Jeep cherokee buyers guide

Jeep Cherokee Buyers Guide

How to buy the best xj best years and my vlog channel Want some good tires check out treadwright …

Giancarlo – I have a 1995 2 door, interior black / tan interior. I love it! I will own this jeep forever.

Chris densmore – I have 96 xj. 351,000 miles on the problem. Only changed to a fuel pump and a starter.

Keith lea – I was a mechanic in the 80s and any jeep with the v6 run away from it. 96 were a carry over 95 because they were working on the 97. I brought it to 97 tj what a pos it was the first year it was a 100 Day in the dealership. Say what you want about 96 Cherokee i love mine and if i need parts i order 95 year parts. Cherokee is an early 96 and the axels are case breaks are 95 Model year.

Richard Gollen – Got a 99, minus the snapped rear right shock and the typical easy to replace seals and gaskets, as well as no issues, went 80 like 10 minutes ago with no issues. Best 500 bucks ever spent

Harold of cardboard – Found a 95 in ex condition for $ 4700 at rust 144k HO 6 miles. is this a good price and is the HO 6 okay? I’m coming into xj’s full novice !!! will really feel feedback.

Andrew Scheffing – Just bought a 1996 2-door xj with a 5speed! I’m starting work today, I love jeep stuff

Rawrawtravis – I own a 1997 jeep grand cherokee special edition, runs great best jeep.

Chamolddin gadoev – Saloon steering calso pedestal rear komplekt pakupk.

Sumit mukund – Hello Sir, I really appreciate your videos, can you tell me are the jeep grand cherokee 2007-2010 a good to buy? because you have not talked much about it .

Bryan coyne – i got a 1996 jeep xj 2

Maximus ilive4theking – I have a 88 with a 91 engine on it. From 84 to 86 I think you mean 4 cylinders on it not 6.

Khndenmark – Good info

PARADIGM SHIFT – Hi, can you please tell us the best year to buy Cherokee? I think I’m interested in one of those. Thank you! 😉

MAAK4 – Would you like to go to the Grand Cherokee as well? I’m looking at a 1993 Great, bad paint but has only 124,000. Any thoughts guys?

Dylan trimble – Next time incude video in your intro instead of just a voice over. Great vid tho

Keith lea – I have a built 96 for sale. New running gear 33s new needs lifters have 7500 into the build. Take 5000 for it.

Trpldog – Got a 96. No issues. 188,000 miles

Daniel and Ruby – Hi from Bogota Colombia Friends. XJ Jeep Cherokee 87-01 Made in Venezuela at the Dana 44s front and rear. Choice of 5 speed manual or 4 speed cars. If you want an XJ with Dana 44’s look for the first number in the Wine to Be 8.

Ron’s garage – I had a ’93 and it was a great car until I demolished it. Bought a ’97 and it was terrible. Bought at ’95 -2WD, 2-door. I junked the engine (4 cyl), tranny (flimsy 5 speed), AC, computer, air bag, and a lot of other unnecessary crap. Now it has a Chevy 327 originally in a Berkel Camaro with a Super Warner Borg T-10 oven speed. And yes the 327 was rebuilt and all the usual performance Goodies equiped. Interior was totally redone too. Now that’s the ultimate driving machine.

Cigz much – I’ve had 92 and now have 95. Both solid as can. Love my xj’s

Darryn aswad – I just got a 1990 xj with renex all the lines have been cut out i have used the diagram on the firewall google and prodemand + -3 years and i can not find where do you know what i can do? I know no one with this Set up to look at. There are 7 lines and I have 3-4 sets …. I think

Clarence swope – I had a 1991 it had a Chevy ignition switch it was good to get me wrong when that ignition switch went out it was a major pain in the back side

Jayne farris – Have a 1996 bread in the ass. run no run

J. sorcerer – Best Jeep Ever 276k miles and still barging. Bought it as a stangnant yard car for $ 450 .. Just drove it from Washington State to Ohio a few months ago. The starter went out and jumped on the column with I’m an amazing vehicle My battle wagon is lord of the american wasteland. I’ma get half a million miles outta her without hassle and wrenching. It’s crazy easy to work on.

