How to replace front hub assembly 90-98 jeep cherokee

How to Replace Front Hub Assembly 90-98 Jeep Cherokee

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Paul krolowitz – Jeep Cherokee Laredo the studs and everything comes off with the rotor ??? what do I need to change what’s the name of the part that I have ??

Icemule – When he puts it on the axle nut he says take your 38mm socket, was 36mm when he took it off, so which is it, 36 or 38mm?

Patrick palmer – I need to change my mind, so bad-so-so 36mm goal. It took the pucker parts at a yard salvage 2 + -hrs to break I was watching. And every time I watch this done on a couple of minutes, I’m considering it, and I have an impact wrench.

Jeans – THANKS FROM IDAHO "will place an order!

Mikey meatball – Won Acknowledge hitting the end of the axel back damage the seals in the diff?

Jeramiaha stiverson – So the axle nut is 36mm for sure? Also what does the axle get torqued at ??

Grandaddyevil – Ok 1990 now you have me thinking I need to replace the entire hub. My 1990 Cherokee (4×4 Loredo) is clicking when in motion. My intention was to purchase the bearings. But how do you see your video in "Pressed In" Am i Correct?

Cory pearce – Another question why they use a hex why they use a 12 point bolt, Seems like Jeep wants us to strip it

Cory pearce – Any point on the spot 12 point 13 mm bolt

Matthews matt – I was going to find out what size socket I would need for the axle nut. At the beginning he says 38mm. Just wondering which year it is Thanks for any input. I dont have used it for very many large sockets so was just wanting to Buy one.

Vera good – Hi 1A Auto Parts staff hope you’re doing great! this interesting & helpful video Thanks!

Typey1 – Did you use a 12point socket deliberately over a 6? thanks

How to replace front hub assembly 90-98 jeep cherokee

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