumper.

Autumn winter – Were the driveshafts do not have any such eliminator yoke or any other drivetrain upgrades such as axles, locker, etc…..?
Very nice XJ ………. maybe next time Ronnie James DIO.
The jeep is bad ass it.
Do you want to go to the mall when you’re not looking.

Guamalian 671 – Once someone makes a deposit, how long does it take to get ready???

f * ck youtube – Man i wish i could do this as a job

Kevin pearson – You guys hands the cleanest and nicest jeeps!!!

Steve – Wow really enjoyed the way the jeep was presented!!

Tyler dürer – Jeep porn

Joshua shurts – Nice video well put together. I pray that the company continues to grow

Perfect aesthetic protocol – How do you guys set up the inner front fender liners with the flat flares?

Harut82 – How much?

Davis autosports jeep cherokee xj for sale / lifted and modded / stage 3 / fully serviced

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