Jason williams – Fuel pump from 1996 will work with 1995 and older

Stephen fairbanks – Go to check out the 99 sport for a wintah beater !

Caleb leonard – I got to 97 xj

Owen bond – The flag is wrong the union jack is supposed to be on the left when hung vertically

Harrygatto – Can the year of manufacture be identified from the VIN / chassis number?

Give johnson – I heard what I wanted to hear … I have a 1999.

Nathan arizona – A Chrysler Jeep Expert told me only Jeep XJs produced after October, 2000 or newer were the ones with the cracking head issue! Anything made before October 2000 is like 1999 models!

Joe g – I have a ’99 two door 4.0 4X4 with a manual. Never will get rid of it.

Mary finchum – 1987 AMC Cherokee Chief of the AMC

Rod brock – Love my 98!

242tdryan – I had a 92 laredo with the 5sp. I believe 92 is the first year of the good manual trans. No abs too much it was good brakes instead of crappy early year abs. very driveable vehicle. very quick too. ran at 16.1 in the 1/4 mile. it’s about to be 170k then sold for 2k …. bad decision.

Quinton shull – I’ve heard that they’re super reliable, but they’re so good at it??

Joel diaz – Http://

What to look for when buying a 1994 jeep?

Alexis Gonzalez – Put your shirt on man, have some respect !

David schlotterback – 91-94 best years of old bodysuit, 98-99 best years of old bodysuit.

This is a gonna need a little work.

Matthew hatton – Just got a 92 Jeep Cherokee had a dead battery so I replaced it and an alternator down the road. But for some reason it’s popping my alternator fuses ?? Apparently I have a short place checked all my grounds??

Brigham green – How different is Cherokee and Cherokee. In the 90s

Spike001ton – Just got a 92 read in great shape love it save it has no dash lights

Erricknowsbest ! – My 96 has obd1

Scott Kinney – Cherokee Pioneer with the 2.5 4 cylinder! Fixed it up a bit and its running great !! Original paint job with no rust!

Samuel P Cushing – Is it true the 2000 model 4.0 had issues with the block being expanded and cracking ?? Great video!

Samuel P Cushing – 8/25/18 @ 0613 m and 98 Cherokee with 412k miles destroys new "cherokee" aka Fiat with v6. Jeep died after the last 4.0 left the ohio assembly line and the French took over.

Ryder dopp – I got a 01 with only 85,000 miles for big oven

Scott Mcdaniel – Just bought an 01

Scott Mcdaniel – Had elect 97 Cherokee and 97 wrangler

Loyal eddie – I have a 2000 sport with 108000 miles

David II – Somehow volume recorded too low … great video

Vincent jones – i got my goal tonight i got two goals got it i got the waterpump but it was gushing water the gasket

Bare less – Just bought a 94 cherokee $ 600

Lon sewell – Really informative, thank you so much..

Jaden white – OBD 2 seems like the nest bet … How can a jeep be to repair? (Coming from bmw) looking at those late 90s to early 2000s

Richard Fernandez – "A bastard year"? Lol

Martin Valencia – Bought a 1995 jeep grand cherokee with the v8, 130k clean as hell. 2800

Kyle bermudate – Just bought a 92 today for 1200

Vexumy – I love my 1996 Country);

Jp oner – The video "top 5 SUV under 3K" says 96-01 Cherokee are the most reliable. What’s your thoughts? Good video.

Nolimeplease – Omg this guy is a silly.

Jason gifford – I agree, 98 or 99 are the best. I have a 99 Limited I picked up for $ 800, inspected and legal, that has the Chrysler 8.25 and all the bells and whistles with the old, reliable head. Been driving and wheeling for years Now, has about 250k miles with no real problems. Great vehicle, a lot of fun

Tainted sounds – 2000 American Cherokee sports edition have day down best to upgrades and looks boss of the Canadian version they changed the off-road package

GBR218 ? – Cherokee is just the looks? Like a 98 grand Cherokee will be the same as a regular Cherokee

Shonuffisthemaster – Helpful only, thanks. if only they have an efficient diesel fuel at the time, probably have one.

Sam matchett – Looking into a 97 goal you are scarring me should I really avoid it?

NoahBones 12 – 98/99 Best years. but for the people who like the older design, 91-95

ZeitGGeist – I got to 1994 Laredo v8 for 1000 bucks 215000 miles

Ricky trager – Awesome video Had the 91st 50th Anniversary XJ Cherokee Laredo. Loved it. That vehicle made a believer out of me. Also had a friend who had an 85 Cherokee Pioneer and he put in a 4.3 V6 from an 88 Blazer.

Fatboy19831 – 2001 the last year is the best Cherokee. All the bugs have been worked out. They will give you a minimum of 200,000 miles of trouble free driving. Mine has 306,000 miles.

Danny b. – I Have a Stock 1998 Cherokee Sport! Love it.

Kristian brannan – Buying a Cherokee Cherokee with 140k Miles for $ 1000 this weekend

Dominic white – What about the ZJ Grand Cherokees? I’m looking at shopping at Laredo Grand Cherokee ZJ, I have not figured out what year it’s just I just found it. If anyone could give me some information on zj’s I’d appreciate it

Adam leon – Im debating between 99 Jeep Cherokee and the 3rd gen 4 Runner
I want an SUV to do some work on it, but it does not matter when taking it or not. I prefer suvs over my pick up lol

Shinsplint – I have a 84 with a 2.5 rip

Grm joker – Boughtt has lifted with 31s today for 900

Allan morehart – You need to check your neck for insects

Mr. Christopher – Haha my 97 xd pass window / pwr locks act weird and suspected work # 128514; 271k and counting # 128077; # 127995;

THEBITTERPIL45 – I own a 97 XJ. Surprisingly it has not had any wiring problems. It was originally a county that was bought at an auction

Slash hash – I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that is my first car and I want to save it and get another one. I want to get to 1987-1990 with the chrome grid and all the chrome stuff. Nice classic look

Joshua young – Your audio sucks dude, i gave up trying to understand you.

Jeepguy 9519 – Have had two xj’s and solid into the zjs now. My first xj was 98 years ago.

Doug t – I drove to 96 xj for three hundred and sixty thousand miles I could buy a brand new one again

TheChi-TownConnection – 99’s are the best

NoahBones 12 – I honestly think all cherokee xjs (84-01) are the best. i have a 99 XJ sport, its great

If you want too many problems, go with

Bill bob – Have a 2001 last year (NO ANTI-LOCK BRAKES THANK GOD) got it for 2300 with 125000 miles put about 2 great into it and that mother will go thru anything. all right just some good tires on / off road. Can not wait for Snow. 4.0 best engine ever built. 222,000 miles now 5 yrs, later. still going strong.

John donate – Perfect I have a 93 ‘with no probs yet

Austin powers – Do you prefer the two door or the 4 door?

Jerry Ellis – Just bought a 2000, pulled off the valve to inspect everything and what you know, the head is cracked. fixing it then it’s gone. never will a 2000 2001 Cherokee sit in my drive again. One major thing you did not mention is the piston Skirts. These years of jeep are junk pos bastards. Never again!

Riddle me this … Batman. – Your flag is backwards smart guy.

Jake sweeney – I have a 97 country one I recited the brain box all is well I put on a hundred thousand it wheels on the weekends and back to work

Austin radtke – Another benefit of the newer Cherokees (98-01 I believe?) Is the stronger 29 spline 8.25 rear axle over the 27 spline or achieved Dana 35. And I believe it’s the 99’s that had the bad heads on them. My father has had Cherokee For years and is now 2000 on 35s. They’re great, cheap trucks

Branden knight – Is a 2 door or 4 door better in your opinion?

Richard Fernandez – I have a 2001 2 door cherokee with the 0331 casting.No problems whatsoever.Change your oil and coolant and you will not have a problem.

Troka off road – I just got a 99 miles white ,, great shape ,,, i want to lift it ???

John fisher – Whats your thoughts on 2002 and newer Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have one (2002) with 97,000 miles. The only way out of the wind.

Antigen4 – You’re confusing renix (using a carburetor) with odb1 ?

Antigen4 – Renix until 1989 i thought?

Micah turner – Umm, you check the codes on the previous obd2 cherokees by cycling the ignition 3 times and counting the check engine light blinks and then looking up the codes

The garage lot – I 1999 runs like a field. It must have been made in the middle of the week when everyone was in sync in toledo, because it is solid, just had to overcome the usual 4.0L coolant probs. I just absolutely loved it. Agree the 1998 and 1999 seem like late model years for the XJ. More from what I’ve seen, High Pinion D30 was removed in the 2000 and 2001 years.

Orregonnich – Flag’s backwards

Gary grinkevich – Got a black 90 Limited, it had abs brakes and I did the conversion when the pump finally gave the ghost.

Jackson catlett – Getting a lifted white ’98 for my birthday! My first car is my dream car

Mrsf118 – I have a 96 2 door and was going to get a 98 2 door to take the engine and trans and also swap the seats. would that be possible to do?

Bemyers123 – If you scratch yourself a lot, you just can not …!

James ribeiro – Thinking about getting a 2000 sport with 164k for 4K I’m not sure it’s a little pricey if it has 164,000

Old griz – It’s a mopar vehicle, it’s going to have wiring problems.

Jim mcgahhey – My 01 has the Chrysler 8.25 rear axel, what does yours have? The dang 35?

4orrcountry – Hey Ronnie-I really appreciate all of your advice online. Just bought a ’96 XJ 6 cyl. w / 105k thousands. Should I switch to a full synthetic oil?
Do you recommend a certain brand and filter?
Last question: tranny seems to shift fine. Should I change fluid? And if so, what do you recommend?

Matt out – Just got a 1991 xj 2 door all original 99% rust free and interiors almost perfect
Overall condition 99 out of 100

Kyle gorowski – @cherokeeronnie what fluid transmission do you recommend for a 94 XJ. 4.0 because

I am just robert – Built a badass 89. Loved it but it was not really my 92 my are now owns. sold the 89 and found a stock 92. it’s on again.

Humberto de la cruz – I am going to test drive 91 std tommoro any opinions

Mike candela – Glad I got to 98.

Captain howdy – The years when they updated the interior like the TJ Wrangler is nice .

Captain howdy – The paint molding is very clean in the sports, never loved limited

Captain howdy – I have a 2006 rubicon wrangler 65k miles at 2000xd 88k miles and 92 emerald green mustang lx 5.0. Their all my baby’s. Cherokee but the new Lexus rx350, but the Cherokee is a classic design that looks bad

Mythic armory – To sum up:
84-86 = Bad (6 cylinder)
86-90 = Decent years, but sensors
91-95 = Best years
96 = "Bastard" transition year
97 = Big changes, terrible wiring problems
98-99 = Best years of the newer styles
00-01 = Head cracks

Wavy robert – 98

Noah pulaski – Is the 99 sport Cherokee ultiily good? Looking for a test drive on Monday and maybe buy it for 3000?

14tboy – I love my 2000 as an everyday driver the coil on plug gives you a better throttle response and slight better fire efficiency. My 1988 is a tank though. 8.5 inch lift with 36 inch tires. I beat that thing trying to kill the Dana 35 rear So I’ll have an excuse to upgrade but I can not kill it!

Trent egan – Need a green front driver fender for a 2000 other so that it has 220,000 and its still running great

The game station – They are trying to make you feel like you’re in love with the old renix. Look up the renix.

The game station – My honest opinion is the best of the best I have a 98 and 90.

Jake l – I’m not sure if it’s because of the camera’s perspective, but the American flag is improperly displayed. The union is supposed to be on the left side, not the right when hung vertically. Not a big deal out of it or anything but thought You should know! 🙂

Ippathvvv – I have a 99 XJ in black in excellent shape! Love the 99’s

Dillonmitchum124 – I’ve had a 89 96 and 2 95 my best one was the 95s both country

Mich soda – i got a 1995 2 door with 114000 miles for 1000 bucks

Michael gonzalez – I found this video because I bought a jeep Cherokee classic with 124k miles at a dealer that seems to be in pretty good shape. they want 4.5k. the reason I looked into jeeps is because I can not do it. would you recommend I look For a 99? that same dealer has 99 goals it’s at 201k miles already

Hunttomuch wolfe – I have a 95 country with a little rust I just picked up some high miles but its still in good shape 1000 bucks goal I could not go it up my next project

A.R. Fifteen – Were a fuel issue but still have a few things to go through but you’re right there are awesome all round. Can’t wait to get it on the road again. 😉

Nick medors – Mid 99 they had a horse shoe style intake manifold

Thefixer – Anyone had any experience with a 1988 jeep cherokee

Man of Many Trade Master Of None – Cherokee Ronnie, i am not a jeep guy im a chevy guy and i subscribed to your channel if that states anything LMFAO i like what ur doing keep up the good work and have fun

Cody vaughn – What do you think about the 01’s?

Kirsten johnson – Thanks!

Random thoughts – Xi. Great truck with a bulletproof engine.

Gary button – Good info! However, I did hear that the front end on the 97-01’s slightly different fenders with even less space under the fender well. Which, for off-road use, requires trimming the fender opening for anything larger then has 9.5 x 30 Sweaters (235/75 r16). Obviously, sway-bar disconnects will aggravate this problem with larger tires: 245/75 r16 and up.

Rugged209 – I’ve had 98 classic with leather heated seats power seats overhead woodgrain console just beautiful I’m sorry getting rid of it 00/01 inside but I’d never buy it 00/01 there horrible no matter what usay

Jonathan dennison – I am working on selling my 2015 2500 Diesel and ounce I sell it Cherokees, 1 is a 96 with the 4.0 v6 and the other is the 98 with I believe a 4.0 v6 straight pipe. Both do not appear to have much more My main goal With getting 2 has a spare part. I’m not going to drive it. This new generation of couch / phone addicted kids. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Steven foster – Hey ronnie i just bought a 2004 jeep grand cherokee it has the quad trac 2 it has the. 4.0 liter engine are they any issues that i need to be aware of…

Jay kid – 2000 sport … the best hands down

Panzerhead – i saved an 87 cherokee chief 4d from a few guys yard for 700 bucks a year ago … (biulding it up slowly)!

Martin novels – I had the Cherokee V-6. What a piece of junk the engine was. now have a 1992 .

Nantucketjeep – Where do you buy your engine blocks? new ones?

Nick herrera – i have a budget for 2 vehicles a ‘3 lifted XJ sport (99 classic) and a rolled ’96 to explore with a nice 8.8 which im planning to swap i can get that built xj prerunner whataya reccomend ?? they both check out

Shaneb73 – I believe my 2000 Cherokee has 213k and I will not get rid of it! I love it, love that motor! I bet it still has 100k left on it. I do not know but it seems to be bullet proof anyway.

Peyman ghahremani – How is 2003 cherokee?

Dylan werner – You just earned a sub. I got a sexy blue 00.

Josh metsker – Your flag is backwards. The field of stars no matter how it displayed.

Mylesgifford8988 – I got a 96 it’s all fun and games till you need it for the gas tank

Vatroh – Hey I’m getting a jeep for my first car. What should I get? XJ (What was I looking at) what year?

92 Jeep Cherokee XJ – Yay have a 92 xj and it is awesome fuckin

Alex janito – Built November 99, 2000 model, 0331 casting. stay away, trust me lol

Mirror – I was hoping you would say 1999. That’s the year for the jeep I’m thinking of getting: D

Gregy tara – I like my 96 for all the reasons this guy hates on

Reenegade-spitfire – I have two Xj’s and the one at 300k and running perfectly at 99 without any wiring issues and no break downs. My most recently acquired Xj is a 98 model built in late 97. It is a Barn find I had to find an AMC inline 6 For the original one blew at 175k. Could not say if you have an idea?.

Stu tarlowe – Sheesh! I’m sure this guy knows his cherokees, but I wish he was scratchin ‘and show us some fuckin’ Jeeps!

Zachary arnold – Had a solid 96 and it did not have OBD II. Checked the codes old fashioned way

TheIllOne Notsick – Gotta 2001 with 280xxx on it still goin well, like a haha ​​whatch it’ll blow tomorrow morning

Aidan w – I have a 92 Cherokee limited it’s amazing

FlawdaBoyz Ent – The new and old have different axles

Nick – Great channel got yourself a new subscriber. got my self a 1998 cherokee with 130k one ower for a 1000 bucks.bone stock. very clean runs like a field.

Sneakypete187 – 2 door or 4 door? Is it better than the other??

Jacob strong – Not to be a Debbie downer but your flag is hung wrong. Blue should be to the left observers. Good video!

RealRAW – Got a 93 ‘Sport with 107,000. I need a vehicle.

Project lucaz – Renix all day everyday I’ve had 2 89s and one 90

Michael nares – Thanks very helpful

Dylan demembrow – My 96 has a ghost check engine light for an intermittent crank or cam sensor. Replaced both with OEM still does it. I’m considering cutting the harness.

Bill thompson – I fixed all those problems…
1.79 Wagoneer 360
318,756 mi. bought it new.
2.74 Cherokee Chief
3.76 D 10 a frame off restoration including 401
1 your drive train.
4.65 Wagoneer 327
5 87 Cherokee
(stolen 2 days after I bought it).
6. 76 Cherokee Chief
7.75 J 10
8.cj 4

Rugged209 – 96 are my favorite of those bodies I’ve gotten over 30 more Xjs but yes all around 98s are my favorite all time there

Bronson cameron – 96 Cherokee are great vehicles with a lot of interchangeable parts but there are a few weird

Patrick simmons – I have a 1999 jeep xj so bad it only has 130,000 miles on it. I’m gonna drive the whole thing

Buddy b – Do you have a video of Cherokee? Thank you

Xavier cook – I’m in a 91 with a 6 inch lift, it’s doing good

Justin johnson – I’ve had a 96 Sport and an 89 Lardeo, I’ve been wanting another.

Jeep xstreme – I have a few Xjs. and have had many .. 93 2dr was 1 of my favorites. however i have a 2000 shares Xj 4.0 and that weird distribute etc .. lol .. i also have a 99 and 2000 2drs 2000 Is a 4banger and rebuilt engine + etc … finish 1 day … 99 is a 4.0 .. had a 96 no real probs but had a 97 and was a pain but did not find a way out with the clockspring short fooling. Like the vids and love for the Xj bro. Keep it up!

Nutz ligma – I looked around forever with the 2.5l 4 speed manual. the alternator is up top, it’s roomy under the hood, it’s great off-road, it’s good on gas. and I just love how it sounds. top speed is about 80 goal I Hats the vacuum actuated center axle disconnect. Aussie lockers, has 2 "lift, front winch bumper & 12,000 lb winch, 31" muds, 2 I painted it candy blood red metal and replace the clutch and internal slave cylinder and all three u .. Lastly I’m going to apply flat black mud splash vinyls to each side.I’ll be a big chick magnet and a kick ass offroad machine..

Chad singleton – 1991-95 is the best XJs hands down….

Corey pimper – i got a jeep cherokee sport xj an it needs a transmission .. so what yrs of xj cherokee can i get a transmission from?

Furness prime – I have had a 1998, 1997, 1994, and a 1996. I love them all– but unlike you I really do prefer the newer front clip.

Jay eliot – I got a 2 door 96..

Frontier mt b – Xj forever

Steve ballard – Are standard transmission any good?

Shane michaels – Great video very informative my mom had a cherokee and she had it for almost 7 years and the thing ran great never needed major im looking at a 97 four door sport 5 speed which is pretty rare and is in good condition. After watching this video i’m a little iffy. only thing is this is the only clean 5 speed cherokee i’ve ran into a long time. I’m going to cherish frames..

Darkage1919 – Hey Ronnie, loving the videos. They have a lot of great information on them i enjoy. I have an ’01 myself that has ovee 300k on in. I remember in the video you said that the ’00s and the’ 01s had the same If I’m not mistaken which I could be wrong and 4.

J. W. – I’m thinking about my ’97 XJ is in the 50% range of not having any wiring problems. Both of my XJ ’96 and ’97 have been good ones. Now my ’96 was built late in the year and has all ’97 Love them to death. The other Jeep I used to have a 1981 Jeep CJ-10 was another good one to have. Thanks for another awesome video. Keep on keeping on Bro. Olllllllo

Carolus magnus – Hey Ronnie. I’m your 275 subscriber. I’m looking forward to watching your videos. I have 99 xj.

Daddydippers – Good video bo

Rowland’s body shop – We got a 93 XJ and it makes us amazing! Could not agree with you more. Awesome video we subbed!

Jeep cherokee buyers guide

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